Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson 'Have a Tough Couple of Months Ahead,' Says Matchmaker Siggy Flicker (EXCLUSIVE)

'Having fame doesn't protect your relationship.'
Who is Rupert Sanders?
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Kristen: I'm Sorry!
Kristen Stewart issues apology after her fling. Read More »

On Wednesday, Kristen Stewart shocked the world when she admitted to engaging in a fling with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

The 22-year-old actress confirmed infidelity reports in an emotional statement to PEOPLE, in which she profusely apologized to her Twilight beau Robert Pattinson, 26.

Will Pattinson be able to forgive her? Or is a breakup on the horizon? Relationship expert Siggy Flicker weighs in.

"Kristen and Rob are going to have a tough couple of weeks ahead of them, if they make it that long. She got caught up in some stupid moment, and I believe that she is regretful and sorry -- but the ball is now in Rob's court," the Why Am I Still Single? star told Celebuzz.

"All eyes are going to be on Rob to see whether he is going to walk or stay with her. Both are very young, and I believe that if Rob can get over the pain and embarrassment and is able to trust her again, then they can survive as a couple. If he can't, then the relationship is over."

After news of the tryst spread like wildfire on the web, Us Weekly printed incriminating photos of Stewart, 22, and Sanders, 41, cozying up in a car in what looks to be a romantic moment.

“Kristen is absolutely devastated,” a source told Us. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.”

According to Us Weekly, which splashed its cover with the blazing headline “Kristen Cheats on Rob!”, it was a photographer who caught Stewart in Sander’s car on July 17.

“Kristen was sitting with her back against the driver’s-side window and this guy was kissing her entire body,” the unnamed paparazzo said.

The British director is married to actress-model Liberty Ross, with whom he has two young children, Skyla, 7, and Sonny 5. The couple have been together since Ross was 18 but married recently.

By Wednesday afternoon, both Stewart and Sanders issued apologies.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected," Stewart said in a statement to People. "This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Sanders told PEOPLE he was "utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family.”

“My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world," he said. "I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

Flicker, meanwhile, says Pattinson and Stewart can pull through -- if they truly love one another.

"Having fame, money and status does not protect or guarantee that your relationship is not going to endure struggles. Both have to work at it," the love expert said.

"There are many reasons to what might have caused her to stray. In my opinion, she is 22 and very young. She may not want or be ready to settle down. At this young age, Kristen and Rob are just learning about themselves, their needs and wants.

"The ones who make it and get back on the right road together are the ones who really want it bad enough. One can never take a relationship for granted. It is constant work and dedication."

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  • Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan
    Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan

    Oh Robert why are you sooOOo Hot?!

  • ginellle johnson from jamaica
    ginellle johnson from jamaica

    u guys look sweet together

  • K-Stew

    I remember this...

  • lotus

    who wears black to a wedding?

  • Zelda

    alright this better be a rumor besucae i will be genuinely pissed off!!!!!!!! I did not wait four years for this movie to come out just so they can change the ending. I if I go and waste money to see this film and this is the ending, I will explode.totally wrong to do this to the book! I can't believe that stephenie would allow this. After all its her book. Come ON now!!!!

  • whydoibother

    He goes first to shield her from the paps you idiot. Ladies first is a whole other deal when you're sending your date out into a hoard of paparazzi. Nice one though. You tried.

  • Jen

    US Weekly had a big enough budget to purchase the pictures for $250,000 per LA Times. Look it up. Kristen wanted to spice up her life...someone to f..k her over, right? She could have told Rob the next day but instead she was out on dates with him. She intended to have her cake and eat it to. They both need a great deal of time away from each other to see exactly who and what they want.

  • Cosmina Iordache
    Cosmina Iordache

    Fake scandal? Then why haven't Kristen come out to say that her statements is a lie... It's been more than a week! Stop living in denial and face the music! Robsten is over!

  • aek18

    you know that saying that everyone deserves a second chance...well she got that second chance with rob and completely blew it. she may be truly sorry (not just for being caught) but she should have taken that second chance a little more seriously. in my opinion she deserves any hardships that this brings her, but if she gets that lucky 3rd chance she better not blow it cuz that'll probably be her last...

  • Geneva

    Well she did cheat on michael angarano with robert during the first twilight film and now she cheated on Robert with rupert sanders when she was on Snow white and the huntsman. Does anyone else see a pattern developing?

  • tara

    hey Alexis, close ya trap! we believe what we want and you believe your tabloids, ok? now please buzz off politely :) mwa!

  • Alexis Marie
    Alexis Marie

    You people who think this is fake need to pull your heads out of your asses! She cheated! If she loved him as much as she stated then she would have had the deciency to tell him herself instead of waiting to do a public apology! That's another slap in the face for poor Rob! "I'm sorry I don't even have enough respect for you to tell you to your face you can hear it and see it through a crap magazine!" That's basically what she should of said to him! She's human yes and makes mistakes, but that was more than a mistake, it was def ongoing and her lack of respect for the "one I respect the most" is sickening! Leave her Rob, you deserve better!

  • LJ

    I hope they can pull thru this. I love young love. Besides the girl is only 22, and was seduced and taken advantage of by a 41 yr. old man, who wasn't happy in his relationship. K Stew's dad should kick his A##.

  • ece

    if couples truly love one another, they dont cheat!!!!!!! Dump her ROB! you deserve the best

  • Emma Walsh
    Emma Walsh

    People are allowed their say jeez

  • Jenny Green
    Jenny Green

    LOL Vibiana those were my exact words!!!

  • gina

    Kristen is NOT BELLA people!! Why is she being idolized? She is a bad actress. It is the publist job to release statements to the press, not her. Kristen should know by now that the pap follower her, she thought she would get away with it and it backfired. As said earlier, Rob should walk and doesn't owe her any statements. Sure people make mistakes but this is far. When was infidelity was right?

  • jannie

    Well said Trya! And Janessa what's lame is to believe any of the crap coming from US Magazine! They don't care about what they are writing and who they are affecting in the process. All they care about is selling their stupid tabloid! We should not judge Kristen so quickly when the only evidence out there is from US and People. Not the most reliable source if you ask me.

  • jannie

    I still support Kristen in this and I don't believe any of it... It just sounds strange for her to make a statement to People about a thing like this, she is so private normally! She has never even made a public statement about her love life with Rob, so why should she do it in this situation! I think the photos are fake and I plan on living in denial for a while longer... :)

  • trish22

    You are so sad and pathetic. US Weekly bought the photo's exclusively. That's why others don't have them. The proof is in front of your face and you still won't admit it. She's admitted it. Accept it. And I never said she was a homewrecker. If you feel that way, it didn't come from me. When I said she exposed herself for what she really is, I meant that she's a slut. Plain and simple. And no, I never liked her. My instincts were right all along.

  • jbuman22

    Man, has this guy ever heard of the custom of ladies first?

  • Miss H
    Miss H

    Don't hate!

  • Vibiana Aldana
    Vibiana Aldana

    Is Kristen really wearing jeans to a wedding? i mean...come on

  • trya

    unless you want me to fight with you all day 'Janessa', i suggest you step back and realise that this how 'scandal' is FAKE. these so called statements from them, the so called insider and source closest to the pair of them saying Kristen is devo for cheating on him, its all a pack of porkies! US Weekly created this how plot to generate sales for their pathetic boring mag. CIAAAOOO SENORITA

  • trya

    LOOOL pull your head up babe, they CLEARLY have been dating from the beginning, its all real you can jsut tell by their secertacy and their strong chemistry, its for real.

  • beckaa

    ohai Trish, funny to bump into you here.. your always going to slam K-Stew because you have such a general hate towards her. dont lie and say you dont because you tried say that you didnt like her 'bad mouth' and 'looks' but now youre trying to say shes a homewrecker. if you think about it this way love, its funny how US Weekly were the ONLY ones to have this photo and to publish it, theyre were the only ones to have this story out of all the other magazines in the world, sounds fishy yes? also how about the fact shortly after this story went worldwide, both parties released 'apology statements' at the EXACT SAME TIME. when i see Kirsten's confirm she cheated from her OWN mouth either on a talk show or on the radio, thats when i'll believe this story, but right now its obviously a pathetic stunt to sell their magazines. Trish22, if you didnt believe every tabloid you read or every 'true' photo you saw, we wouldnt clash heads so much.. but because you have such a weird hatred for her, we continue to fight.. and i continue to win ;)

  • stormy08

    most of the younger fans beleive that this was a real relationhip..thats the problem and r/k played along...what is troubling is the way K when to drastic means toend think it is a mentalbreakdown..only for this fact..or practicing for her new role in Cali...whatever..i wouldnt worry so much about rob...they more more heartboken than his!

  • trish22

    I can't believe she still has defenders. I met my husband when I was 19, the same age Kristen was when she supposedly started dating Rob. We were together five years before we were married, and I never thought of cheating, then or now. I'm certainly not perfect, but this was not some little mistake. What she did was not just a fluke. She knew damn well what she was doing. She just thought she'd get away with it. I'm so glad she's exposed for what she is.

  • fishyone

    Oh come on - you don't know that is true and you should be ashamed for saying that. I hope you never have someone scrutinizing every move you make and then make presumptions based on tabloid fodder.

  • fishyone

    See - -that is the thing that just doesn't sit right with me. The story was "supposedly" run by US Magazine and she released a statement to People Magazine -- a publication that she has not had this tight relationship with in the past. Why wouldn't she release something through her publicist? It just sounds a little fishy. And both of them released statements to People? I think we will learn more over the next few days. I've noticed that this is already dropping off the radar here hahaha.

  • fishyone
    fishyone do you know this? Just curious because that is a pretty strong statement to make. Methinks thou hast been burned.

  • Wanda Oliver
    Wanda Oliver

    guess you have never done anything wrong in a relatioship? been with the same person since time began, have you? never cheated, never lied, never done anything wrong??? glad to know that there is another perfect person who walked the earth. but you know, i thought the only one was Christ. ...for he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

  • Janessa Berandt
    Janessa Berandt

    this is the end of them because there is a sequel to the snow white movie and both kristen and that same director are returning and if they couldnt keep there hands off eachother the first time then they wont be able to for the second time..kristen blew it! she had robert pattinson and she went behind his back and did this with a 41 year much lamer can she be besides being a terrible actress!!

  • Me

    Please, she totally couch auditioned for the Snow White role.

  • gina

    ahhh, to be dreamy and think love covers all....not. Hope he does the right thing and walk.

  • trish22

    Life must be nice in the Land of Denial.

  • trish22

    She really showed how much she loves him by cheating on him? I would hate to see the way she treated him if she didn't love him. Don't feel sorry for her. She's not the injured party here.

  • guset

    The only thing they are both sorry for is getting caught. and for her fans

  • Lia Hathaway
    Lia Hathaway

    1.Kristen would never say A WORD to this stupid magazine. 2. the photos are photoshoped.

  • Emma Walsh
    Emma Walsh

    I think they'll make it. They've been through so much together. Anyone can see that Rob and Kristen love each other

  • trish22

    If anyone believes this was a one time thing, then I have a bridge I'd like to sell them. The only thing they are both sorry for is getting caught.