'Dancing With the Stars' William Levy: I Would Love to Star in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

Muy Caliente
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William Levy captured hearts with his sexy shirtless smooth moves on Dancing with the Stars.

Now as casting buzz ramps up for the big-screen adaptation of steamy bestseller 50 Shades of Grey, fans are calling for the Cuban-born actor-model to star as the sex-crazed Christian Grey.

Would Levy be up for the challenge?

"If the opportunity comes for me to play this role, it would be amazing," lover-boy Levy told Celebuzz in an exclusive video interview.

"It’s a great book...[and] every day I hear about it. I see the fans saying it all over.I would play it. I would love to do it. We've just got to see.”

And People en Espanol's 2011 sexiest man of the year has even skimmed the sexy pages of the chart-topping erotic trilogy, which gave him a whole new perspective on the novel's die-hard fans.

“Girls would come up to me and say, 'You should play this! You should play this!" Levy said. "When I started reading it, I started looking at these girls in a different way, let me tell you. I was like, you want me to play this role? Oh man! Now I know how you are."

For now, Levy is slated to star in Tyler Perry's new movie, set to begin filming in September. “I feel very honored to be part of it and have one of the lead roles next to him," Levy gushed.

But he couldn't dish any juicy details about the upcoming flick. "It’s a romantic comedy," Levy said. "I wish I could tell you more about the story more but I cannot.”

In the meantime, Levy is making the rounds as the face of Pepsi NEXT's new campaign.

“I [am] a big fan of this drink," Levy, who starred alongside Jennifer Lopez in her "I'm Into You" music video, said. “It feels good to part of...Pepsi NEXT. I think I can do something good for it.”

The brand's new flavors, Paradise Mango and Cherry Vanilla — which have 60% less sugar than Pepsi-Cola — are "very good and still have the original taste of cola," he boasted.

But they're limited time only. "It’s only available for the summer, so you have to hurry and go get it!" Levy said. "You gotta taste it.”

Do you think Levy would make a good Christina Grey? Sound off below.

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  • Apple

    William Levy would be amazing as Christian Grey. He is the embodiment of what the author describes in the book. The only problem is the accent, but I have been able to see from watching him in telenovelas and on interviews that he is able to get rid of the accent. That's what good actors do. The person who said he couldn't act has not seen him in action. He has that x factor that distinguishes him from the rest.

  • Barbara DeBeus
    Barbara DeBeus

    William Levy has my vote for Christian Grey...handsome, sexy, the right age. I never heard of William Levy until DWTS and now I can't stop following him on twitter. Please cast him...you won't be sorry

  • Elana

    Except for the accent (which, sadly, might be a deal-breaker), I think William Levy would make a perfect Christian Grey. He has the right height, lean muscular body, full sensuous lips, smoldering 'bedroom' eyes - and I've seen him in plenty of photos where he's sporting 'coppery-colored' hair. Along with his sensuality, he also has some of that boyishly-vulnerable quality going on, and a perfectly disarming smile. BUT if he can't be the choice, then I'd honestly prefer some gorgeously-sexy unknown who could keep the 'aura of mystery' about this character alive. I don't want the face playing Christian to be TOO familiar!

  • Sarah Markel
    Sarah Markel

    William Levy would make the worst Christian Grey. For starters, Christian Grey isn't Latino! I've looked up some of the actors on here that people have been recommending, they look too old to be Christian. I've got my eyes set on Ryan Reynolds! He may not have grey eyes, but that's what contacts are for. He's young. He has an amazing body. Honestly, the whole time I read the trilogy, he's the guy I visualized as Christian. Also, Emma Watson would make a fantastic Anastasia Steele. Kim Cattrall would make the perfect Mrs. Robinson. Just a thought :)

  • Sarah Markel
    Sarah Markel

    I never thought of him. Now that I am, I think Colin would make a rather fine Christian :)

  • gaga

    William levy je kao stvoren za tu ulogu u toj ulozi ce svi njegovi kvaliteti doci do izrazaja William you are the Best!!!!!big kisss

  • Terrie007/Latheas

    William Levy is Christian Grey William Levy is a very incredibly good-looking, attractive, and sexy man, who instantly spellbinds and captivates you.  This Beautiful man has model good looks, sultry hazel eyes, blondish-light brown hair, sensual lips, and a panty-busting smile.  At 6’1”, William has a towering, confident, and commanding presence along with a very muscular, broad shouldered Adonis body.   William Levy, known as the "Latin Brad Pitt" (a young, dreamy Brad Pitt), is the epitome of male beauty and embodies the complete fantasy male lead role and essence that is Christian Grey.  William not only possesses all the physical characteristics and sex appeal, but has the talent, acting experience, and ability to perform in a particular role as seen in the numerous Telenovelas such as "Triunfo del Amor" (Triumph of Love) and "Sortilegio" (Enchantment).   With the use of dialect coach for actors, William would certainly deliver a believable performance portraying Christian Grey.     William Levy’s huge fan base knows he is a famous international and talented actor, who would be the Perfect fit as the Unknown actor to bring a very sexy movie to life portraying a sensual, intensely dominant, sexy man of many shades that is Christian Grey.  William Levy is Christian Grey. 

  • Rosa

    Only problem is HE CAN'T ACT!!!

  • Rosa

    Are you serious?? Yes, he is hot, but he in no way as the acting ability to play this role. I don't see him as Mr. Gray at all -- and I'm hispanic.

  • Rhiannon Marie Harris
    Rhiannon Marie Harris

    OK come on he is FREAKING HOTT!! I think he could do it!

  • nancy

    love william levy he got screwed he should have been in the all star cast of dwts i was hoping he would

  • Sandra Jaquez Soria
    Sandra Jaquez Soria

    William would make a great Christian Grey!!! He's sexy as hell!!!!

  • Andie Thewestie
    Andie Thewestie

    Yikes, that's insane. I can't stand any stupid vanpire those tv shows for mental defectives. Christian Grey is so much more classier than any over acting from True Blood (can't stand that stupid show or that damn Vampire Diaries.) Those shows are for people who lack sophistication.

  • Andie Thewestie
    Andie Thewestie

    Aw yeah. William Levy is not some hack too old and short for the part Vanpire, Willy is dead sexy, the perfect male specimen. The type of man women swoon over in real life. He's worn his hair copper and looks incredible. There are similariites with the character: he's uninhibited about women, his life started in abject poverty. He can draw on a lot of life experience and bring some substance to the role.

  • kimberly

    Colin Egglesfield..doesnt look his age... He is so dreamy... He would be a perfect Christian Grey...

  • Annemarie Clinton
    Annemarie Clinton

    Guys, There is a perfect song for the movie by Nicky Rubin. He recorded it back in 2002 but it may as well have be written for Fifty Shades. Do yourselves a favour and go have a listen. There is a download available on his website (at) nickyrubin (dot) com. Awesome voice and song!

  • Mary M.
    Mary M.

    I think the obvious choice for Christian Grey is Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood, Christian has gray eyes! I also think it would be a mistake to make this book into a movie! This story must be told with ALL the details, sex scenes and all. To do the fans of this book justice so we don't feel cheated, the movie would have to be rated XX! Make it a series on cable like True Blood so EVERYTHING can be told and visualized......PLEASE!!

  • Sandy Lee Hillard
    Sandy Lee Hillard

    I think William Levy would make a great Christian Grey!He is sexier than hell and he could wear gray contacts.As an actor he can speak english.I think he would be the greatest to play Christian.He is about the right age and is Godly sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jannie

    Who cares if Matt is gay! He's an professional actor... Don't know about you, but I am able to separate their private lives from their professional lives... He has the whole package!



  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    Let him. No! I've Got: Lindsay Lohan and James Deen! Perfect. I'm telling you, someone should considering paying me.

  • Kim,

    chris hemswoth is the perfect Christian check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YZ9pcQ0l3s&feature=related copy the link this is the PERFECT CAST

  • Yikes

    Sorry William, your just not Christian

  • Marr

    Henry is a good choice or someone with his looks.

  • Georgette

    Totally agree, actor who ever they choose needs to fit the age and not be 40. I also agree it should be a relatively unknown. Jessie Pavelka is beautiful and I can see him as Christian, but don't think he has the acting experience needed to pull this role off. Just pray who ever they pick really makes sense. Could make or break this film for sure. And Emma Watson? What the heck? They cannot cast her for this role...many other actresses out there that would better suit the role in looks and personality. Just my 2 cents. :)

  • Georgette

    Matt Bomer is gay, do we really want a gay actor taking on this kind of sex role that is hetero? Matt is gorgeous but I really feel he's not the right pick for this movie. Loved him in Magic Mike though :)

  • jannie

    Not this guy!! NOOOOOO! It should be Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer as Christian! :-)

  • Cassie H.
    Cassie H.

    That's what I think.

  • IM1LuckyWoman

    Colin is almost 40 years old! I think that's a little TOO mature for Christian. Still thinking they need an unknown for this part.

  • Shelly

    if you want a latin actor, at least go for Juan Manuel Gil Navarro. I know he's blond, but he has that look in his eyes which quite reflects the look described in Christian's eyes (in my opinion at least)

  • Karissa

    Christian is not latino and a main point in the book is that he has gray eyes!! I also vote for Colin :)

  • Dawn

    I'm with you on that one. He's my top choice to play the part!!

  • kimberly

    I think Colin Egglesfield should play Christian Grey... He is Mr. Christian Grey.... Colin has the look, his dreamy eyes, those lips, hair and the body......