National Hot Dog Day: 15 Stars Chowing Down on America’s Favorite Snack (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Eating
Your favorite stars get their grub on.
July 23 is National Hot Dog Day and to celebrate, Celebuzz is taking a look at the stars who love this all-American food sensation.

Whether they’re at a baseball game or on the sidewalk (yes, even celebrities indulge in a little street meat), it seems like Hollywood can’t get enough of the hot dog.

Is it just us or does seeing a mouth-watering dog being stuffed into a famous face make an A-Lister instantly more relatable? They’re just like us!

Launch the gallery to see Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber and many more stars chowing down on the famous meaty treat.

Of course, there are hot dogs that maybe only celebrities get to indulge in.

See below for the world’s most expensive hot dog — and who may be able to afford it.

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