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When Love Broker returns from hiatus to Bravo on Tuesday, fans will get another chance to see Lori Zaslow’s matchmaking skills in action.

“We spend so much time with our people, learning about them, loving them, and giving them what they need to put it out into the universe,” Zaslow tells Celebuzz about her brand of matchmaking.

The Project Soulmate co-founder makes it her business to identify what makes couples work. So, we asked her to identify her favorite and most compatible celebrity couples.

See which six star duos earned high marks from the Love Broker star below.

1. Barack and Michelle Obama.
“As a couple, they seem so supportive of one another, and that being two very powerful individuals,” Zaslow says. “It’s a good example of ‘We have each other’s back, and we’re family people.’ I think they are a great, powerful couple. Both parties are equally strong-minded.”

2. Bill and Giuliana Rancic
“I think that they are very supportive of one another. She’s a role model for me, first and foremost,” she exclaims. “I mean, battling cancer and always putting her best foot forward, showing up for work as much as possible, being there for the world, being there for her job. Infertility is so underrated. It should be up there with the top 10 stresses of the world. Because when you want to have a baby, and you can’t have that, you want to give someone love and create a human for the world to go on. He stuck by her through thick and thin. They have their baby coming now, and she’s going to be an awesome mother. So, that is a couple that I think will make it to the end.”

3. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
“They have been together for years — and I am a matchmaker by trade, but I don’t run around soliciting marriage,” she says. “We are mammals and I think birds might be the only monogamous animals, so marriage isn’t for everybody, and obviously, they feel the same way. I feel like they’ve been together forever, a very, very long time, and they’re not married, and they’re comfortable without the titles. They don’t need it.

4. Britney Spears and Jason Trawick.
“I think that he has definitely tamed her,” Zaslow tells us. “When you really love someone, you can be a force for them in a bad time. She really seems like she’s got it much more together since he has come into the picture. She genuinely seems happy. It doesn’t seem like they care to be in the Hollywood scene.”

5. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
“They had their baby before they were married, and they didn’t need the title then of husband and wife. They didn’t need it for security and for money reasons. They did it when the time was right for them, and they seem like a very laid back couple, just enjoying life. And they don’t seem to have to be in the limelight. Even though he’s an A-List actor, they do what’s right for them. They seem to protect the relationship. Even if children are involved, you have to protect the time you have together. They seem to have great protection around their relationship.”

6. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
“They’re very family oriented, and I like that. They have three children. They’ve been married for a long time. He’s a very confident man because it doesn’t seem like measures incomes and success. I’m not the IRS, but it seems like she’s more in the spotlight and has a really, really successful career in TV. They obviously started together on the soap opera and her career just took off. He’s very powerful in his own right and he’s very supportive, taking on more family things. And he does it with a smile while other men may not. But, he’s like behind his girl and has her back.”

Love Broker returns Tuesday at 10 PM on Bravo.

Do you agree with Lori’s picks? Who do you think are Hollywood’s best matched couples?

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