Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Not Speaking (REPORT)

Kristen: I'm Sorry!
Kristen Stewart issues apology after her fling. Read More »
Rob Moves Out!
Robert Pattinson moves out
See the latest developments in the Kristen Stewart scandal! Read More »

The sun may have set for Twilight's favorite couple.

In the wake of Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal, she and her beau of three years Robert Pattinson are not speaking to each other, according to PEOPLE magazine.

In fact, Pattinson moved out of the Los Feliz love-nest they shared pre-scandal.

But they won't be able to avoid each other forever.

The couple are scheduled as co-presenters at MTV's Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, followed by their promotional tour for the final film in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, due out Nov. 16.

Earlier this week, Us Weekly printed incriminating snaps of the 22-year-old cozying up to her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, 41, who has two kids with his model wife Liberty Ross.

Stewart later admitted to the tryst, telling People: “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected."

And she apologized to 26-year-old Pattinson. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob,” she said. “I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry."

Sanders followed with his own statement. “I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family,” he said. “My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

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  • Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan
    Angela Ann Corvera Ylanan

    Oh Robert why are you sooOOo Hot?!

  • ginellle johnson from jamaica
    ginellle johnson from jamaica

    u guys look sweet together

  • K-Stew

    I remember this...

  • lotus

    who wears black to a wedding?

  • Zelda

    alright this better be a rumor besucae i will be genuinely pissed off!!!!!!!! I did not wait four years for this movie to come out just so they can change the ending. I if I go and waste money to see this film and this is the ending, I will explode.totally wrong to do this to the book! I can't believe that stephenie would allow this. After all its her book. Come ON now!!!!

  • Paloma

    I was on a website when I saw an add that made me laugh. "Vampire BaseballPortland, ORJuly 4, 2009Edi and the cast from Twilight and New Moon take the field to play Vampire Baseball to bnefeit Make-A-Wish Foundation or Oregon!Tickets on sake May 15, 2009Ticketmaster"As soon as I saw that I imagined KS trying to hit a baseball.

  • whydoibother

    He goes first to shield her from the paps you idiot. Ladies first is a whole other deal when you're sending your date out into a hoard of paparazzi. Nice one though. You tried.

  • anagonzalezp

    Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders may have been a shock to the public, but it wasn't a shock to Kristen because Kristen actually had the pictures taken - as in tipped off a paparazzo - and had the audacity to send them to Liberty Ross. "Kristen went into Snow White and the Huntsman acting all friendly towards Liberty while she was after Rupert the entire time. When she felt like she had Rupert all about her, she flipped on Liberty and told her she should give Rupert a divorce to save herself the embarrassment of having her husband stolen from her," says a source. "Liberty was living in denial until Kristen sent her the pictures, but it was Liberty who sent them to all the major outlets. Kristen didn't think she would do it because she's so full of herself, that she thought Liberty would be too embarrassed to have this get out." Well, looks like Kristen's assumption was wrong. "Kristen is proud of what she did, though. She thinks she's better than everyone else and she's all about herself. She doesn't give a damn about anyone else." The source also adds that Ross will be filing for divorce in the very near future.

  • frankie

    Jamie, i think i kinda love you! finally SOMEONE has a brain to see beyond this clearly madeup story. when Kristen REALLY announces on a talkshow that she did indeed cheat, THEN and ONLY THEN i'll believe it. ciaaaaao! xx

  • dee

    i think the same thing, looks like she was set up, Rupert guy seems to be looking right into camera as if he knew it was there. I am not saying she didn't do anything wrong but something just isn't right about this whole thing

  • Marie

    I thought the same thing ... but why destroy a family? or she just used for Rupert to break up with Rob by the most hurtful and humiliating way to him? all this is very strange..

  • Marie


  • SchroederCandice

    She’s got the confession CashLazy.*com (remove the *)

  • Renee Miller
    Renee Miller

    1. She has 2 movies out, the PR could be to stir up business for them. 2. Only an idiot would jeopardize losing someone as fine as Robert Pattinson. 3. That dirty old man's ( Rupert Sanders ) wife should throw him out on his cheating butt and take him for a cleaning! She's got the confession, get a lawyer!

  • Dwight Alan
    Dwight Alan

    one word to describe her slug

  • Gill Querido
    Gill Querido

    yea i think this whole thing is fishy too!! kristen n rob has been datin for 4 years now n u never seen pix like u c her standing there holding n kissing sum1 else?! think bout it ppls!!

  • Just saying
    Just saying

    I totally agree, she is too smart to do something so stupid out in the open. She is the queen of hiding, even better than RP. This was a set-up and unfortunately it is making her look the worst in the whole thing. I think this whole thing is fishy. Hollywood at its finest.

  • M2m

    I felt very sad and disappointed for rob and kristen's relationship. It fell apart already, they can't survive with this. As a fan of robsten, i felt heartbroken,too. Anyway, kristen stewart learned a major lesson of what she did. She threw away by her hands the precious time and loved they had for three years. Now that rob's gone , she will realize how important his love is to her, but i think it's too late for that.she'll change it to her experience."Experience is the best teacher, it will give a test first and lesson afterwards!"

  • Christina Rivas
    Christina Rivas

    I'm not surprised she did this. I mean, she did it to her first boyfriend, the one she had before Rob, she left him, she broke his heart to be with Rob and now, she did it again. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • Mark

    Are you born stupid, or did you practice it, you are a microdot idiot. She came out an publically stated she screwed around on him, what the &#^# do you want to prove to your mini mind that it is true, it is people like you that make the US look like stupid fools, go get a brain you fool.

  • anagonzalezp

    I am kind of guessing the same! Maybe rob/kristen were not a serious comitted couple and this is an excuse to "separate"them. but at the same time, i think no publicist will ever do this, its so ugly and cheap! And nobody gets the benefit of a positive image, they are all screwed publicly. I find strange those pictures. I watched them all. All perfect,centered,in different locations,how come they didnt notice the same car/papz following to these so called "secluded"places? IDK this is all so weird, and the statements from kristen...IDK she has been very private and we have never seen her so pdaing rob after all these years. Smells PR has a nose in this.

  • Michelle Tressler Diaz
    Michelle Tressler Diaz

    I kind of feel this way too. It looks really staged, but why choose a married guy if that's the case?

  • Leah Klein
    Leah Klein

    idk about anyone else but im going. i love robsten, but i watch the movies because i like the books.

  • Shanice Raskalite
    Shanice Raskalite

    they already did the movies, they just have to promote the movie on tours, events and openings...going to be very awkward cuz they always have top take pictures together

  • M2m

    It is really really bad and heartbreaking what they've been through right now, esp for rob.i think time heals the's his decision now if he wants to give kristen a second chance.i'm hoping the best for both of them.

  • Kay

    This Is ridiculous. They had to do some sort of stunt for it to be over and why not make Kristen the bad guy. They didn't want people saying it was only for the movie because if they broke up right after everyone would know. This way they have an out. They way they did it was childish in that "make out" like high schoolers and oh it's over. I am married and have children and I know better plus if they were ever in love they could work past it. If not we all know it was PR. How does someone who hides a relationship for 3 years not pick some of that up to hide a make out session if it wasn't planned!!!

  • Jamie Cason- VanLuven
    Jamie Cason- VanLuven

    There is NO PROOF this is true!!!! Did Rob or Kris confirm this ??? NO!! And as for him Moving out no proof of that as well... The pics that are circulating of a van leaving A DRIVEWAY is coming out of the neighbor's driveway NOT THEIRS... Look at the pics you can tell different driveways by NO BROWN BRICKS when showing their Driveway..... But in the pic with the Van there is a Brown Brick wall!!!!!

  • texastoast

    this is what her mom said when she played in Panic Room "I felt she was such an intelligent technician, so interested in camera -– I thought that would translate to other things". that is what she was after explains alot Read more:

  • LL

    Stewart crushed Pattinson. I wonder how they're going to do in their next movie?

  • Maria Julia Hernandez
    Maria Julia Hernandez

    si ella lo engaño y el la perdona minimo lo que tiene que hacer ahora ella es CASARSE!!!! con Rob y que se deje de dearmar familias