Kristen Stewart Cheats on 'Twilight' Beau Robert Pattinson: Celebuzz Readers Respond

Should Rob Forgive Her?
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart’s fling with British director Rupert Sanders has left many fans in shock.

As Celebuzz reported earlier this week, incriminating photos of Stewart, 22, and Sanders, 41, cozying up in a car in what looks to be a romantic moment surfaced.

What was the fallout from the photos?

On Wednesday, Stewart confirmed the cheating accusations in an expressive statement in which she genuinely apologized to her 26-year-old Twilight beau, Robert Pattinson.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected,” Stewart said in her statement. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Sanders also released a statement saying he’s “utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family.” He went on to say, “My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

Although Stewart and Sanders have addressed the reports, Pattinson has yet to respond. Celebuzz wondered how our readers were reacting to the news. So we asked, "Should Rob forgive her?"

The majority of the readers who answered our poll thought that Kristen shouldn't get another chance. But, there was a small amount who felt that the couple should be able to work it out on their own.

Find out what they had to say below.

Lupe Jimenez Renteria: No.. once a cheater always a cheater

Raquel Barbera: If he wants to, either way its their business

Marielos Carrillo: Nooooo I think she lost her boyfriend and many fans .


Lorianne Palmer: I think she should get another chance ppl make mistakes as long as she confirm it

Tammy Heasman: I think it's there own business & not everyone else's. He will decide what he feels is the right decision, & not by listening to what others decide for him. U can't tell someone what they should or shouldn't do. Everyone makes mistakes no matter what the situation is, we all learn from our mistakes in one way or another. We are "HUMAN"!!!. I think they should just be left alone..

Elaine Gomez: She says she loves him but is she still in love with him. There's a difference and always a reason why someone cheats. They need to talk it out and do what is right for their relationship.

Katelyn Mader Carnline: Kristen cheated on Rob with her (older, married) SWATH director...whose wife was also in the film...he sounds like a real winner... But as Tammy said it is there buisness and i hope they can work it out they are an adorable couple.

Barbara Miller: whos to say she wont do it again how could he ever trust her

Riccy Martinez: First she gotta tell him why she did it!! Bc Rob deserve someone honest and faithfull not the opposite

Jan Harvey: I think he should forgive her but move on. He'll never forget what happened and I guarantee that it will come up during disagreements. She's not just cheated on him, which is bad enough, she has publicly embarrassed and humiliated him. How would any of you react if you were in Rob's shoes? Would you welcome your SO back with open arms? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Tammi Karafa Bivans: No! Who would cheat on Rob P? How can he trust her? I think she was thinking that she would boost her career. A married man, too, that is even worse! I hope that Rob moves on and finds someone who really loves him.

Jessica Davis Thompson: He needs to get a girl that has more than one facial expression & can breath with her mouth CLOSED! He needs a happy chick, not her! Just sayin!

Judy Snell: it is between rob and kristen.

Selina Rodric: Who would cheat on Robert Pattinson anyway OMG has she not, seen him haha :)

Beth SasserDaughtridge: no, if this is true and looks like it is, then NO. I love Kris (or thought I did) because she is so real. She's always talking about not being fake - but what is more fake than telling your boyfriend you love him while messing around with a married man with kids? I could personally never forgive cheating in my relationship because that trust is forever broken and no matter how hard you try, it will never be the same.

What's your take on whether Rob should stay with Kristen? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Sharon

    Sounds like Rob dodged a bullet. Seriously, I am sick of people saying she's young and this is the time to make mistakes. Bull S**t! If the girl doesn't know the difference between right and wrong by age 22, she never will. You don't cheat. You break up if you're not happy. She is a deceitful little tramp and always will be. Run Rob, Run!

  • s2juliee

    While i agree that Kristen might have not come clean without the media capturing it. I still think that everybody deserves a seocnd chance if it's worth the relationship. In saying that, the phrase "once a cheater always a cheater" cannot ring more true that now. Didn't Kristen also cheat on her ex-beau to get with Rob? hmms... interesting.

  • s2juliee

    While i agree that Kristen might have not come clean wihtout the media capturing it. I still think taht everybody deserves a seocnd chance if it's wortht he relationship. In saying that the phrase "once a cheta always a cheater" cannot ring more true that now. Didn't Kristen also cheat on her ex-beau to get with Rob? hmms... interesting.

  • Robsten!

    I think that he should forgive her! They are young! And we are Humans, we are all making mistakes! if i was Rob, then i would be mad, but i would think about it! I would take her back! i am probably saying this becouse i am a Twiheart and i love Robsten! And i have never ever thought about that this would happen! i hate that she did it :(! I mean they were supposted to get married, in Brazill, on a beach? :( It would have been amazing, and what about the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere? are they supposted to be mad at eatch other or being a couple? A COUPLE!

  • jess

    Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders may have been a shock to the public, but it wasn't a shock to Kristen because Kristen actually had the pictures taken - as in tipped off a paparazzo - and had the audacity to send them to Liberty Ross."Kristen went into Snow White and the Huntsman acting all friendly towards Liberty while she was after Rupert the entire time. When she felt like she had Rupert all about her, she flipped on Liberty and told her she should give Rupert a divorce to save herself the embarrassment of having her husband stolen from her," says a source. "Liberty was living in denial until Kristen sent her the pictures, but it was Liberty who sent them to all the major outlets. Kristen didn't think she would do it because she's so full of herself, that she thought Liberty would be too embarrassed to have this get out." Well, looks like Kristen's assumption was wrong."Kristen is proud of what she did, though. She thinks she's better than everyone else and she's all about herself. She doesn't give a damn about anyone else."The source also adds that Ross will be filing for divorce in the very near future.

  • trya

    HAHAHA oh your a crack up mate ay, buzz off with your ignroant comments, clearly your just an idiot who believe everything they hear and see and has no brain :) and as for you 'Jessica', i said both parties apparently issued a statement babe, but its fishy how both parties apparently said published their statements at the EXACT same time, so i really think its a pack of porkies. i'll only believe this when Kristen says it on a talkshow or radioshow, so i can hear/or see it come out of her mouth. ciao blindslighted, brainless peeps xx

  • Damo's Missus
    Damo's Missus

    Whether Rob takes her back or not is entirely up to him. My main concern is how this may change him. Having seen two close friends go through this myself, men who are sensitive and emotional (especially musicians) like he seems to be can really be left scarred. One friend is dating again after six years of not trusting women, the other is really sad and lonely but can't make that step again yet after four years. I think some people, women in particular, fail to realize how badly men too, can be damaged and deeply hurt, and take years to recover from being cheated on. I kind of hope he can find it in his heart to forgive her because he seems to love and need her, not because I think she deserves a second chance. I'd never trust her again but on the other hand, this might impact on her really strongly and teach her a lesson. I'd hate to see him leave her if he truly can never love anyone as much as he obviously loves her. I hate that she was publicly acting so in love with Rob while she had just cheated. I hope so much she didn't have sex with the virtual pedo, he is 41 for God's sake. ay old enough to know better and put a stop to this. I hate hoe HE has the hide to 'be devastated'...excuse me Rupert but she didn't tie you up and force you. You, Sir, are a douche and have contributed to the break-up of a much loved couple. I hope your wife keeps you and makes your life HELL. You deserve to be her bitch for life from now on, not get away scott free to go molest more starlets.

  • NovaleeJune

    The sad thing is that from everything I've heard and read about the two, from his own and the statements of friends, he genuinely loved her and thought she was the absolute perfect girl for him. Of course he put her on a pedestal she didn't belong on in the first place, but she shouldn't have abused his trust like this. I don't think he will recover from this one and that is such a shame. I honestly believe he is a good guy which are a rare breed, especially in the movie industry.

  • LYBV091385

    I think that she has to have a very real motive for why she did that , I mean she seems super in love with Rob ,and also there's a lot of paparazzi following her . I don't think she can be more stupid than that ,letting herself show up like that . I don't know but i think she did it on purpose ... what do u think??

  • Dont Care**
    Dont Care**

    true !!!! lol

  • Dont Care**
    Dont Care**

    Don't think he should give her a second chance .... she's not even hot !!! and she's akward as hell lol

  • Kishanna Love
    Kishanna Love

    Kirsten has been with Rob for 3 years, she's 22 and just turned 22, yes, she was wrong for cheating and I sure that she's sorry for it now that she's gotten caught, but losing someone you really love helps open your eyes! I honestly believe that she is not the type to be taken in so easily! If Rob takes her back she will not cheat again and if Rob is as good a person as he seems, he'll forgive and hopefully not cheat on her to spite her! We all make mistakes and I really hope that they can get past this big one. Being young and in the business can be very difficult. I could she the love and interest that they shared so I really, really hope this works out!

  • alyssa

    I think she should take her back I don't think she should do it again!!!! I'm one Roberts biggest fans so she better not cheat again

  • Christina Rivas
    Christina Rivas

    He shouldn't give her a second chance and this is why, she never came clean to him. She thought nobody would ever know what she did and THIS had to happen for her to finally apologize. Even if he forgives her, this will come up at some point during arguments and that will just kill the relationship, eventually. They're both young, they can find someone else. I don't think either of them have found their true love yet. And, yes, he deserves better than that poker face Stewart.

  • twlight true fan
    twlight true fan


  • Mia

    Your heart broke when you saw the pictures? Hahaha, Americans- sometimes you can be so pathetic. You're getting emotional about things that don't mean a s*hit to normal people. Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Hunger Games, that piece -of- wood Stewart. And now you're gonna argue between yourselves whether she deserves or not to get a second chance. Don't you see it's just a pure marketing? Stewart cheated some guy- now THAT is a tragedy.

  • Judi

    Such a bulls*hit. Premiere of “Breaking Dawn” is coming, so you have to find a way to get those kids back from “the Avengers”, “Hunger Games” and other s*hit. And scandal, sex & cheating are the best ways to do so.

  • Pampi Adhikary
    Pampi Adhikary

    omg!whats wrong with u guys!rob shouldn`t give her second chance.......coz c`ll b d same....no1can make sure dat c`ll not do it again...c did xactly d same wid her former bf mr. angarano...........

  • Jessica Leigh Katz
    Jessica Leigh Katz

    Public statements were made by both parties sweetie. Time to face reality. Your precious Bella and Edward are flawed humans after all!

  • M2m

    Kristen stewart cheated to rob pattinson. I'm sure she can't win rob back, the trust that he gave to her has already broken and it will be forever broken. It can't be fix anymore.this is so disgraceful, i used to be a fan of robert and heart broke when i saw photos of kristen cheating. She cant be trusted , she doesn't deserve a second chance.

  • Helen

    I was at the tca wards last sunday backstage and they were so in lovey dovey mode and adorable, she showed no guilt on her face,so sad I think it scares her how intense their relashioship really is and sabotaged her life with him with this stupid fling,I don't think she slept wth him.

  • LYBV091385

    When Rob used to go out and have fun with different women when kristen wasn't there nobody said nothing but now this happens ,and it's the end of the world ,the worst thing everrrrr.... we also have to see those kind of things ...I hope both work this thing out ,it is not fair for both of them ....

  • Miss H
    Miss H

    I have been in such a situation before and i think everyone makes mistakes some worse than others (especially those that judge) but either than that the best medication regarding love is that; it's not about winning (if you get what i mean), being slow to anger and to forgive...forgiveness is so important in a relationship cause if we werent able to forgive then i think there would be less marriages and more divorces and heartbreak. Kristen i feel your remourse and Rob take control of your relationship and dont let the media control your love life if you know she is the one then fight this togather (i mean whats real without mistakes and obstacles?) and forgive her she didnt have sex with the guy and its not like she shared the love she has for you with him it was infatuation and it ended there nothing more. To all the haters lets not be quick to judge cause we dont know what they do behind closed doors and never will they human just that their lives are splashed all over cause they are in the public eye. I love you two together dont let go.

  • matt77

    Once the trust is gone, there's no good reason to stay in a relationship.

  • Leah Klein
    Leah Klein

    i have to say i'm at a loss. from what been said they've been talking marriage and kids, and that stuff freaks anyone our age out. maybe that's why she did it. because shes still young and though settling down probably sounded great in thought once it started to sink in it probably freaked her out. everyone makes mistakes.... especially in hollywood.

  • sophie

    I think that he shouldn't just because of the fact the she didn't feel guilty enough for telling him the truth and act like nothing happened for example attenting to the TCA, I mean I couldn't carry the guilt... whatever I hope that he will not come back with her but if he does everyone should respect his decision...

  • Gross Stew
    Gross Stew

    She's sorry she got caught! I used to be a huge shipper, but now I just want Rob, and Liberty (the kids too) to be happy and healthy. Shame on Kristen and Rupert. Sorry, but that wasn't a 1x indiscretion... No friggin way!

  • Dontwanttosay

    She could have kept quiet and not said anything. It takes a lot to come out with the statement that she did. Admitting it and apologising in a very public setting. She could abe apologised privately and refused to address the issue publicly. Rupert himself only put out a public apology to his family after she admitted it. Man is a creep f the highest order. He is older, wiser and should have know better. Kristen filming on locations has always been with one family member or Rob. SWATH was her 1st location on her own. Granted Rob visited often but she was mostly alone. Given her status, she could hardly go anywhere. Believe this gave Rupert an opening to become close to her. On the plus side whatever appended with them occurred after SWATH and its promos. If it was during, we would have found out sooner. I think he should forgive her and move in together. She has learnt a valuable life lesson. Rob needs to utilise maturity in deling with this. Dumping her and moving on does not guarantee happiness with the next person. All relationships are hard work and they both need to address what is lacking in their relationship that made her do this.

  • Maria B.
    Maria B.

    I don't understand how she can go out with Rob and be all lovey and then 2 or 3 days later go out with an older, married man and then say it was a momentary indiscretion. She NEVER shows Rob any type of PDA, always denying their relationship but yet she doesn't think twice about showing this guy all kinds of PDA. How stupid was she to think she wouldn't get caught? And I personally don't think she would have stop if she hadn't been caught.

  • R.H.

    Just marking this so I can come back and laugh at your ignorance later...

  • R.H.

    All the poor syntax and spelling doesn't make me confident that her fans are all that wise, either...

  • trya

    Your all so blindsighted and ignorant, SHE NEVER CHEATED! the photos are photoshopped, its photos of Rupert and his wife but they put K-Stew's head on her body, these 'statements' are madeup, just like this how cheating scandal. i think it fishy how US Weekly were the only ones who had these 'affair photos', how come no one else had seen them till now?... cause clearly they made it up to generate media buzz about their mag and get people to purchase their mag. it's all a BIG FAT FAIRY STORY. its not real until Kristen goes on a radio show or on a tv intetrview and actually puts out a statement of apology. p.s its also fishy how only a couple hours later, both of them apparently released apology statements. US Weekly are pathetic, and is anyone else who believes this junk. ciao!

  • Thacha

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give her a second chance man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( PEOPLE CHANGE!!!!!!

  • linda

    kristen is no angel, but we're completely forgetting that this guy is married and 41?! he is twice her age and should have know better! he has a gorgeous wife and 2 young kids waiting for him at home. Even if kristen made the advances he should have know better! she's practically still a child and just like kids fall for their university professors that they respect and admire, this is one of those situations that he completely took advantage of! we're all forgetting she's only 22 and when you are that young, you make stupid mistakes and she should be forgiven. there is no right and wrong, just stupid.

  • Marie Horton
    Marie Horton

    their business but in my opinion no. If you can't be faithful when you are dating, how can you be faithful in marriage? It just doesn't work and no sorry fixes it... sorry.

  • Anon

    Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. While that sounds cliche, it's very real. We deal with ups and downs in our relationships everyday, some are stonger than others, and most of us don't have to deal with the fact our business is made public! He should do whatever his heart tells him. He's been with her for a long time and I feel knows her deep down, her insecurities and what one knows what they share as a couple. They need PRAYER, nothing else.

  • Lorianne

    these days some girls will screw whats better, but as long as they been together I'm sure they got tired of each other you have to have real love to know when your at where you should be

  • Jessica Leigh Katz
    Jessica Leigh Katz

    she released a statement after the pictures went public. where was her statement last week when this happened? she never would have said a word. it's not like she can lie about it with physical evidence. That isn't bravery.

  • Linda S
    Linda S

    By what he said about cheating/cheaters in that other interview, I don't think he will stay with her... And I don't think he should. I don't like him, like in love kinda thing, but he really seams like a nice guy, so he deserves a girl that can love him, appreciate him, and have the same commitment to the relationship as he has.

  • Robsten_is_so_FUBAR

    No no no a million times no! He shouldn't forgive her & take her back because she'll just do it again. This isn't the first time she's cheated...she cheated with her last boyfriend before Rob WITH Rob! Now she's cheated ON Rob publically humiliating both herself & him, destroyed a family, taken a father away from his very young children...I read Liberty tossed his ass to the curb earlier today! His wife played her mother in SWATH for crying out loud! They were on set together & used to be friends. The pics I saw don't show a one-off, 'momentary indiscretion' but 2 people who have been, done that before & well used to f-ing each other. Story said she was on her way to the gym but instead took her 'workout' with Rupert then AFTERWARDS went home all sweaty/smelly from her 'work out' to Rob! Classy act, huh?

  • efifs

    R & K seem so in love and I think she knows she made a huge mistake. I also think it was incredibly brave and mature of her to release that statement, knowing the reaction she would get, but wanting to be honest with her fans and people close to her and I give her a ton of credit for it. But Sanders is going through a disturbing midlife crisis.

  • Chris Holland
    Chris Holland

    no i dont think she should get another chance, he loved her and trusted her and once you cheat all that trust is gone! she is a horrible person and once a cheater always a cheater!

  • Chris Holland
    Chris Holland

    no i dont think she should get another chance, he loved her and trusted hr and once you cheat all that trust is gone! she is a horrible person and once a cheater always a cheater!

  • Jessica Leigh Katz
    Jessica Leigh Katz

    Hell no. He should not give her a second chance. I had to learn this the hard way. Once the trust is gone, IT'S GONE. Furthermore, she didn't even come clean. She only offered her statement when the pictures surfaced. Lets see a show of hands... how many of you believe she would have come forward if there were no pictures... anyone? Of course she wouldn't have. Cheating is disgusting, moral less behavior. How can she do this and then turn around and say she loves and respects him? Also, humans make mistakes, but cheating is NOT a mistake. Cheating is a CHOICE. She chose to suck his face off. Next.

  • vero

    Yup. He should. They're friggin still sooo young but they work this out. Life gets gritty and very real.