Adam Shankman: Katie Holmes Returning to Broadway is a ‘Solid Move on Her Part’ (VIDEO)

'Step Up Revolution' Premiere
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Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman approves of Katie Holmes’ next career move.

It was announced that Holmes, who filed for divorce from Tom Cruise earlier this month, would be returning to Broadway in Dead Accounts.

“I’m excited,” Shankman told Celebuzz while promoting Step Up Revolution. “She’s done it before [in All My Sons], and I saw her do it before, and she was fantastic. I’m really excited for her. I think this is a really solid move on her part.”

He is also keeping an eye on Cruise’s next move:

“Listen,” he continued. “I’m obviously close to both [Tom and Katie] and I’m excited for both their futures.”

Shankman just produced Step Up Revolution, out Friday, and one twosome he raved about are stars Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick.

“They had huge crushes on each other,” director Scott Speer said about why they nabbed the lead roles.

“I haven’t seen [their chemistry] since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan in [Step Up], and now they’re married,” chimed in Shankman.

“They compliment each other so well,” agreed Speer. “Kathryn being such a strong dancer, Ryan being a strong actor. I wanted to find a movie star. I wanted to find my Channing Tatum and Ryan has that. He’s captivating.”

“Part of it is an ‘it’ factor,” Shankman said about what characteristics Guzman possess that are similar to Tatum’s. “He’s a very gentle seeming person, but he’s also a cage fighter…which is mysterious.”

For more on Step Up Revolution watch Celebuzz’s interview above.