'Code: 9' Premiere: First Look at Disney Channel's New Prank Show (VIDEO)

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It looks like Punk'd has some competition.

Disney Channel's new hidden camera show Code: 9 is set to debut this Thursday night and Celebuzz has the first look.

Hosted by Wes Dening, the show combines hidden cameras with special effects as kids pull the ultimate good-natured prank on their unsuspecting mom or dad. On every episode, one family member will go deep undercover in Hollywood's best prosthetic make-up and costumes to pull a fast one on their parents.

What does the series' premiere entail?

In the preview clip -- above -- host Dening takes the family through a prank and stunt coordinator Joe launches his own little prank on the unsuspecting group.

Code: 9 premieres Thursday, July 26 at 8 PM on Disney Channel.

Launch the gallery below to see more stills from the series opener.



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  • jasmine

    sorry it is spelt it wrong i ment how can i sign up i so want to prank my mum see wont see it comming at all !!

  • jasmine

    how can i sign up i so want to prank mushe wont see itommg at all!

  • Kailee

    I would like prank Tyler's family next door because they dive my parents crazy when they dive their R.C's around are yard.

  • Mia

    How can I sign upp plz

  • Carlee Seagroves
    Carlee Seagroves

    I need to prank my parents.

  • Mia


  • rotem

    how can i sign upp

  • mykiah

    how can i sign up

  • Ravyn

    will Code 9 be tapig in North Carolina any time soon?