Justin Bieber Car Chase Paparazzo Charged With 'Reckless Driving'

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Alas, a legal win for Justin Bieber.

The photographer who allegedly led a swarm of paparazzi in a high-speed chase down of Justin Bieber in June will be charged with reckless driving.

Paul Raef, 30, a freelance pap, has been hit with four charges: following another vehicle too closely; reckless driving with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain; reckless driving; and failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer, according to a press release sent to Celebuzz.

What could a conviction result in for the defendant?

Raef could face up to one year in county jail and fines totaling $3,500 if convicted.

This marks the first-ever case filed under the new paparazzi law, a legislation passed in 2010 that makes it a crime to create a dangerous situation while following a celebrity for profit.

On July 6, the California Highway Patrol responded to multiple phone-ins from citizens, including city council member Dennis Zine, reporting a highway chase involving multiple vehicles speeding and swerving along the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley. Responding officers observed pop star Justin Bieber's silver Fisker Karma being intently followed by a pack of six other cars.

When CHP officers caught up to the chase, Bieber promptly pulled over as instructed, but Raef sped off instead of obeying the law. Bieber is scheduled to appear in court on his speeding citation in September.

About 30 minutes after being pulled over, the "Boyfriend" singer rang in a report to 911, explaining how the pursuit went down. CHP officers later discovered Raef and the other involved paparazzi gathered in a downtown Los Angeles parking garage.

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    I am glad they did a the right thing a charge this paparazzo. They would of been telling the world the CHP didn't care about the people they are trying to protect and it all about the money for them. I wonder what lead them to charge. They did recived a call from a fedral person theaten a law suit if they didn't or did they decide Wait Justin Bieber got a ticket and none of the paparazzi got a ticket. We do not think that fair to him or to the people who say that their was a chase. Or was it the theats of boycotts of gapes and cal made stuff which is promoted for his age people. Make you wonder does it. or was it all those thing. or was other star in hollywood that came to his aid. Or was his fans email the CHP and they got tied of them saying Your not obey your own laws which they have.


    I think the CHP may want to change their traffic stop procedures with celebrities. Just do not allow the paparazzi to take picture of the traffic stop. It will help cut down on crashes. Their will be a little bit more relax to tell what happen and the police officer would be a little relax to may have believe him more then with carmara's flashing in his face. All they want is the same right to privetecy we have. I want to see one photo of a normal person traffic stop before I change my mind. What the point have that right when it can be easly take away when does the right of the person overshadow the freedrom of press. I think this would be it.


    He did mention that car that the Paul reaf was driving right off the bat. So he doom now either way. The lawyer is not really help his case out at all. Yeah let's go back to the way it was let fleeing the police would be a felony. The last time I check that way more jail time then a misdourmendour. which is the way that laws writen to. So it actely less the pentinies for not obey the police. You can say that to.