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Who knew the oil business could be down right deadly? TNT’s Dallas held the lives… and livelihood of its characters over a cliff on Wednesday’s episode.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “No Good Deed.”

In police custody, John Ross (Josh Henderson) received a visit from Elena (Jordana Brewster) who demanded to know what he was doing in Veronica’s (Leonor Varela) hotel room the day of her death. John Ross confessed his shady dealings with The Mental Patient Formerly Known as Marta, before admitting he went to the nut job’s room because he thought she had Elena in her clutches. Despite how bad it all looked, John Ross swore to Elena he didn’t make good on his promise to “end” Veronica.

Enter the police detective who read John Ross his rights, after laying out the rather impressive case they had against him. John Ross was floored to find out the video Veronica had rigged up — which showed that she was very much alive when he left her room — hadn’t been discovered by the cops.

Elena begged John Ross to come forward with whatever else he was holding back in order to save his Texas hide. However, he decided to stay mum on his theories about Vincente’s (Carlos Benard )involvement in what happened to Veronica.

Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) paid her baby boy a jailhouse visit, warning him not to take the fall for any of JR’s (Larry Hagman) shenanigans. John Ross admitted to having an affair with Veronica, which he insisted Elena could never find out about. When Sue Ellen mentioned contacting JR, her son informed her that this was his battle to fight.

Proving just how liberal the Dallas County Jail is with visitation, Vincente also stopped by for a chat with John Ross. The ruthless Venezuelan reminded John Ross about the oil he owed him.

John Ross countered by confronting Vincente about Veronica’s death. Sure, she was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but Vincente didn’t need to have her killed for it! Vincente reminded John Ross he was the one who made him and his associates aware of Veronica’s thievery.

When John Ross demanded Vincente hand over the video which could exonerate him, Vincente cryptically shot back that videos had a way of being edited to make things look bad for people.

John Ross vowed to go to the cops and confess everything about the plot to defraud Bobby (Patrick Duffy), in order to finger Vincente and his associates for Veronica’s murder. Vincente ended their exchange by yet again demanding his oil, and with a not-so-veiled threat against the entire Ewing clan.

Not getting anywhere with John Ross, Vincente decided it was time to meet with Bobby. When he broke down the deal he had with JR, Bobby countered that Vincente may hold a lien on the Southfork ranch, but he controlled the mineral rights beneath it.

A ticked off Vincente had John Ross jumped by a Latino gang in jail. The Ewings came together at the hospital where Sue Ellen informed Bobby and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) that John Ross had been beaten senseless.

Bobby quickly realized this was Vincente’s way of sending the Ewings a message. All three of John Ross’ gathered loved ones then set off to make things right.

After a visit to Miss Ellie’s (the late Barbara Bel Geddes) grave, Bobby decided it was time to do whatever it took to protect the family. Sue Ellen, meanwhile, made haste to the medical examiner’s office, where she promptly bribed him to rule Veronica’s death a suicide.

For his part, Christopher offered Vincente and Co. his methane extraction project, in exchange for them forgiving JR and John Ross’ debt — and Vincente handing over the video.

Later, when John Ross awoke to find Christopher at his bedside, the cousins shared their first heartfelt conversation since the series was on CBS in the 1980s. John Ross confided in Christopher that he knew the deal with Vincente was a bad idea, but he had been too motivated to prove he was JR’s son.

Speaking of JR, the old devil was still in Las Vegas, sniffing around Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). When Bum (Kevin Page) told JR about John Ross catching a beat down in jail, he decided to forego the inevitable Ewings/Barnes smackdown for the time being.

The next day, John Ross told Sue Ellen he had dreamed JR visited him. Sue Ellen was optimistic her son would soon be free, and he was, but not because of her bribe. The video turned up after all!

A free man, John Ross headed home to Southfork with his mama and made peace with Christopher. Who knows how long that will last? Cut to Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) and her “brother” Tommy (Callard Harris), the latter of whom revealed he knew everything about an Exxon exec wanting to buy the rights to Christopher’s project. Tommy stated he had a mystery buyer for the project and wouldn’t be content with the measly rings Rebecca had given him.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Tommy kisses Rebecca after demanding she get Chris’ technology pattern or he will reveal they are not related!

Thank you, TV gods: Southfork is saved away from Vincente’s greedy little paws.

Awk-ward: Chris asked the Sheriff to investigate Rebecca.

Hotness: Sue Ellen strong-armed the coroner to falsify Veronica’s autopsy in exchange for a chief medical position and not tattling about his prescription side business. Nothing says “I Love My Son” like blackmail.

Fab-u-lous: Christopher made a new deal: His energy technology exclusively in South America for Southfork’s debt marker and John Ross’ video footage.

Can. Not. Wait: I’m dying to see the fallout of JR’s deal and leaving John Ross and the rest of his family.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 10

Do you think Christopher and John Ross’ truce will last? What will Rebecca do now that Tommy’s back and threatening to reveal their true relationship? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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