Demi Lovato Vs. Johnny Depp: White Sunglasses Fashion Rewind (POLL)


It's fashionable versus fictional.

After canceling the live audience taping of X Factor on Thursday, Demi Lovato left her hotel donning a studded denim jacket, white summer dress, and round, white plastic sunnies.

The 19-year-old actress looked super cool with her blue-tipped hair pinned up in curls, accented by a red polka dotted headband.

Lovato has certainly upped the anty with her wardrobe choices ever since being cast as a judge on the X Factor.

However, did she drop the fashion ball here and steal Will Wonka's style?

Lovato's white sunglasses are very reminiscent of Johnny Depp's shades worn in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which hit theater screens in 2005.

Depp's character, Willy Wonka, wears white sunglasses to brighten up his outfit consisting of a black shirt, wine colored jacket, and dark top hat.

Making the styles match up even more is that both stars seemed to strike the same pose with serious facials and flawless complexions.

Who looks better in their white, round sunnies: Demi or Depp? Take our poll and have your say by leaving a comment below.

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  • Hottpinkk

    Youre all very dumb and you know this looks nothing like Willy Wonka's glasses. I just bought a pair of willies goggles... Get real. idiots.


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