Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Cheating Claims: Rupert Sanders' Wife Posted Cryptic Tweets Before Reports Surfaced of Affair (UPDATE)

'Sometimes good things fall apart'
Director Rupert Sanders Wife Liberty Ross

After Celebuzz posted this story on July 24 the wife of director Rupert Sanders, Vogue model Liberty Ross deleted her Twitter account fanning speculation swirling around her husband's relationship with Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

Ross posted cryptic tweets -- just hours before reports surfaced that her husband cheated on her with Stewart.

The pair had worked together on Snow White and the Huntsman and late Tuesday afternoon US Weekly revealed they had obtained photos of the 22-year-old actress and the 41-year-old father-of-two in a romantic embrace.

While neither Stewart or Sanders have spoken out about the alleged affair, Sander’s wife  -- who also starred in Snow White -- posted numerous mysterious comments on her Twitter.

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together," Rose re-tweeted on July 23, a quote from the famed seductress Marilyn Monroe.

What else did the model say?

Then, just 20 hours before the story broke, Ross appeared to be lost for words.

PEOPLE magazine reported that Stewart and Sanders had a “brief fling” though a source maintained it was not a fully fledged affair.


“It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened,” the source told the publication.

“She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

Stewart’s rep has yet to respond to Celebuzz’s request for comment on the reports. Stewart and long time boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, 26, were photographed together just this week.



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  • Tshimollo

    LOL!! U must feel real dumb for defending someone who publicly stated that the affair was for sure true hey? What do you have to say about the "fake" allegations NOW?

  • jeanbean7

    A moment in time? Ha!!!! These two have been sneaking around for dumb do they think we are to believe this?...I feel sorry for the directors beautiful wife. She seems strong and very special...kristen looks like a younger version of her....i bet if the wife tweeted stuff like that she knew in her heart whats going on. The sad thing is not the sexual affair its the worthless feeling you get froem thrbetrayal. It's likeva physical pain deep in your soul. She hired a private investigator? Yep, that tekks me she has been ignored, hurt, frustrated and lonely for months and months.

  • Judi

    Such a bulls*hit. Premiere of "Breaking Dawn" is coming, so you have to find a way to get those kids back from "the Avengers", "Hunger Games" and other s*hit. And scandal, sex & cheating are the best ways to do so.

  • honestly

    Lol, how naive are you. She's been shagging this guy for months. She's a low life and nothing you say will change the public view of her. An affair with a married man with children is as low as you can get. It's what desperate greedy women do. Rupert is just as bad and deserves all he has coming to him but please don't try to convince the world that Kristen is some innocent in all this. She engaged in a daytime hookup in her car, how classy. Word has it that this wasn't paps, it was a private investigator hired by Liberty Ross. This is why they got the good pictures.

  • trya

    babe, i dont need to be a fan to know in my heart that this is fake, jsut read my comment again and see how all the evidence proves its all a bunch of porkies.

  • trya

    ever think these some called 'apologies' from her and Rupert are just as fairy story as the apparent story of her cheating? lol, youre so narrowminded, not believe everything you read in MAGAZINES. plus, the photos are photoshopped as heck, super obvious and ive seen the actual photos, its of his wife and him. US Weekly just wanted to generate media buzz and get people to talk about their mag and to get people to buy copies of their mags. CIAO BUB xo

  • Tshimollo

    Take a chill pill duude!! *rolling my eyes* you'd swear Kristen and Rob paid you to convince us they are perfect!! You are just a fan, you know nothing about them nor what they are capable of, you are on the outside looking in just like any other fan...... You don't know shit so just chill damn!! (--_--)

  • Tshimollo

    You are just a fan, stop acting like you know what goes on behind closed doors!!

  • Tshimollo

    I don't understand why people are acting like they know what goes on behind closed doors! You don't know Rob or Kristen personally so why are you assuming they are Angelic???

  • ridiculous

    Perhaps Rupert should be held accountable for his part in this, especailly because he is the one who is married and made a vow to be commited to his wife! Why are people ONLY blaming Kristen, she's not even married!?

  • Not Impressed
    Not Impressed

    Then why did KStew just issue a public apology lmao. Maybe you should have held off on calling people names. Personally I have always thought of her as this type of person. So I am not even slightly surprised. Nor do I care about KStew but I do feel really bad for the wife and children of this idiot.

  • just saying
    just saying

    Those alleged Twitter comments? Nothing. Don't presume to know what they meant unless you posted them. Feel sorry for the disruption in all their lives by this stupid story.

  • joan

    she is a 22 year old child he is a 41 year old man with a wife and children. she is old enough to be his child. if only people thought about others before they do the dumbest things, some mistakes could be avoided...

  • Kim

    I just can't imagine that he would tolerate that in any way. Rob is far to classy to be caught up in something like this... a married man? please

  • Terri

    lol... hate that Rob got hurt, but could never stand her. skanky to be with a married man no matter what the circumstances. get away from her robert!

  • Candace

    Bullcrap......Really this is a terrible thing to say, and really these magazines have no regard for anybody's personal lives and only care for mag sales.. Ridiculous

  • trya

    LOL babe, this story is a pack of porkies!! the photo is photoshopped, this 'insider' was making up lies and they just created this story to generate media, and get people to buy their mag. if you believe this fairy story, you dumb. xx

  • Rachel Spud Talbot
    Rachel Spud Talbot

    Uh……It was US Magazine that started this several hours ago. And the story just got taken down on THEIR website. And the things she allegedly said came from “A source close to” and “an insider” Lets not jump to conclusions just yet………something tells me there’s may be something to this bombshell that hasn’t been revealed yet, maybe US received bad intel and jumped the gun in hopes of sweeping the story. At the very least we should wait for the official statements from the PEOPLE THAT ARE INVOLVED in this before we start throwng words like “tramp” and “*****” around. It wouldn’t suprise me if it was true……but it also wouldn’t suprise me if Rob and Stew were sitting down at thier laptops and laughing their asses off at all the build up while thier lawyers and agents prepare to put this whole thing to bed. Just wait till it gets CONFIRMED……otherwise you may just be embarrassing yourselves by being part of the mob mentality

  • Ida Kristine Dahl Farstad
    Ida Kristine Dahl Farstad

    Us Weekly published a nebulous story of how Kristen cheated Rob with the director of SWATH. They even released a photo that was clearly mounted. I am telling you this because I do not want you to believe all the nonsense that newspapers are published. Here are the facts that are so obvious: 1) This picture was supposedly taken 17th July. Kristen spent that day playing golf with her father in another state! And we have 1000 photos as proof! 2) Kristen in this photo have a long, black hair, and every fan knows that her hair is not black since May when it was painted in brown for the BD part 2 re-shoots. 3) Do you think that any paparazzo who stumbles on such a juicy story would made just one photo? Because they have only that one photo. No! Last week there were like 100 pictures of her just getting into the car and this is much more interesting for them. :-) 4) Kristen face on the pic is from her date with rob from 5 days ago 5) Even if this is true, that she cheated him, do you think that she would do that on the street, where everyone can see that? Please, we all know she is not that kind of girl! There you are, these are facts and you decide who you believe, magazine who wants to increase sales. The link to the reason number 4 is here so looke haters: To all you fucking people that think it's so funny say bad thinks about Kristen: GET A FUCKING LIFE

  • kiki

    wow kristen way to go. hurt a great guy like rob, and ruin a marriage. hope it was worth it.

  • carolina

    dangit, kstew, not with the married guy with kids. Never a good choice....

  • Marie

    What a hore!