'TNA' Wrestler 'Showtime' Eric Young Tackles Extreme Fishing on 'Off the Hook' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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TNA wrestler Showtime Eric Young takes a break from tackling his opponents in order to tackle, well, tackle on Animal Planet’s Off the Hook: Extreme Catches. And Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek at the mayhem.

Wrestling fans may think they know all about the humorous wrestler who has won solo and tag team championships over his years at TNA. But, Off the Hook has Young exploring his other favorite sport: Fishing.

What will the wrestler-turned-angler do on each half-hour episode?

On the show, he’ll travel the country attempting both traditional and nontraditional fishing methods. And while he may be a champ in the ring, he may not always be as successful in America’s wild waters.

An Animal Planet-Discovery Channel joint presentation, Off the Hook airs Mondays at 9PM on Discovery Channel starting July 30 and then airs Sundays at 9PM on Animal Planet starting Aug.5.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above.

Are you ready to see another side of "Showtime" Eric Young?



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