‘Pretty Little Liars’ Preview: New Suspects, New Connections, New Faces (VIDEO)

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Things are about to get “Crazy” in Rosewood on Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

With the charges for Ali’s (Sasha Pietrese) murder against Garrett (Yani Gellman) being dropped thanks to Spencer (Troian Bellasario) and Jason (Drew Van Acker) finding her missing anklet, the door is now wide open for just who could be the murder.

So which suspects are at the top of Rosewood P.D.’s list?

Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) is after Hanna (Ashley Benson). It seems there actually are consequences for some of the Liars’ crazy and almost implausible actions, as many people reported seeing her leaving the hospital room after placing a note under Garret’s mother’s hospital bracelet. This puts her on the top of his list.

Hanna’s reply to his request for a blood sample:  “My blood is not on your evidence.”

Meanwhile, Maya’s cousin Nate (Sterling Sulieman) will give Emily (Shay Mitchell) some surprising and interesting information about her former girlfriend.

Tuesday’s episode of the hit series will also feature a new visitor for Mona (Janel Parrish). In fact, it will mark the first time someone other than Hanna or Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will visit the crazed girl we know as the original “A.” Aria (Lucy Hale) attempts to get some answers in order to keep Hanna from becoming a suspect. Of course, we shouldn’t plan for this to go smoothly.

The girls will also meet a new face from Allison’s past who knows far too much about the girls from her “intense couple of weeks” with Ali. Problem is, the girls have never heard of her before. Cece (Vanessa Rae), not only sounds eerily similar to their former friend but looks it too. So what brought her back to Rosewood and should we add her to the “A” suspect list? We’ll have to wait and see.

For now, watch this clip of Tuesday’s brand new episode, “Crazy:”

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday Nights at 8PM on ABC Family.

Do you think Hanna is in trouble? And will the appearance of Cece help or hinder the girls in solving the mystery of Ali and Maya’s murders? Let us know in the comments below!

– Lauren DiMascio

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