‘Teen Wolf’ Preview: Fighting for Their Right… to Party (VIDEO)

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It’s another new episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and therefore it’s another party!

Just last week, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) stalked Jackson (Colton Haynes) around a warehouse rave, occasionally getting distracted by pretty girls, other werewolves and an army of hunters, but just because they’re back on home turf this week in “Party Guessed” doesn’t make things any easier.

After surviving a skeevy warehouse rave, how dangerous can a little house party get?

Lydia’s (Holland Roden) birthday house party just happens to fall on a full moon, further complicating the teens’ right to, well, party.

Naturally, the gang’s all there, though Scott is still recovering from his run-in with Victoria (Eaddy Mays), as well as Allison’s (Crystal M. Reed) new found closeness to Matt (Stephen Lunsford).

“She doesn’t realize it, but she’s egging it on a little,” Reed told reporters at Comic Con last weekend.

“You know how those naturally flirty people that are really kind — everyone thinks that you’re flirting with them? I think that’s who Allison is, and Matt is very obsessed with her… Matt’s obsession takes on a whole other level– a very, very distinct other level.”

See what happens when Scott and Stiles are off trying to rework their plan to catch Jackson (Colton Haynes)!? Meanwhile, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is off chaining his new werewolf cubs in for the night.

It’s all fun and games for teenagers come party time, but Reed had a little tease of the much more serious stuff to come for the Argent family, too:

“Allison is becoming more and more of a hunter, and Scott is becoming more and more a part of Derek’s pack, and those two things can’t exist comfortably,” Reed previewed.

“What happens with her family… her mom was bitten, and that’s a line for her. It’s like, ‘I have to embrace the fact that I’m a werewolf hunter.’ And she takes on more of a [big] role. If you remember her aunt in the first season, but she was bad-ass and incredible, and [Allison] sort of becomes that character. [She] is very, very, very physical and is not afraid to kill anybody who is in her way.”

While Allison attempts to get her vengeance by any means necessary, Scott will begin to realize he doesn’t recognize Allison as well anymore. The two are growing farther apart by the day, and it all seems to be leading to an epic Romeo & Juliet style choice for Allison, which Reed admitted will come at the end of the season in the form of her choosing “between her family and Scott.”

Calling Scott and Allison “star-crossed lovers,” the decision seems easy, doesn’t it? Reed herself pointed out that “they belong together but can’t be together” and the choice is not about whether or not she loves him because obviously she does.

“It’s simply, logistically, ‘Can we be together and have these different worlds?’ And I don’t know that that’s going to happen, but she loves him!”

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Monday nights at 10 PM. Watch a preview for “Party Guessed” below.

Do you have high hopes for Erica, Isaac, and Boyd surviving their first full moon? And how would YOU choose between family and a guy? Let us know in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano

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