‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting: Heath Ledger’s Father Says ‘We Can’t Blame’ the Late Actor for Gunman’s Actions

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The father of the late Heath Ledger says the public must not blame his son’s Oscar-winning performance of The Joker for what transpired during a shooting at a Dark Knight Rises midnight screening in Auora, Co., on Friday.

“We can’t blame Heath or the character,” Kim Ledger told Australia’s Herald Sun. “It’s (The Joker) fictitious. I don’t know what this does to the character.”

As Celebuzz previously reported, the shooter identified as James Holmes was dressed up as the famous Batman villain — the same character that Heath portrayed in 2008’s The Dark Knight – for the shooting. The 24-year-old had dyed his hair red and called himself The Joker in an homage to the comic book character before opening fire inside the theater.

“I’d be more worried about the families and other people involved in the tragedy rather than anything else,” the late actor’s father said of the tragic shooting.

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