‘Dallas’ Preview: Tommy Returns and John Ross’ Life Hangs in the Balance (VIDEO)

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Uh oh, it doesn’t look like Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) and Tommy (Callard Harris) are having a warm family reunion on Wednesday’s episode of TNT’s Dallas.

The last time viewers saw the swindling siblings together, Rebecca confessed to helping Christopher (Jesse Metcalf) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) in their quest to stop John Ross (Josh Henderson) and JR (Larry Hagman) from drilling on Southfork. Rebecca gave her big brother both her engagement and wedding rings to pawn in order to leave town while she fights for her man.

Could Tommy’s return throw a monkey wrench in her plans?

Over on the other side of Braddock County, John Ross is up to his 10-gallon hat in trouble. The schemer decided to sell out Veronica (Leonor Varela) to the ruthless Vincente (Carlos Benard) in order to get more time for drilling and get his crazy ex-lover out of his hair and out of town. Just when things are looking up for John Ross, Veronica takes a swan dive out of her hotel room courtesy of Vincente’s men and he’s carted off to jail. Will John Ross come out on top once again, or will Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) and JR have to step in and save their only boy?

Christopher’s victory over John Ross was short-lived. The poor guy got rocked all the way to his Roper boots when he learned Rebecca was not only pregnant, but carrying twins! Chris may have to put his tattered love life on hold, as John Ross is taken into police custody for Veronica’s death. W

Will Christopher decide to take advantage of John Ross’ situation and leave him twisting like a tumbleweed or will he stand by his family?

Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on TNT. Watch the trailer for “No Good Deed” above.

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