‘Man of Steel’: Studio Releases Two New Trailers for the Superman Reboot (VIDEO)

'Man of Steel' Poster
First look at Henry Cavill in Superman's iconic suit.
Comic book fans were given an extra treat this weekend when Man of Steel released not one, but two trailers for the Superman reboot.

The first teaser, above, features images of star Henry Cavill accompanied by a voiceover from Kevin Costner — as Clark Kent’s father Jonathan — giving fatherly advice to the superhero.

What does the second trailer include?

Though the latter clip show the same footage, it’s accompanied by a voiceover from Academy Award winner Russell Crowe as Superman’s biological father Jor-El, telling the caped hero to be an example to mankind.

Though both trailers featured little of Superman in actual action (albeit a short moment of the superhero taking off into the heavens), it undoubtedly shows fans a different and humanizing take on the popular franchise.

Directed by 300’s Zach Snyder and produced by Dark Knight Rises filmmaker Christopher Nolan, the film is scheduled to open May 14, 2013.

Which Man of Steel trailer did you prefer?

Watch the second version below then sound off in the comments.