Former ‘SNL’ Star Andy Samberg Reveals Natalie Portman’s Secret Talent: ‘Filthy’ Rapping

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Andy Samberg is opening up about the ladies who have appeared on Saturday Night Live — and Natalie Portman may soon be blushing.

In an interview for Playboy magazine’s latest issue (on stands now), the funnyguy says 31-year-old Portman came on the show and shocked the cast with — believe it or not — her “filthy” behavior.

Come again?

“She loves filthy rap,” says the 33-year-old, who got Portman to freestyle for one of his famous digital shorts. “When she came to host SNL, she said, ‘I really want to do one of those raps.’  We were skeptical because we thought of her the same way everybody else did.  She seems so sweet and innocent.  And then she broke into some Lil’ Kim song and started rapping verses for us, the filthiest lines I’ve ever heard. We were completely taken aback.”

She’s not the only woman who left an impression on Samberg, who recently announced his departure from SNL after seven seasons: he still vividly recalls a kiss with Scarlett Johansson, saying it was his best on-screen smooch.

“Scarlett was my favorite because it was funny and gross,” he says. “ It was that scene where I play Kuato, the head from Total Recall that’s coming out of Bill Hader’s stomach, and she’s the female Kuato in Maya Rudolph’s stomach.  It wasn’t so much a kiss as licking each other’s tongues.  It was a kiss the audience definitely didn’t want to see happen.”

Samberg’s Playboy Q&A didn’t just focus on females: the funnyguy also spoke about his friendship with singer/actor Justin Timberlake, who teamed with him for their racy, now-famous musical skit.

“The funny thing is, Justin and I have become inextricably linked because of those videos,” Samberg says. “We’ve come to terms with the fact that in every interview we ever do for the rest of our lives, we’re going to get asked about Dick in a Box.”

Who’s your favorite SNL guest? Let us know in the comments.

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