‘Secret Life’s’ Francia Raisa’s Marilyn Monroe Moment: 8 More Celebrity Wardrobe Malfuntions (PHOTOS)

Biebs' Wardrobe Whoops!
Justin Bieber arrives on stage with his fly down.
Whoops! The Secret Life of the American Teenager star Francia Raisa suffered from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, Calif. on July 22.

Raisa appeared as if she was the famous Marilyn Monroe during her iconic scene in 1955’s The Seven Year Itch — when wind from the sidewalk blows her dress up, baring her panties. There’s even have a statue in Chicago of this classic pose.

How did Francia Raisa “pull a Marilyn?”

The 23-year-old actress stepped onto the red carpet in a short, sparkly pink dress, but wasn’t prepared for weather mishaps. As Raisa posed under the limelight, her dress fanned upward and exposed her undies. Luckily, she was wearing cute black boy shorts instead of something more revealing.  Phew.

However, the ABC Family star was obviously shocked and possibly even mortified at what had happened.  The proof is in her facial expression, as she pushes her dress back down. But Raisa didn’t let the minor mishap stop her from continuing down the red carpet, and she isn’t the first celeb to have a Marilyn moment.

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Watch the video below to see how other stars avoid these dilemmas.

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