Miley Cyrus Is 'Obsessed' With One Direction's Zayn Malik

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Skateboarding in LA

One Direction can add yet another loyal female fan to its army of thousands -- Miley Cyrus.

The 19-year-old singer declared she is “obsessed” with Zayn Malik, spending hours trolling the internet to find out information on the teen idol.

The "Party in the U.S.A" singer took to Twitter to declare that the 19-year-old Brit was her new crush.

What made her declare her love for the young boy bander?

Cyrus was on a Twitter spree on Friday after a sleepover with some of her friends.

It sure must have been a fun sleepover, as Cyrus also indulged in what is becoming many celebs secret passion -- having a sing-a-long of Carly Rae Jepson’s "Call Me Maybe."

And the soon to be Mrs. Liam Hemsworth dished on her favorite part of the massive hit by the Canadian pop star: The surprise twist at the end.

Cyrus is not the only one to love the catchy hit, celebs from James Franco to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have all done their version of the song, as well as the models from clothing line Abercrombie & Fitch and even the U.S.A Olympic swimming team.

Do you agree with Miley Cyrus? Or is there a hotter One Direction member she should obsess over?



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  • SmilerDirectioner

    Honestly , I adore both of them. Miley saved my life and one direction is perfection . obsessed with Zayn and Louis the most and I really support Miley. She can like whoever she wants to .

  • Yanira

    I really hope Miley can get her life toheegtr before she goes down a path of destruction. She's gorgeous, and is a great actress. The drinking/drugs rumors are scaring me. I also heard that she is no longer speaking to her father. She's too young for this. As far as for the tattoo, It could mean something to her, or she could be attempting to get more attention. Her efforts will definitely be considered by the LGBT community. It takes more than a tattoo though. I want to see her clean.

  • malik. kamel
    malik. kamel

    salut est azul en longe berber

  • Flower

    Zayn is deffinately the hottest guy in 1D! Or as Harry puts it "He's just pretty, isn't he!?" But its not just his looks that fans love.. He's also really funny, thoughtful and loyal. I love his silly side where he jokes around with the other boys.. Vas Happenin, anyone? Haha And clearly Miley was joking here.. Yes she is engaged but you can still admire someone else.. It doesnt mean she actually want Zayn for gs..

  • candy

    She tweeted a joke on Twitter about "stalking" him with her gay friends. And it suddenly becomes a story that she loves him? I think Miley needs to stop tweeting jokes, because the tabloids read her Twitter like salivating rabid dogs ready to create some scandal. If she tweets about food, she has an eating disorder. If she tweets about hanging with a girlfriend, she's a lesbian. If she tweets about her dog, she loves the dog more than Liam. The gossip rags are writing these ridiculous stories because they think Miley's fans are 12 yr old girls. They're not. Her fans are as old as she is, some older.

  • Directionerr♥

    I think she should be able to like whoever she wants. She isgetting married, but that doesn't mean she can't like Zayn Malik.People need to stop judging her. Zayn Malik is hott. I'm happy she agrees : )

  • zaynmaliklover

    Um shes getting married soon so she needs to focus on her fiancé not my future husband!! :P