Lady Gaga Sued for $10 Million Over Toy Company Doll Deal

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Lady Gaga has been slapped with a $10 million suit by toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment that claims the pop star sabotaged a deal to make a doll in her image.

In a lawsuit filed in New York City, MGA claims Gaga's camp requested the removal of a voice chip from their Mother Monster doll, which then stalled the release of the doll. The toy company — creator of the popular Bratz doll line — alleges the singer "engaged in intentional and deliberate delays" in attempt to push back the launch to 2013, to coincide with Gaga's new album and perfume, according to the Huffington Post.

What does the singer's camp have to say about the suit?

A representative for superstar labeled the lawsuit "ill-conceived" and said there was "no legitimate reason" to drag Gaga into a dispute primarily between MGA and Bravado International, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, according to the Wall Street Journal.

MGA alleges that Bravado tried to back out of the part of the doll deal that allowed the product to contain samples of Gaga's chart-topping songs. Bravado spoke out on the suit, stating its "meritless."

The toy maker says retail plans were derailed when the singer's representatives stopped cooperating on the project during her Born This Way Ball world tour. With Gaga refusing to sign off on the doll, which was meant to ship this summer, deadlines are not being met — jeopardizing $28 million in projected revenue from the fall shopping season and holding up orders from 10 countries.

What do you think of the case? Weigh in below.

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  • I Love Gaga
    I Love Gaga

    Hello, "Who like lady gaga anyway". I happen to be a Little Monster, and I take part in the Gaga fandom. Gaga is my idol and the reason I am alive today. She's inspired me both with words and with plain music. I love her to death. I happen to know that millions of other crazy Little Monsters agree with me. Gaga's morals are absolutely beautiful. She wants to inspire the younger generation into thinking that hatred is not the answer, and judging and bullying is the wrong thing to do which is something very crucial in our current world. I don't understand why people like you don't understand. All she's trying to do is inspire and help people. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous and she writes all of her beautiful songs. She has songs about feminism, prostitution, being yourself, gay rights and other very important subjects. She is not a fake artist. She made herself famous by herself and I think that it takes talent to do such a thing. Don't fucking piss me off. Bye.

  • Who like lady gaga anyway
    Who like lady gaga anyway

    Name says it all really. she/he sucks and sounds like a soulless banshee screaming.

  • Notaloserlikebelow

    Whaaah, you guys are pathetic losers.