How Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Drama Will Affect ‘Breaking Dawn – Part II’ Release, Box Office Experts Weigh In (ANALYSIS)

stay cool, twi-hards
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
K-Stew Rumors: Fans React
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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 may be mired in scandal since Kristen Stewart admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson, but look for the two to kiss and make up come the film's November 16 release, box office experts tell Celebuzz.

That's not all: the couple will likely stay together -- until at least 2013.

"This is all fiction, and people know that these are actors," says Gitesh Pandya, analyst of Box Office Guru. "Who knows -- they might kiss and make up come opening weekend and show the world how strong their 'love' is. Usually, co-stars who date are required to stay together until at least the DVD release."

But how will the scandal affect Stewart, who was photographed during a romantic rendezvous with her 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders?

Pandya say K-Stew, 22, will probably return to being a Twilight darling in fans' eyes -- regardless of what her July 25 statement of "momentary indiscretion" copped to.

"Kristen has months to make amends and win back fans she may have lost," Pandya (@giteshpandya) says.

Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 is still on track for one of the widest releases of the year, and experts say its fortunes in movie theaters will hardly be stopped by the scandal.

"I'm sure the PR folks at Lionsgate/Summit don't mind all the recent press, as it's keeping Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 relevant, and we're still four months out," Robert Bock, senior analyst at Exhibitor Relations, tells Celebuzz. "Team Edward, Team Jacob -- start your propaganda engines!"

The year's biggest movies -- a handful, at most -- debut on 4,000 screens, making them virtual locks to earn hundreds of millions. Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 will remain on that list, despite any bad press it has received in the past 24 hours. The other 2012 films to open that wide are The Avengers, The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spider-Man, Brave, MIB3, The Dark Knight Rises and Madagascar 3.

All Twilight films, except the first one, have opened on more than 4,000 screens -- without the extra controversy.

A difference this time is that Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 -- like Harry Potter, last year -- is due an extra bump in attendance, because it's the last film in the Twilight series.

"Depending on what the outcome is, [Pattinson and Stewart's] relationship will likely still be relevant when the film is released. And whichever way it goes, paparazzi and the press will certainly speculate on every red carpet move they make together," Bock says. "All this attention can only add fuel to the Twilight fire, as the industry was already expecting a huge box office bump for the final installment, akin to Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, which had the biggest debut of the series.

"This will open in over 4,000+ theaters. Not even Armageddon could stop that."

Twi-hards can also count on some extra unexpected fireworks, besides just the movie -- even if their hearts may be broken, just a bit.

Says Pandya, "It's gonna make for some very awkward press junkets and red carpets!"

Will you be seeing Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part II despite the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson scandal? Let us know in the comments.

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  • meC0aQtWhLeWz

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  • alyson

    We all make mistakes we r human. I'm not saying what she did is alright but, everybody is just blaming her......they also need to blame the other cheter too....!!!!! i am so sure the will get through this.....


    So because you never heard of these movies means they must be crap right... LOL, go back to hugging your Edward pillow

  • Fiore

    Should it be the other way around? Rob is the one hurting. He should be hugged!

  • Claire Lawson
    Claire Lawson

    At the end of the day she's not the first nor will she be the last to do this to her partner in hollywood they all do it brad pitt done it he was married didnt bother him or angelina and it didnt end their acting careers they either make up or go their seprate ways just like any other relationship !!

  • Sarah Hookham
    Sarah Hookham

    i agree with that i will watch twilight part 2 robert pattinson to be happy without kristen i am sorry about this but i am fan of robert and i am not a fan of kristen anymore for that it takes time i like to go but i can't be watching up here i love Edward cullen too go the way

  • Elinor Zen
    Elinor Zen

    ceo and sexy.. hmm.. any chance you are Christian Grey?

  • Elinor Zen
    Elinor Zen

    lol.. a u for real??? you call yourself rich doctor, so of course this will be the main reason to get to know you for some money hunters. there is the end of the line BTW? :) just kidding, never lusted after moneybag.. go somewhere else where girls don't know you or marry another doctor.

  • Elinor Zen
    Elinor Zen

    this crap sounds so familiar like there is one person out there who goes from site to site writing the same thing every time. BTW i have never heard of Cake Eaters or Speak and no, i don't live under the rock. maybe there are not so pretty damn good after all? see, i started to speak like you, haters!

  • Elinor Zen
    Elinor Zen

    i have never seen Twilight because of Kristen or anyone else for that matter. "it's always been him", Robert Pattinson. besides i adore Cullen family, i like Taylor, the entire cast.. beautiful music, mystery of superficial power and eternal love.. yeah, after all this i still believe in it, you just need to find the right person.. love is a full time job and it takes two to tango.. so i will never let BD down as someone said! it gave me so much i want to give back.

  • gina

    You are right, Enough. They both act like they are taking a big, stuck, sh*t with their facial expressions in films. Yes, she is young and she will learn from mistakes in life. HOWEVER, this "mistake" will probably be a paying one for being famous and a sought out person, which she should know. Rob will probably take a long break from being humilated and see if she is worth getting back with. Only time will tell.


    Ummm have you seen Rob Act???? there is a reason that Kristen's movies do better than his..this is the best thing to happen to Rob's career...his supposed heartache is overshadowing his lack luster career past twilight.... I really didn't want to go here..but I'm tired of all the hate talk on Kristen's acting ability, like it has anything to do with her personal life...her performances in The Cake Eaters, Welcome to the Riley's, Speak, to name a few, are pretty damn good and prooves the girl has some talent. The only movie that Rob was in that I found good was Water for Elephants, and that wasn't because of his performance. Sorry Rob and to all the Rob swooners out there.

  • Ada Janicka
    Ada Janicka


  • emmajane1997

    Haters going to hate, this isn't entirely Kristen's fault. She is young, I am young to but our parents always tells us we learn from our mistakes. I hope "Robsten can make it through this because they truly do have feelings for each other. KStew will always be an inspiration to me. I will watch every movie that she is in because the media these days always try to make people look bad. One thing to consider guys, how many celebrity affairs have there been? Heaps, so don't just judge Kristen because it is not entirely her fault.

  • mona

    she is disgusting...she always talks about her role as Bella..but what she is doing??? she is a home wrecker...i dont want to see any of her movies..

  • ldsaecp

    Yeah I am going to see the Break Dawn Part 2. Plus, Twilight and SM has nothing to do with Kristen's mess. Plus the rest of the cast and Rob are my favorite actress. I know they have work so hard for the movie. I am not mad or hate Kristen. I am very disappointment with her reaction. I hope Rob will fine someone or celebs what he is looking for. He deserve better. I know what is like to have a broken heart. But now I am married and have a great daughter.

  • crittab

    This wont happen. Kristen and Rob will be pleasant to each other and act like friends, but there's no way in hell they're going to be a couple when the movie comes out. Rob has made statements on cheating before, and has come out as adamantly opposed to it, stating that when he's in a relationship, he's all in. For his own personal PR reasons, he has to stick to that now. People will appreciate him for sticking to his guns and standing up for himself, and also for being a good enough man to forgive her and be her friend. As for Kristen, using a public method to apologize to this very private man is going to ruffle some feathers, probably his as well. I can't imagine many people are seeing her apology as nearly enough given the nature of what she did. For some people cheating isn't a big deal, but for the great majority, it's a deal breaker. Sometimes studios and executives have to step back and let people be people, regardless of how much they're being paid.

  • Kremlin Sanchez
    Kremlin Sanchez

    Sanders seduce her vulnerability. She deserves a chance. but if not forgiven. move on girl, and fall inlove again. youll be a better lover next time,, seasoned and learned from your mistakes. God bless you prettygirl!

  • lexi

    i don't think it will affect the box office, just the red carpet , we are still going to see it, but to be honest i don't think their relationship is for the movie like some comments say, they really love each other and i hope they get through this

  • gina

    Kristen Stewart is a bad, bad actress and RUINED the role of Bella. Why are people idolizing her? People will see Breaking Dawn thru because they saw the Saga from the begining. Hope she learns from this, something she should already know...she is always being photographed. Pap is always near by. Price you pay for being famous....

  • Siw

    What has this "scandel" to do with Twilight or even have Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson act? I will see Breaking Dawn Part 2, I don´t really care what anyone of them dose in private. Yeah I don´t like what Kristen Stewart did, but that goes for everyone that cheats. It hurt like hell to be cheating on. You fell like a pice of shit really, because you feel like they don´t care about you at all . But that has nothing to do with what I think of her as an actress or Breaking Dawn. Said that, I have to say that hope bout her and Robert Pattinson think long and hard about where they will go form here. The same goes for Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross. There is one thing that comes to my mind, have long has this been going on? If this is a one time thing, then way now?

  • Sue

    I think both Kristen and Rupert were both wrong. But I think that the media and fans are making Kristen the biggest villian of all when it was Rupert who also is to be blamed. Its funny how everyone turns on Kristen and says she's ugly and that Rob should dump her. But when she did no wrong in the public eyes, she's dubbed as a nice girl, private girl, lucky girl, etc.. The media makes her worse and I think people make mistakes and she will be paying for that for the rest of her life. I hope that she and Rob work it out and that Rupert mends his family life.

  • Lainey

    Right she is with him for the fame that's why they are always trying to avoid paparazzi and not go out or be seen together?! Totally using Rob for the fame ;)

  • Nic

    Even though it will hurt her future in the business it shouldn't people shouldn't jump off the twilight wagon because she cheated. If you are fan of the movie then, watch the movie. This is their personal lives and I wish they would be left alone. I'm sure everyone is hurting and that's sad, but bottom line, they are actors and if you like their talent then watch their movies. Simple as that.

  • slg

    I love these two together and I hope they can work it out. Their not married, nor engaged. I think the bigger loser here is Rupert. He stands to lose a marriage and his children. I just don't understand how the two of them could do something so stupid! How embarrassing to everyone that knows them. I have enjoyed Kristen's movies, but I believe this will truely damage her career. The fans are what drives these actors careers, and right know the fans are DEVASTATED!!!

  • kimmy

    Ilove kristin stewart and iknow what she did is wrong but ithink that rob should fogive her and he should forget about it and shouldn't listen to other people what they think he should do he should decide himself .just dont listen to other peopel cause you love each other.

  • Yini Cruz
    Yini Cruz

    All this hate and negativity isRidiculous who do u all think u all r to criticize a person, I'm sure u all have committed something wrong in ur life, and I'm sure that at least 98 percent of the people in here have cheated before, it's funny how people now in day turned saints all of a sudden lol, she don't need to explain herself just like all don't, so stop ur judgments and see some one that might help all of u with such hate. I'm gonna watch the movie no matter what, because I'm in love with the story, and since I have done bad choices in life, IM NO ONE TO JUDGE, AND SO ARE ALL OF U.

  • Emma Walsh
    Emma Walsh

    I believe they both love each other. Its clear to see in all the twilight films the love kristen has for rob and the same with Rob. Like I keep saying people make mistakes. I think they are strong enough to survive. EVERYONE deserves a second chance.

  • kimmy

    I know what kristin did isnt right but ithink rob should forgive her cause it was just a one time thing

  • Dont Care**
    Dont Care**

    sooo true !!! she is a terrible actress

  • Cozmo

    I'll watch Breaking Dawn!, and then no more K-Stew films! I'm not letting Breakind Dawn down because of her!

  • chell

    I think that Rob is into her but shes not into him and that she only got with him for the film's and the popularity that came with being the ideal robsten couple people had in there heads, I used to admire Kristen but I hate cheaters so this has turned me off her I hav come to the conclusion she is extremely fake and used Rob to make herself more appealing for other acting jobs and also it grew her poplarity.....if ya love someone you dot cheat point blank

  • Candace

    All of those saying negative comments like this actually effects you personally. Nobody knows what goes on in peoples relationships other than those people, and it really is none of our business. All the parties invoved have to deal with their own s*&t and to have to deal with it in tabloids is appauling. No one really knows what happened except those involved, and to watch people discuss it til they are blue in the face is ridiculous.. Who cares, it doesn't affect you or me in any way, I love Kristen's movies and I will still be a fan because what she does privatly doesn't really concern me, and I enjoy her movies. For all who are spewing their distain for the situation, people make mistakes in life, it makes us who we are, no one is perfect. And when you make a mistake in life, I hope there isn't someone to say a bunch of horrible things about you, and put it all over Facebook or some other social media and try to ruin your life/career, just because you made an error in judgement. I don't condone this behaviour, but I also don't judge. To have this story as a top priority in the news, that has overtaken, more serious issues in the world, says a lot to where our society has gone.

  • KStew and Robsten fan
    KStew and Robsten fan

    I'm a twi-hard fan, especially for the actors. I am sad over the turmoil and having to deal with having the news open to the world, I hope they stay strong and together. Though I am disappointed, at least she admitted on what happened. She's young and still has many things left to learn. Despite what some say, Kristen Stewart is one of the best, and those of us who know that will support you. Robert-hold her and love her. She loves you and is so sorry(sometimes you cant really explain how sorry you are). Stay strong and in love.

  • Suzanne

    I will see Breaking Dawn PT 2 because I am a fan of the series. It will be interesting to see how this affects Kristen's career. I look back at other celebs like Kevin Costner & Meg Ryan and they don't have the same box office appeal they had before their "scandals". I just hope Rupert's children are gonna be okay. They are the the ones that really need protection now.

  • Ada Janicka
    Ada Janicka

    If it's true that Rob betrayed....not go to the cinema to view Breaking dawn Part 2............

  • heavymetalover

    She's a terrible actress! She's more awkward when she's acting then off-screen

  • Rachel

    “How can she feel so much regret & be so devastated when this happened LAST WEEK? Two days later she’s out with Rob, holding hands. Maybe she’s a better actress than we thought.” “I can’t even imagine the devastation and anger Liberty and ROBERT must be going through. She and HE deserves better, as would anyone in her situation, especially when it’s being publicized like mad. Those poor children too.” “To address it as a ‘mistake’ or a ‘momentary indiscretion’ makes you look even worse in my opinion. The both of them are disgusting and should feel absolutely ashamed.” “So all of a sudden, Kristen is all worried about what looks appropriate? Old Rob ought to see that she’s a cheater by nature, this isn’t her first time, and Liberty ought to take those kids back to England and go back to working with Lagerfeld and feeling good about herself. If the husband is never around anyway, what’s the difference. ee, this is the type of stuff kristen stewart needed to think about, even more so than her own relationship, before being an idiot.” “Kristen is trying to save her career, and in the process is killing Rob. Open apology to Rob, public crying, leaks about a private letter to the wife. Kristens building a campaign of public sympathy. If Rob doesn’t take her back now he will be seen as unforgiving and cold by his female fans, and if he stays with her he will be seen as a bigger wimp than ever by male fans. She really likes to screw him over.” “she has publicly humiliated him 3 times. she openly cheats on him a couple days before going to his friends concert with him acting like a loving gf, then she only tells him when the mag contacts her team about the pics, then she issues a public apology to him where she says she loves him, repects him, and cheated on him all in the paragraph. her team is painting her as the victim. no she is NOT a victim. the victims are rob, liberty, and her 2 kids. it’s going to be interesting to see if rob takes her back. according to people she is still at their house, he left, but hasn’t moved out.” I couldn´t agree more . I like Kristen as actress and i think that Robert and Kristen are a beautiful couple BUT she made a big mistake , of course she was human but this as serious …and her team is painting her as the victim. WTF ?! Victim is Liberty, the Kids and Robert….I hope they are ok

  • LL

    They are two weird looking people.

  • Tom Freethesouls Zolotor
    Tom Freethesouls Zolotor

    Well, I do not know if people will forgive her, but I plan to never watch any of her films again. Kristen Stewart is a cheat and she does not deserve the fans she has.

  • Kayla Jean
    Kayla Jean

    I never was a Kristen Stewart fan, she may be a pretty good actress... BUT she's soooo awkward when she does anything else besides acting.


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