‘The Glee Project’ Preview: Amber Riley Teaches ‘Tenacity’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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The Glee Project is setting up a seemingly impossible challenge for its next music video shoot: Get it all in one take under the guise of “Tenacity.” And Glee’s own Amber Riley stops by to deliver the lesson. And Celebuzz has an exclusive preview.

While it’s a great task for the contestants to tackle in order to show just how hard they can hold up when things get really tough — and repetitive! — it’s a bit out there for the industry. After all, how many professional diva musicians would put up with not being able to cut for touch-ups before close-ups!?

How many takes will it take The Glee Project kids to nail “Tenacity?”

Riley judges the group’s performance of “Survivor,” a song she sang on the FOX show, and then mentor this week’s homework winner.

The Glee star is there not only to serve as an example of belt-ability in the vocal department, but also as an actor who knows how to push through the pain to get the job done. Standing in front of The Glee Project contestants, Riley has stress fractures in both feet, a hazard from so many dance numbers in high heels. A sobering look into their potential futures? Not for these kids, who shriek their excitement to see her!

Or, as Shanna puts it, to have another woman who can “belt to Jesus” in front of her.

After Riley stops by, the remaining seven contestants head off to prep for their “one take” music video of “Eye of the Tiger,” which will prove problematic for its complicated sports choreography.

The group shoots in a high school gym and is expected to hit marks with their bodies and the balls they throw. Additionally, they are asked to make a human pyramid and take each other on on opposite sides of a dodgeball court. It should be the perfect way to get out their competitive aggression — but after thirty takes, it’s just bound to be exhausting!

Let’s just hope no one gets sent to the bottom three for not being able to double dribble or make a basket; after all, theater kids usually don’t have a whole lot of athletic training!

The Glee Project airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM on Oxygen.

Who do you think will crack under the pressure to persevere? Sound off in the comments below!

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