Celeb Fitness Guru Gwen Lawrence on Exercising Like Athletes: Train Your Mind for Mental Clarity

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Gwen Lawrence is the instructor for five New York pro teams, including the New York Giants. She has several online yoga classes on GaiamTV.com.

My household’s mantra is pretty straightforward: If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I’m a huge believer that if your mind and spirit aren’t at peace, your body won’t be either.  This week, let’s set aside the crunches, lunges and squats – and get ready to dig deeper.  When training my athletes, I teach them how to train their minds for mental clarity and focus. One rule of the sacred body-mind-spirit trinity is that no elements are replaceable; they all work hand-in-hand to create a sound, well-rounded person.  There are things you can do at home to help nurture your own body-mind-spirit connection, like:

  • A full-body yawn: Every morning, stretch from head to toe before you get out of bed to invigorate and stimulate your organs
  • Three-part breath: During your morning shower, take 10-15 deep breaths to oxygenate and wake the muscles
  • Wring it out: Do a few simple standing twists to wring out toxins
  • Eat clean: Start your day by eating a breakfast full of whole, organic foods; studies show if you begin the day eating well, you will follow the pattern the rest of the day

The list doesn’t stop there; there are an infinite number of things you can do to nurture one of your most important relationships: your relationship with yourself.  And remember, it takes time to institute any good habit. Actually, studies show it takes 21 days to develop a habit, so stay committed!

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I’ve got an amazing new discovery to share with you – and no, it’s not the new season of the Kardashians or the drama on The Bachelorette – it’s an amazing new addition to GaiamTV.com.

A gem of journalism, Regina Meredith, has joined GaiamTV.com as their newest show host.  You can now see all of her mind-expanding interviews on GaiamTV.com, as well her exclusive new interviews on the weekly live webcast shows, Gaiam Inspirations and Gaiam Open Minds.  Regina’s interviews help viewers discover new perspectives for a changing world by taking a deeper look into the scientific, metaphysical and spiritual realms.

For the past three decades, Regina has chased stories from environmental degradation, spiritual unfolding, conscious eating, government cover-ups, extraterrestrial contact and much more, from the perspectives of a journalist and a human being.

Regina and her husband Scott founded Conscious Media Network in 2004. Their goal was to break away from mainstream media to introduce new ideas and concepts that are usually left untouched.

Through her in-depth weekly interviews on GaiamTV.com, Regina promises to raise awareness about the growing popularity of conscious media. She’s committed to introducing new concepts and ideas to her viewers to promote social awareness, engagement, and an overall betterment of society.

This summer, if you’re looking for something to watch that doesn’t suck the intelligence out of you, tune in to Regina’s interviews on GaiamTV.com. Regina’s latest interview is with the renowned investigative journalist Lynne Mc Taggart. The hallmark of Lynne’s work is her exhaustive research that produces thought-provoking discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health.  Her discoveries support the notion – and importance – of our body-mind-spirit connection.

Nurture your most important relationship this summer – make the commitment to work on your inside as well as your outside!

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