Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson With Director Rupert Sanders: 5 New Developments

'Kristen is absolutely devastated'
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Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal has rocked Hollywood, with photographic evidence emerging of the Twilight actress, 22, appearing to kiss her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, a married father-of-two.

“Kristen is absolutely devastated,” according to a source. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.”

Here are 5 new developments since the scandal hit the web late on Tuesday night.

1. Kristen and Rupert made a mid-afternoon rendezvous.

According to Us Weekly, which splashed its cover with the blazing headline 'Kristen Cheats on Rob!', it was a photographer who caught Stewart in Sander's car on July 17.

"Kristen was sitting with her back against the driver's-side window and this guy was kissing her entire body," the unnamed paprazzo said.

2. After the intense make out session, the two went to Pacific View Trail around 5:15 PM.

There they sat in thew car and "kissed like teens," a source told Us.

The pair then decided to walk along the trail together, but would "split up and walk in other directions" when they heard voices -- or saw passersby, it's claimed.

3. Stewart drove Sanders home after driving around Los Angeles together.

The Twilight actress dropped him off three blocks from the house he shares with his wife Liberty Ross, 33, and their two kids, aged, 5 and 7.

The reportedly kissed one last time before he got out and walked the rest of the way home.

4. Stewart tried to hide the scandal from her beau and costar, it's claimed.

According to reports, she packed on the PDA and attended various events with Pattinson, 26, acting like there was not a concern in the world. Even onlookers at Comic Con in San Diego, Calif. noticed the difference in the usually shy actress.

"They were glued to each other," the source said.

5. During press rounds for Snow White and the Huntsman, Sanders gushed about Stewart.

"There's something very rebellious about her. She's very kind of wild and untamed... She's got a great spirit," the director said about his leading lady.

What do you think about the latest developments? Sound off in the comments, below.

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  • Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan
    Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan

    Oh Robert why are you sooOOo Hot?!

  • ginellle johnson from jamaica
    ginellle johnson from jamaica

    u guys look sweet together

  • K-Stew

    I remember this...

  • lotus

    who wears black to a wedding?

  • Zelda

    alright this better be a rumor besucae i will be genuinely pissed off!!!!!!!! I did not wait four years for this movie to come out just so they can change the ending. I if I go and waste money to see this film and this is the ending, I will explode.totally wrong to do this to the book! I can't believe that stephenie would allow this. After all its her book. Come ON now!!!!

  • whydoibother

    He goes first to shield her from the paps you idiot. Ladies first is a whole other deal when you're sending your date out into a hoard of paparazzi. Nice one though. You tried.

  • Lynn

    Thank you for the first words of sanity I've seen! I was poking around, curious because of all the publicity, but in the scheme of things whether two kids stay together or not doesn't matter that much. She was evidently 19 and he 23 when they got together - barely old enough in the real word to have any sense, but in the rarefied atmosphere of movie stars and directors and producers and such? Seems to me it takes a LOT of those people well into their 40s and 50s to even begin to grow up - if they ever do!

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  • Jenny Green
    Jenny Green

    LOL Vibiana those were my exact words!!!

  • jbuman22

    Man, has this guy ever heard of the custom of ladies first?

  • Miss H
    Miss H

    Don't hate!

  • Vibiana Aldana
    Vibiana Aldana

    Is Kristen really wearing jeans to a wedding? i mean...come on

  • NJ080808

    It is absolutely funny to read everyone's comment not believing the tabloids and thinking Kristen is innocent. And that the pictures are fake. Blah, blah... And just reading that she just issued a public apology admitting to an affair. Haha to all the Kristen fans! Such an LOL , "I told you so" moment!

  • mt177

    oh and BTW Kristen has already released a statement via her rep. confirming it's true soooooooo

  • akire

    i think shes apologizing to all of her fans, family and most of all rob. "momentary indiscretion" could mean anything, it could mean, the momentary indiscretion of the press, or momentary indiscretion of how the rumors are spreading, or momentary indiscretion of her own irresponsible actions, or how people who know nothing, are spreading momentary indiscretion to the mass public, causing to hurt everyone close to her, specially rob. It could literrally mean anything. I seriously think that everyone should stop over reacting, cause it's making the situation worse. IF ALL IS TRUE THEN: Let them handle this on their own. They're human too. Shit happens! In the book, "tuesdays with morrie" he said, “Life is a series of pulls back and forth... A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. Most of us live somewhere in the middle. A wrestling match...Which side win? Love wins. Love always wins” For kstew and rob, and ruperts family, love is forgiving, forgiving is learning. It dosen't mean DIVORCE. or BREAKUP, i mean how will they learn how to deal, if they just QUIT. No one wins, no one learns, if it happens again with someone else, their answer wil be DIVORCE/BREAKUP again. It's a cycle. It'll never end. If they can't trust eachother anymore, then, kstew and rupert has to live life with consequences, and make up for it til death takes your last breath. Love is unconditional, if you really love someone, we learn how to forgive. Just like we (teenagers) fuck up, our parents never gave up on us. Thats just life. I hope both sides, grow, and learn. But never, never forget about how Love is. May sound preachy and shit, believe me, a relationship dosen't end because of one mistake. We have to learn, im not saying forgive in an instant, of course its a process; a process that you and your loved one will encounter and learn from. If it dosen't work, well at least you can say you tried, right? IF ALL RUMORS ARE FALSE: Its sad how the media is today. Cheap stunts to make money. The media can and will ruin lives just for that. I am not a twilight fan, but this news just saddens me, most specially, if the media is just playing with their words. But then again, if it is all true, then, let them deal with their own problems. We'll see how it goes from there :)

  • mt177

    Well Kristen dumped her long time boyfriend when she started dating Rob, so why is he surprised?

  • newyork2430

    OH DAMN!!! this can't be true. i JUST heard of this! wow Rob really loved her and so she did the most devastating decision of her life! I hope it's not true...but she did release a statement it unfortunately is. damn!

  • ex-Robsten

    Where there's smoke there is fire...I was a fan of both of them together...but after this incident...Rob look elsewhere please! Thank God you found out what she's really like before you married her. It's a sign that she isn't good enough for you. You are a loyal and faithful guy find someone who can give you mutual respect and shared values. As for Kristen and Rupert these events are not isolated. "Wow" is right...showed how shallow you both are. Once a cheater always cheater...too bad for Ruperts kids.

  • just saying
    just saying

    ......and people wonder why neither Rob or Kristen want to talk about their relationship. They have both repeatedly said that their private life is just that - private. No matter what they say or do, it will never be enough. If they come out and say "K wasn't cheating" then it puts it out there that they are a long-term couple - something they have both chosen to protect. If they don't say anything, then people will say "see its true". If they say nothing, it will all go away and life will return to normal. No matter what the damage is done and these publications should be ashamed. Leave them alone. Its none of our business and shame on anyone who has called out Kristen with bad names when this is all proven to be nothing. There are a lot of just plain mean people out there who think it is their right to cut people down - young women they don't even know. Unless you were right there when it happened, you have no right to disparage Kristen for something that may or may not have happened. Until either party makes a statement saying its true, you should keep your convoluted opinions and insults to yourself.

  • jannie

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! It's just peoples way of wanting to screw things up between her and Rob! If you have eyes you can see that these photos clearly are photoshopped ! Kristen is real and in love with Rob. She would never do anything like this, it's just not in her nature. I just hope those damn photographers would respect them :(

  • just saying
    just saying

    Love it!!

  • jenny

    if that was Sander's car, why would Kristen drop him off and he had to walk home?

  • Scunnered74

    Jane: You're a twihard fool. Haven't you seen the photos? If they're not enough for you to believe, then time will tell (you). Kristen is weird, talentless, and skanky looking. Get over her.

  • Shan

    As much as I hope it's false, she was golfing on the 20th and this supposed event occurred on the 17th.

  • Childie

    So this all happened on 17th July when Kristen was in America ... and Rupert was in London !!! :)

  • Suzanne

    Okay, I am a huge Twilight fan and am grateful to the stars who brought the characters to life. That said, I don't really care who is hooking up with who as I do not obsess over the stars. If Kristen hooked up with Rupert, shame on them both because he is married. Whether Kristen and Rob were/are really a couple, again who cares? I will never understand how "fans" get so invested in the lives of "stars". Please, for your own sake and peace of mind, live your own life and leave these people to the tabloids, movies, etc.

  • Jane Valencia
    Jane Valencia

    Us Weekly published a nebulous story of how Kristen cheated Rob with the director of SWATH. They even released a photo that was clearly mounted. I am telling you this because I do not want you to believe all the nonsense that newspapers are published. Here are the facts that are so obvious: 1) This picture was supposedly taken 17th July. Kristen spent that day playing golf with her father in another state! And we havedozens of photos as proof! 2) Kristen in this photo have a long, black hair, and every fan knows that her hair is not black since May when it was painted in brown for the BD part 2 re-shoots. 3) Do you think that any paparazzo who stumbles on such a juicy story would made just one photo? Because they have only that one photo. No! Last week there were like 100 pictures of her just getting into the car and this is much more interesting for them. :-) 4) Us Weekly has, after they were attacked by fans because of this cover, removed the image from your own site. If this were true they would stand behind it. 5) Rupert denied this nonsense and said that he is happily married and that he would sue this magazine for libel. 6) Even if this is true, that she cheated him, do you think that she would do that on the street, where everyone can see that? Please, we all know she is not that kind of girl! There you are, these are facts and you decide who you believe, magazine who wants to increase sales (they are not the only one who is publish this kind of news about them) or me and millions of fans who believe them and support them. They are still strong, we all saw that on TCA. Got the news from an account fanbase from Facebook!

  • Leah Klein
    Leah Klein

    there's just no way. for all we know they were talking about the movie and someone fabricated the "Kissing" nonsense to make a few extra bucks

  • Aron

    They were together because it made the Twilight craze all that much more exciting and press worthy. It shot them into A-list power couple status. Now that Twilight is pretty much over it's time to end the "relationship", why not make it a big deal and get more press? It's all been for us, it's not real. They're not stupid, they know how to keep our interest.

  • Not Helen
    Not Helen

    I saw the pics, they are absolutely disgusting!

  • Ava

    Pictures are there..i've seen them. Its the car. and one of them embracing outside by a railing. She had rob's blue LA hat, she has her rings on, white tank! This is so sad!!!! For all parties involved! I was hoping it was not true, but after seeing the pics & article....I still can't believe Kristen would do this!

  • lori1

    First of all, Kristen was walking on some trail and absolutely no one had tweeted or has a pic of her? For real? the article said that people saw them kissing in the car but no one knew it was Kristen? For real? The hugging pics are her hugging him "hi" and "good-bye" that's so obvious. This whole thing is BS!!! Kristen is driving another man in her car that isn't Robert Pattinson and only 1, that's right 1 person saw this? For real? F**k US Weekly!!

  • kiki

    no there are pics out. she is cheating on rob, and he on his wife. they are both low lives.

  • just saying
    just saying

    Well said!!

  • Sweet

    I don't believe it she's not a very public person, so now all of a sudden she's PDA'ing with her married Director? Please I do not thinks its true, these gossip rags couldn't get any other dirt on them.

  • just saying
    just saying

    Where's Taryn? We need the real story. This just doesn't even sound possible.