Olympics 2012: 10 Things to Know About Friday’s Opening Ceremonies in London (PHOTOS)

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After years of planning, and millions of dollars spent, London will officially kick off the 2012 Summer Olympics Friday evening with a ceremony rumored to include a cameo by James Bond, a performance by a former Beatle and, um, a lot of sheep.

So, what exactly can fans of the Games expect from the big show?

Celebuzz runs down the reports, rumors and everything in between to get everyone prepared to cheer on Team USA (or, fine, whatever your country of choice is).

Get the full rundown below:

1.) TV viewers can watch the Opening Ceremonies on NBC, which kicks off its (admittedly time-delayed) coverage at 7:30PM. Bob Costas will host the coverage, alongside Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Tom Brokaw and — wait for it — American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest.

NBC will also be offering live coverage of the Games on its website, NBCOlympics.com.

2.) Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire; 127 Hours) will serve as Artistic Director of the ceremonies, which is said to have cost £27m, or $42.3 million.

4.) According to reports, actor Daniel Craig will star as James Bond in a short film for the Ceremonies, in which Bond is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Judi Dench, who plays M in the franchise reboots, is also expected to appear, as is a live stuntman, who will reportedly parachute into the stadium.

5.) Prince William, wife Kate Middleton, and younger brother Prince Harry will each be on hand for Friday’s festivities, and will also attend various events throughout the Games. Kate will attend hockey, sailing and tennis events, while Harry is expected to attend the beach volleyball events. All three will attend the equestrian events in Greenwich, as well.

6.) If that wasn’t enough from the Royal family, Queen Elizabeth II will officially open the ceremony, though details on how she’ll actually do it have yet to be revealed.

7.) If the ceremony sounds at all sheepish, that’s because it’s set to feature 70 sheep, 12 horses, ten chickens, three cows, two goats and a game of Cricket, of all things, in what’s being pitched as a live re-telling of Britain’s history.

8.) Three’s a crowd? Try 80,000, which is the expected number of attendees for Friday’s ceremony. Hopefully, somebody saved a seat for William, Kate and Harry.

9.) The person selected to light the Olympic Flame won’t be revealed until the end of the ceremony; however, London already has some big shoes to fill, given who has helped carry the Torch in the last 10 weeks. Among the many: actor James McAvoy; Harry Potter star Rupert Grint; and singer John Legend.

10.) Paul McCartney will reportedly close the show with what is sure to be a rousing performance by the former Beatle.

What are you most looking forward to about tonight’s Opening Ceremonies? Sound off in the comments, below!