‘Hotel Hell’ Star Gordon Ramsay Recalls Meeting Ghost Hunters, Says They Must Have a ‘Sh*t Love Life’

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After years spent redefining the word “kitchen” as an action verb, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is turning his wrath onto the hotel business.

In his new show, Hotel Hell, Ramsay checks into both upscale and downscale hotels where, using ultraviolet light, he finds invisible fluid stains on the sheets, a dangerous lack of security and, in one particular case, ghosts in an upstate New York establishment that he wouldn’t name.

“I came out of my bedroom on day two,” he told Celebuzz.

“I hear all this noise at half-past two in the morning and there’s this group of ghost followers on the floor taking pictures. I walked out I said, ‘What the f*** is going on here?’ ‘We’re chasing ghosts!’ ‘Have I just been punk’d?’”

As he headed downstairs, Ramsay concluded: “You must have a s*** love life if you’ve got to go to the countryside and chase ghosts. I’d rather chase my wife around the bedroom than chase f****** ghosts.”

In the lobby, he found the front door unlocked and no one at the desk, with every single room key available for the taking.

The next morning, he did a little research and discovered 72 convicted pedophiles lived within a five-mile radius.

“If I’ve sat there in that hotel with my children and the front door was never locked and the replicated key was in reception and I’m spending $300 per-night to stay in a haunted hotel — I mean, c’mon guys,” groused Ramsay.

He went on to compare some of the establishments to a house of horror, noting that the first thing he does is take off the pillowcase and check the pillow. “I have been horrified, and there’s no bull**** there,” he confessed. “Here’s the sad news — these people knew I was coming.”

And of course — hell hath no fury like a soiled Ramsay.

“Stop chasing ghosts, get security on the f****** door and pay a little more attention to your customers. Otherwise, I will sentence you, big time.”

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