MTV’s ‘WakeBrothers’: Finding Love Is No Joke — Except When It Is (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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MTV’s new series, WakeBrothers, is about to introduce viewers to their new ‘shore’ buddies: Pro wake boarders and brothers Phil and Bob Soven. And Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s premiere episodes.

Some background on the guys: Phil, 23, is at the top of his game with plenty of trophies, endorsement deals and several years to continue his winning streak. But, his little bro, 20-year-old ginger Bob, is nipping at his heels and climbing the ranks every year. Phil is the ladies’ man while Bob just lost his “v-card” recently. Bob is the wackier one while Phil comes off quite a bit more levelheaded.

So, what happens when the two decide to move in together?

Enough hijinks to get their own MTV reality show. Duh.

Bob is always trying to find ways to best his big brother and in our sneak peek, he shoots straight for the heart with a novel approach at matchmaking.

Watch the clip above and tune into the Wakebrothers’ first two episodes debuting back-to-back starting Wednesday at 11PM on MTV.

Which brother would you most want to hang with? Tell us in the comments section below.

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