Sundance Channel’s ‘Push Girls’ Don’t Mind Some Help From Handsome Strangers (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Sundance Channel’s Push Girls stars are definitely independent women. But, there are moments when the women don’t mind taking advantage of the kindness of handsome strangers.

On Monday’s episode, the women go out on the town for an art exhibit. Along the way, there are the expected challenges but the women take them in stride.

“I love my life,” Mia says in Celebuzz’s exclusive preview from Monday’s episode above. “There are limitations to being in a wheelchair. But, I don’t let it stop me from doing what I want to do.”

But, what happens when the women are faced with a pretty big challenge?

When they arrive to their destination and find a huge handicap-unfriendly step, the gals have no problem enlisting a little muscle. Some may feel a bit self-conscious when people stare, but Tiphany seems to enjoy it.

“I definitely have no problem getting attention when I roll into the room,” Tiphany says. “I think guys are thinking, ‘Hm, I wonder what it’d be like to date a girl in a wheelchair.’”

Tune into Push Girls on Mondays at 10 PM on the Sundance Channel. And watch our exclusive preview above.

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