Madonna Defends Use of Swastika Symbol During ‘MDNA’ Tour: 21 of the Singer’s Most Controversial Moments (PHOTOS)

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Madonna is causing controversy once again by using a swastika imposed onto the face of a French politician during a video segment at her current MDNA tour.

But the singer, 53, claims the symbol was chosen “purposefully.”

“That film that was created is about the intolerance that we human beings have for one another and how much we judge people before knowing them,” the pop star told a Brazilian TV channel, via the BBC.

What exactly does the video show?

In the on-stage video, the swastika, the World War II-era icon of the Nazis, appears on the forehead of French politician Marine Le Pen.

“There seems to be a growing intolerance around the world,” Madonna said. “In Greece, France, everywhere people are trying to kick out all the immigrants, make people cover up and not show what their religious affiliation is.”

In addition to the swastika controversy, Madonna stirred up more drama with her ongoing feud with Lady Gaga. Madonna once again accused Gaga’s song “Born This Way”of sounding too similar to her own hit “Express Yourself.”

“I’m a really big fan of [‘Born This Way’],” Madonna said in a recent interview on Brazilian television. “And I’m glad that I could help her write it.”

The comment was just the latest dig from the 53-year-old pop icon, who for months has criticized Gaga for copying her style.

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