Miley Cyrus Bears Midriff, Dons Thigh-High Boots During New York Shopping Spree (PHOTOS)

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Miley Cyrus wore quite the ensemble on Monday as she did a little shopping in New York.

The 19-year-old -- who confirmed her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth, 22, in June -- wore a see-through crop top, which teased a black bra underneath and bared her toned midriff.

To complete the look, she added an eye-catching pair of printed short-shorts and thigh-high black boots that zipped up at the center.

Well, okay.

Cyrus was later spotted browsing shoes at a nearby department store, where she walked around barefoot before trying on a pair of trendy ankle boots. No word on whether she actually purchased the shoes.

Cyrus has been spending a lot of time on the East Coast as of late. On Sunday, she was busy in Philadelphia, where she visited Hemsworth on set as he shot scenes for his new movie, Paranoia.

That same night, she won the Teen Choice Award for "Female Hottie." (Full list of winners here.)

What do you think of Cyrus' look? Does she rock it? Or should she have gone with the ankle boots instead? Sound off in the comments, below!

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  • Paul

    Nice look

  • nonparieldolls

    The only outfit she could wear now and make news is a burka. She's (hardly) worn everything else to show off her body to the maximum without being nude. So either she'll have to uncover completely or cover up completely -- that's all that's left. Clothing styles are so ugly and so slutty these days, it hardly matter what she puts together and calls an outfit. It's all "fashion". Ugh.

  • divya

    actually Jack1234 (siiK nAAmm3 lAAddd!), your the one with something wrong with you. everyone has their own opinons, no need to go slamming them and saying they have issues just for liking someone you have a dislike for. i suggest you close your trap and leave this person and anyone else you have said sh*t to for liking certain things, and kindly buzz the hell off, CIAO BONITO! xxxxx

  • Nname

    There's something wrong with you.

  • mileyismylife

    I swear, she is really too beautiful for her own good, and would you look at her figure! it's perfection!

  • Aylene Lazar McMahon
    Aylene Lazar McMahon

    she is young and in the experimental mode of her life. I love the look on the guy next to her! I would not walk down the street dressed like that, asking for noticing and not in a good way. Someone tell her that I would find it hard to tell if she is a hooker or a famous kid star!

  • dana

    shut.up! she looks gorgeous so please buzz off if your gonna continue your hating on Miley. ciaaao bonita xx

  • sooz4011

    Engaged young women should know better than to dress like that in public. I doubt Liam approves of her advertising her goods on city streets (ala hookers). She's very young. She's very fit. She is very cute. However, she's engaged and needs to cover up.

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool

    I would fuck her silly and live off her money

  • Fashion Police
    Fashion Police

    That outfit is low-class for Appalachia (no offense to Appalachia intended, BTW). She's clearly desperate for any kind of attention she can get, from anyone, anywhere!

  • jbd59

    she loves to flash kitty.

  • danielleakame

    oh one can say that she looks good in this...

  • mileyismylife


  • thecat61

    She looks hot!!!!! Love your style Miley.

  • mileyismylife

    She seriously gets more beautiful everytime i see her! i like her outfit, i think it's super cute and edgy, go Miley for being different :)

  • @mileyrocksmc follow me on twitter!!!
    @mileyrocksmc follow me on twitter!!!

    I love miley to bits but that look just isnt good i mean them boots and im a boy so nornaly i dobt give a crap but she looks horribe but i still love her.

  • Big L
    Big L

    I bet Honky Tonk, Cyrus thought that guy was going to rob her.

  • Erica Holzschuh
    Erica Holzschuh


  • agent JoJo
    agent JoJo

    NO CLASS .... cheap lifestyle $.$.$

  • Lauren Shockley
    Lauren Shockley

    I want those shorts!! So cute.

  • Jo Jolly
    Jo Jolly

    She looks brilliant!!

  • Kera

    Jeezuz, this does not look like wifey material Ms. Miley.

  • Jasmine

    Very low class for manhattan

  • adfm

    holy crap!! that's so tacky