Justin Bieber Is a Noisy Neighbor, Say Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's case of Bieber Fever has run dry now that the teen pop star has became their new neighbor.

While promoting their movie Hit & Run during an appearance on The View Thursday, the couple talked about living near Justin Bieber, who is renting the house behind theirs.

"The music and the parties and the paparazzi -- I mean, it's like living in Lebanon now," Shepard said (via People.)

What did Bell have to say about Bieber?

"In his defense, I will say we don't know the exact house the music is coming from," Bell said. "We just know since he moved in, the music has been blaring."

Surely the couple had some recent peace: Bieber was just in Australia for his Believe World Tour, then flew back to Los Angeles to celebrate his girlfriend Selena Gomez's 20th birthday at this year’s Teen Choice Awards 2012.

Bieber performed at the event and was up for a few awards — he'd had a total of nine nominations, including Choice Twit.

Would you want to be Bieber's neighbor? Tell us in the comments, below.

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  • Samsa

    That is the most incoherent thing I have read in a while. Maybe you should take your own advice and get off the computer hon. Open a book and read it, if you can. Grow the hell up and get a clue.


    i just wish he'd go away already..his 15 minutes are up!

  • Dale

    Well Bieber is still a little whiny little brat. This rant is quite odd...almost seems like a fanatical fan wrote this or someone from Biebers entourage, or Bieber himself. Reading thru it, it might be Bieber because there are alot of errors in it.

  • Jack

    Hey Nicole, Ignore David - he has a man-crush on the Beibs and would tell you in person but can' find his way out of the closet.

  • Toronto

    Is it not just "Scholastic Aptitude Test"? Just because we don't have something in our country doesn't mean we don't know the answer (or could easily find it out) Dumbass.

  • namdedafteru

    Umm most Canadians wouldn't know what SAT stands for, they don't have to write them.

  • Silver

    Y'all are so dumb its laughable

  • David

    Actually he is and everyone un their right minds know that hence why you have no intellgent argument mad cays eye can get more ass than you cans and I'm NOT gay. So fail.

  • Biebler_Sucks

    David must be the tampon runner for Biebler, it's ok David you don't have to worry about being called gay because we know Biebler is a girl.

  • Kathy

    Justin isn't mean nor disgusting that's yoù. Fake ass

  • David

    You piece of shit ass haters comments are dumb and petty it's laughable. First of all unlike you haters Justin can actualy SING and he sings LIVE. and unlike you idiots HE was DISCOVERED off YouTube FOR his voice gaining MILLIONS of views. He can't sing? Ha tell that to boys to men, Steve wonder, beyonce, and all the other people who Crually know more about singing than you we'r will and have worked with him while you sit behind that computer screen being broke and IRRELEVANT. he looks feminine? Lol is that the only comeback yoù haters can think of NOAA dys while the only reason pussies are YOU. He is a boy and a handsome one at that clearly your mad he doesn't a have a flaw the first while y'all try to pop your pipples. He is immature? Tell that to all the families and people he has helped and all the things e CHOOSES to do. Tell that to his parents and people who actually KNOW him. The immature ones are yoù fools hating on someone YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW. And annoying? How YOUR the one reading hit about it stalking him just to comment negative bullshit. Only annoying people are yoù haters filled with jealousy. He hasn't been to his home in MONTHS do clearly those celebs are idiots. He just NOW got back home and the houses around him are ALL in fact for SALE. not lived in. I checked cause my sister is looking for a place is calabasas for her and her son. He's a punk? Funny the only punks I see are you "grown ass adults" hating on amid via internet yet I'f that was you and your kid being talked shit about you'd be butt hurt. His father didn't bail on his mother worth a damn. BOTH of his parents HAVE ALWAYS been in his life. Dumbasses. We as society didn't create shit but idiots like yoù full of hate and ignorance thinking you are so smart web really you ain't shit but a PIECE OF SHIT spending time hating on a guy YOU WISH yoù had the life of. How pathetic people like y'all make me sick.And kids? Funny when the majority of his fans are 17 and OLDER and don't spend their parents money they spend their own and the parents like ME like him too. I didn't even know what that chapel was. And being that he isnt AMERCAN who would? One comment doesn't make someone dumb. Fools. Justin had his education and he IS very smart actually. So take my advice and talk about something you actually know about bitches. And GROW THE HELL UP. I am sick a fucking tired of you wannabe adults always attacking this inner boy. LEAVE HIM ALONE AND GET YOURSELVES SOME HELP.

  • Michelle Tressler Diaz
    Michelle Tressler Diaz

    Agreed. I mean he does look very feminine right? I feel bad for the neighbors who have to put up with the loud music.

  • bieber_sucks

    sorry, meant to write lip-synching, not lip-syching; I had a bieber moment. Sad thing is, his old man ran out on his mother when Justin was an infant - basically bailed, as these sorts of guys are wont to do - and now he's suddenly super-dad who wants to be in his kid's life. The bunch of them make me ill.

  • bieber_sucks

    as a society, we created bieber. He has no discernible talent beyond lip-syching, is basically unintelligent and uninteresting, and thinks the sistine chapel is sixteen candles (or something like that). People give away their hard-earned money so their kids can listen to this loser's music? C'mon . This guy doesn't even know what the acronym, SAT, means - and we hold him up as a popular culture icon.

  • rosa5299

    i would not want to live by that snoddy nose punk. i would call the police if he made a lot of noise. take this freak to jail and let him get passed around like a cigarette.

  • Nicole Houston
    Nicole Houston

    Hell no! I can't stand him! Ever since he turned 18, he thinks he's the most amazing person ever and he's not.. he's immature and annoying! I can't stand him and his girly voice! He needs to move across the ocean somewhere so none of us have to deal with him.

  • hey

    me neither...i cnat believe i used to be a "belieber" he is really mean and disgusting!

  • Cronk

    Ahhh poor little girl...Bieber mean.

  • miligomez

    Nope, I wouldn't want to.