10 Hottest Male Olympians on Team USA: Ryan Lochte, LeBron James, Giuseppe Lanzone (PHOTOS)

Let's hear it for the boys!

On Friday, America will send its finest athletes to London to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, where Team USA is sure to rack up a slew of medals.

As Celebuzz discovered, many of said athletes are pretty easy on the eye and will likely become just as famous for being good-looking as they are talented. (We're looking at you, Ryan Lochte!)

To celebrate the kick-off of one of the most anticipated Games ever, Celebuzz is counting down the 10 hottest men who will represent America in London over the next couple of weeks.

Have a look at the guys now, from basketball mega-star LeBron James to rower Giuseppe Lanzone, in our gallery, above!

And be sure to catch TV's full coverage of the Opening Ceremonies, airing Friday night on NBC.

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  • FamiliadaMata

    Maybe I'm just not getting it, but this is not funny in the least. To use the word reeatdrd in the fashion that your writer suggests is an insult to people with disabilities and just goes to show that cruelty is more commonly thought of as humor and most people just don't care. The people posting their ironic little comments here are really just a bunch of jackals. If you had someone close to you who was disabled or god forbid you yourself had the problem, your tune would be a little different, I'd venture.

  • Mitchie

    He's hot alright~ <3

  • Erika C
    Erika C

    Ryan Lochte goodness gracious! so fine

  • RobN

    He's not even the sexiest guy on the basketball team, let alone the entire Olympic team.

  • Joanna

    hell no!