Mariah Carey's First 'American Idol' Promo Picture Released (PHOTO)

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Lookin' good, Mimi!

FOX released on Thursday the first official promo shot of new American Idol judge Mariah Carey, in which the 42-year-old diva looks better than ever.

Striking a pose that only she could pull off, Carey is seen working the camera in a sequined orange dress that hugs at her hips, which she pairs with her straightened light-brown locks and some seriously killer-looking earrings.

It's a pretty good start for the five-time Grammy winner, though she'll have some pretty big shoes to fill in January, after the looks Jennifer Lopez pulled off last season. (See below.)

Carey officially joined American Idol on Monday, following high-profile exits from Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

“As a singer, songwriter and producer, it’s going to be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and give back with American Idol,” Carey said in a press release. “I’m currently in the studio working on my new album and its first single, ‘Triumphant,’ which will be out early next month. I can’t wait to channel my creative energy as a part of this show, which is a massive global phenomenon.”

In an interview with TODAY Thursday, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest teased Carey's imminent arrival, predicting she'll fit right in on TV's top-rated show.

"I actually called her last night and I said, 'So welcome to the family,'" he revealed. "I said, 'What are you going to be like on the show? She said, 'You know how I am: I'm very honest. I say what I'm thinking.' I said, 'Great. You'll fit right in.'"

According to multiple reports, Carey is expected to make a whopping $18 million for her new gig.

No word yet on who will replace Tyler, who confirmed his exit earlier this month, or whether the show's only remaining original judge, Randy Jackson, will be back when the show returns for its twelfth season in January.

Over the weekend, Carey announced on Twitter that her new single, titled 'Triumphant,' will be released in early August.

The single features Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

There were also reports Thursday that Carey will re-team with Precious director Lee Daniels on his next project, The Butler, opposite Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda and others.

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  • justsomeguy

    forget the waist and photoshop... who cares? I think the pose is pure slut-ho! Lookin for a pimp honey?

  • tahoegeminii

    so MeMe can't afford the REAL photoshop wizards anymore?-that is one baaad edit job-her face is completely gone over and her chin-huge shadow added to cover her turkey neck-her arms and hands have been repositioned over the dress after it was completely altered-her ridiculous pose is a very transparent attempt to hide her huge upper arms and hips -and on that left side they carved out a huge section of her mid section-look at the water behind her-you can actually see how much water they repainted or rubber stamped to give her a waist-MeMe is famous for her fake forced totally awkward attempts at "vogue posing"-she has to the vainest most self absorbed mentally retarded loser in the universe-Thanks Tommy for making this monster and lining her pockets-she is just embarrassing to watch and all her mentally arrested "sheep" oh-I means lambs are the ones who have spent their last dimes-money they should have done something useful with on this hideous beast who know throws the fact she has cash around as proof that she is something more than an over rated stripper-flesh puppet for the now crumbling-"pop music" empire created by corporate pimps-why do you think the sleaze ball married the head of Sony at 19 when he was 20 years older?? It's called sleeping to the top-at least JLo became a star by actually doing a couple of goods films-Selena and Out of Sight with Clooney-she was awesome in those movies and earned her "celebrity chops"-MeMe will be the final nail in Idol's coffin-hopefully hers too-really sick of hearing her toot her own horn all the time and trying to act like she is something special by being "a diva" as she puts it-more realistically described as a demented self absorbed greedy over rated stripper-I believe prostitutes also go around broadcasting how much money they make as some kind of proof they are actually worth something or have any kind of dignity-Meme sister and her her are exactly alike-MeMe just got lucky and married the head of Sony

  • Raymar31

    Having this nitwit as a judge will provide the final nail in the coffin for this overdone show. Now if she could just get ratings as big as her ego, they would be on to something.

  • ZMAN

    One hell of a girdle holding everything up and in!! lol

  • Renee Hagwood
    Renee Hagwood

    Guess she did need the money!!! Nick talking bout if they want her to be a judge they gone have to pay her double of what they gave Paula!!! BOY BYE<<< I see she gone be a judge & they are not payin her $2million

  • danielleakame

    this has to be the worst photo ever...nothing looks real! first off that smile...unnatural and then the waist...we all know that she lost some weight...but come on!!!!! that isnt her at allll! yikes

  • locco

    Hahaha Photoshop of the year! What happened to her waist?!

  • A.

    wow... photoshop is her best friend?