Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry Featured in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live's' Newest 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' (VIDEO)

Kristen: I'm Sorry!
Kristen Stewart issues apology after her fling. Read More »

Oh, no she didn't!

Jimmy Kimmel Live posted another hilarious segment of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" featuring A-listers such as Snow White and the Huntsmen star Kristen Stewart, Jersey Shore's Snooki, and singer Justin Bieber as they recite outrageous Twitter postings.

Stewart's entry in particular is pretty amusing considering the recent love triangle developments between herself, beau of four years Robert Pattinson, and married Snow White director, Rupert Sanders, 41.

What did a crazed fan, or non-fan, have to say about the 'Twilight' actress?

In an apathetic tone, Stewart reads the tweet from acclaimed novelist, Babe Walker, asĀ White Girl Problems:

"I liked Kristen Stewart more when she was a boy."
After cutting the line, Stewart rolls her eyes, nods her head, and pretends as though she is in fact, a male.

Looking to the side, wearing a tank top and denim jeans, the young actress motions towards her crotch as if she were grabbing her faux manly parts.

Watch the video and take a look for yourself.



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  • fu

    She read a mean tweet not "tweets" since you seem to be such a stickler for details. Also "and was great then", What is that even referring to? You're also using far too many commas not to mention far too many words as people do not want to read your monotonous moans. Get a diary "Love". Its not nice when people are randomly mean over the net is it? Think next time.

  • ok?

    Love, she read mean tweets, didn't write them, and was great then, go check out the video and then talk. Also, you're using too many -est and most- in just one sentence, there are too many people, and 'celebs', to be talking so big just for just one of them. Like one, love one, but don't judge the rest.

  • marr

    As far as I'm concerned, Kristen can tweet anything she likes - she's the hottest, most desirable celeb on the planet!

  • Jamie

    That was pretty funny.