‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Hallucinations and Death Mark the Spot (PHOTOS)

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'Teen Wolf's' Allison
Crystal Reed teases what's to come for Allison on the MTV show.
'Teen Wolf' Recap: Stalking
The body count grows on this episode of the HBO series.
As if another full moon, another big Beacon Hills party, and a family battling the unthinkable wasn’t enough, tonight Teen Wolf delivered exactly who (or what!) is controlling Jackson (Colton Haynes). With so much to say, let’s just dive right in, shall we?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t yet seen “Party Guessed.”

It was Lydia’s (Holland Roden) birthday in “Party Guessed,” so naturally she was going to throw a house party, but before she could she had a couple of hallucinations thanks to Peter (Ian Bohen). Kicking off spring break right, seemingly the entire high school gathered at Lydia’s to celebrate, but what we learned was actually that there is a lot more to fear right around the corner.

First of all, what’s scarier than realizing Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) may actually have an aptitude for something!? Because tonight saw him hunched over books, studying, but not in the usual sense. He was going through old yearbooks to try to find the connection between the kanima victims, and voila! He found it in the fact that they were on the swim team, and their coach was none other than Isaac’s dad.

Similarly, we saw a much softer, more tender side to Argent (J.R. Bourne) tonight, as he tended to his newly bitten wife. Even though he knew better, he wanted to pretend the bite just wasn’t “that bad,” but of course Gerard (Michael Hogan) put things in perspective. He won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” awards calling Victoria (Eaddy Mays) a “thing” and a “cocoon waiting to hatch.” But the bottom line is, the Argent family is about to endure a huge loss, and losing her mother to such a savage situation may change Allison (Crystal M. Reed) forever.

After blowing her mother off to plan a superfluous party with her BFF, Allison got the shock of a lifetime, and Teen Wolf fans were treated to a surprisingly thoughtful story point about allowing Victoria to “die with dignity.” The moment during the full moon when Victoria’s transformation began to occur, she had her husband kill her — her way, and on her terms.

The other werewolves in town didn’t fare so well, either, though none were fatal. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) chained his pack in for the night, after giving them a foreshadowing speech about choosing to ride together or fall by the side, but then he still went out. And he ended up back at the mansion where Lydia used her special wolfbane spiked-concoction to not only free Peter but to give him back his Alpha power.

But back to the party: no one showed up at first because of Lydia’s recent freak status, but Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles saved the day by filling the house with lacrosse players and people from the rave, respectively. And then they saved the day again, and much more seriously this time, when they realized who is controlling Jackson– Matt (Stephen Lunsford)!

After hallucinations from Lydia’s spiked drink (where Stiles saw his father railing against him for ruining his life; Allison saw herself hunting down, well, herself; Jackson saw his real parents are faceless creatures; and Scott saw Jackson and Allison getting it on), Scott realized something fishy was going on. But it wasn’t until Jackson pulled Matt out of the pool, where he had been tossed in and flailing that he couldn’t swim, that he (and Stiles) saw the deeper meaning.

Kanimas can’t swim. And just in case that still left too many questions, Scott watched as Matt stood on the street, with a transformed Jackson at the ready… or did he? Could that have been just another hallucination? Or is Matt more deeply connected to Jackson than we realized– maybe his brother?

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Allison sees her mother in the hospital and assumes it’s a “sick training session.”

Thank you, TV gods.: Allison finally realizes just how creepy Matt is when she finds his surveillance photos of her on his camera — and then she uses some of her sweet hunter moves on him at the party.

Awk-ward: Suddenly Victoria became a teachable moment when the character you loathed, and perhaps feared this whole time, gave an impromptu diatribe about the stigma of suicide before asking for help committing her own.

Hotness: There was something oddly music video-esque about the way Derek’s pack raged and rattled in their makeshift cages during their first transformation. And you know, Derek in his sweaty and bloody tank top wasn’t so bad either!

Fab-u-lous: Some random chick dunks Stiles in the pool, head first, in order to sober him up.

Can. Not. Wait.: So, what exactly does the kanima master want with Allison!?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 10

Seriously, what do you think the master really wants with Jackson and Allison? Tell us your best theories in the comments below!

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