Katherine Jackson Missing Person Report Merely Tactic to Distract from Estate Drama, Says Family

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The Jackson family is claiming that reports from Saturday that mom Katherine Jackson went missing were merely an attempt to distract everyone from a letter the family wrote asking for the immediate resignation of executors of Michael Jackson's estate.

"This fallacious missing persons report was created by the very person and persons we are trying to protect our mother from," the Jackson family said Monday in a statement obtained by Celebuzz. "We feel that there is a conspiracy to deflect the attention away from a letter we wrote asking for the resignation of executors, John Branca and John McClain, as well as some of her 'advisors” and 'caregivers.'"

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"We feel there is strong evidence that supports the falsification of documents in order to takeover and profit from the estate of our beloved brother, Michael Jackson," the statement continued. "We want answers. The only feud that exists is between the Executors of the Estate and this family. This is being handled by the proper authorities and due process will take place."

Katherine, 82, was reported missing Saturday by her nephew, Trent, after he learned from members of his family that they were unable to get in touch with Katherine for over a week.

Katherine's son, Jermaine, later disputed the reports on his Twitter, saying Katherine was resting in Arizona with his sister, Rebbie.

"Let me put to bed today’s nonsense: as I made clear some days ago, Mother is safe and well in Arizona with her daughter and our sister, Rebbie, resting up on doctor’s advice, so it is beyond me how she can be reported 'missing,'" he wrote.

"This incredulous claim was made for reasons best known to the adult/s who filed it but it seems no accident that it comes after we, the sons and daughters, put in place care-taking for our own mother, taking her to Arizona in line with doctor’s advice following a check-up," he added. (Read the full response here.)

The family drama emerged just days after Celebuzz exclusively obtained a letter signed by Michael’s sisters Janet, Rebbie and brothers Tito, Randy and Jermaine Jackson, in which the family accused the executors of Michael's estate, John Branca and John McClain, of faking Michael's final will before his death on June 25, 2009.

“Since the passing of Michael, our beloved brother, you have failed to perform your duties as executors of his estate, but what you have not failed at is taking advantage of a grieving mother, father and a grieving family,” says the Jackson’s letter. ”Our brother told us, in no uncertain terms and without hesitation in the months prior to his death, that he despised both of you and that he did not want either of you to have anything to do with his life or estate for that matter.”

The letter also alleged that Katherine had suffered a mini-stroke as a result of the drama.

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  • Elizabeth Fleming
    Elizabeth Fleming

    If Michael Jackson had wanted these people out of his legal affairs (i.e. his executors), he could have fired them and hired someone else in the months before his death. If there was a more recent will, it likely would have been found by now (i.e. if a lawyer had it, they would have come forward with it so they could charge the estate with administering it). Neither of these things has happened and I think the brothers are being greedy low-talent creeps. Poor Katherine - everyone pulling her every which way.

  • C.L.

    And Katherine is doing the best she can while trying to do what's right and best for ALL her children, not just what Michael wanted. I have great compassion for her. She can only do what she thinks is right, and she's undoubtedly being pulled in every direction imaginable. The Jackson family needs to start having regular family meetings and needs to start communicating with each other. They also need to remember what Michael wanted for his children and to honor what they KNEW Michael's wishes were.

  • C.L.

    Adding that I personally believe that the will is highly suspect and questionable, but I also strongly disagree with the way the Jackson family has handled this situation. It would have been much more prudent to discreetly hire a law firm to pursue this matter, and consult with estate and trust attorneys who are experienced in such matters. The might also have discreetly used a forensics handwriting analyst expert to examine the documents, and ONLY AFTER gathering ALL PERTINENT EVIDENCE, proceed to take the 'estate' to court. This should have been done within the first year of Michael's death. The statute of limitations may prevent any legal action from being taken against the 'estate.' I think the family would best serve Michael's interests by learning the names of - and exposing - those who helped take his life, and by finding out where his last and most recent will was filed, and which attorneys had possession of it. Only when they have the 2007 will in hand can they make a valid and believable claim in court that might stand a chance of being heard. If and when this happens, what will the Jackson family do should they find that even in Michael's newer will, they are STILL left out??? That should be very interesting. I'd have a bit more sympathy for the Jackson family right now if I saw them truly respecting and honoring Michael's wishes. The only Jackson doing that so far, in my opinion, is Janet.

  • C.L.

    The missing persons report was filed or made as a result of Trent Jackson calling to report Katherine as 'missing.' Perhaps Jermaine and his siblings need to open the lines of communication with other Jackson family members, including Paris and her brothers, so this sort of misunderstanding and false alarm scenario does not occur again. Jermaine has essentially just stated that Trent is the person he and his family are trying to protect his mother from. He may not have meant that, but his words, as chosen, are implying it. Mighty convenient that Jermaine and Randy select a doctor to examine Katherine, and that doctor misleads her into believing he was sent by her own physician, and she's whisked away to a care facility in Arizona for 'de-stressing', and it just so happens that by midweek, Jermaine and some of his siblings release a letter to the public blasting the 'estate' while insinuating Katherine is not in the best of health. Also interesting that now that Michael's debts are almost cleared, the money from here on out is pure gravy. And NOW, the family decides to take action - THREE YEARS later.

  • todtown

    'the love of money is the root of all evil.' 1 Timothy 6:10