Michael Jackson’s Former Spiritual Adviser Rabbi Shmuley: The Jacksons Are ‘Ravaged by Fame’ and ‘Need an Intervention’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Michael Jackson’s former spiritual adviser RabbiShmuley Boteach is criticizing the current Jackson family drama, saying the clan is “ravaged by fame” and needs an intervention.

Prior to his death, Jackson moved his children — Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and Prince Michael II “Blanket”, 10 — to New York so he could be closer to Rabbi Shmuley, who is a current Congressional candidate.

The two began writing a book about fame, according to the 45-year-old, and often talked about the King of Pop’s childhood along the way. Now, as he watches the Jackson crises unfold, the Rabbi says Jackson would not want his children’s lives to be playing out in the media.

“In the book, Michael said repeatedly he wanted his children to have a normal life,” the self-help celeb guru told Celebuzz exclusively. “Michael was adamant that he wanted his kids out of the public eye.

“I used to tell him all the time he can’t put those crazy veils on them, but it was just a sign of how much he wanted to protect them.”

The Rabbi said the recent feuding between the Jacksons and the executors of Michael’s estate — which has seen Michael’s mother Katherinereported missing after she was moved to Arizona for her “health” and police called to her estate when Jermaine, Randy and Janet tried to remove the children — is everything the late pop star didn’t want for his children.

“[The Jacksons] are great people, but they have been ravaged by fame,” Rabbi Shmuley said. “The family is in crisis, and they need an intervention.

“I have great admiration for Katherine Jackson; she is a deeply religious woman and was always very good to me. It is very sad.”

Rabbi Shmuley also fears that Jackson’s dreams for his children are not being recognized.

“I last saw Paris when she was three years old, a little girl, but whatever she wants to do with her life, [Michael] would want it to happen later when she was older and had a stable life,” the Rabbi said.

“He wanted to give them a normal life. It was always going to be difficult because of who he was, but he wanted to try. He wanted them to have a father who was always there to read them a bedtime story, to play with them, because he never had that.”

He also wanted kids to have a real childhood; with that in mind, the Rabbi announced on Wednesday that he would continue trying to bring to fruition one of the King of Pop’s dreams: to have a Children’s Day.

“His greatest desire was to have a childhood and ensure other children had a childhood,” Rabbi Shmuley said. “He said, ‘There is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s day, but there is no Children’s Day. Could you imagine when I was a child, I could have said, ‘Joseph [he always called his father by his first name], it is Children’s Day  — I can do whatever I want today.'”

“We tried to create it,  but now I am running for Congress. I made a commitment to him and to myself to try to create this Children’s Day.”

Shmuley says the “American Sabbath” would take place on a Sunday, with stores and businesses closing so that parents could spend the day with their children. He proposes that any business which participates be offered tax breaks.

The announcement comes just a month after the third anniversary of Jackson’s June 25, 2009 death.

“I think it is really sad that on the third anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, there was barley any recognition,” Rabbi Shmuley said. “It is sad because he really had a message, and this message was, ‘I was screwed up because I didn’t have a childhood, so let’s ensure other children have one.’”

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