'Twilight' Mega Fan Emma Clark Says Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Sets 'Bad Example' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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An unlikely star emerged from the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal this week via YouTube when a video posted by Twihard Emma Clark pledging her undying support for Robert Pattinson went viral.

Clark, known on the internet to die hard fans in the Twilight community as the "Nutty Madam," posted a video title "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KRISTEN?" Seemingly copying a page straight from the viral phenom handbook of Chris Crocker, famously know for his "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" video.

Celebuzz spoke to Clark via Skype Friday afternoon to delve deeper into her passionate plea.

"I just want to tell them to keep going, to keep trying," the Twilight superfan, who's been posting videos about Twilight under the name nuttymadam3575 for years, said of the couple. "They have all their fans behind them that support and love them."

However, will this cheating scandal affect the way she'll view Stewart and Pattinson's final Twilight film together, Breaking Dawn - Part 2?

"Yes," Clark told Celebuzz. "I'll still go see it. I'll still be the first person at the queue at the premiere. I'll still sleep on the street if I have to get there, but I just feel like she's kind of let her fans down -- and there are fans out there who are bigger fans of Kristen than I am."

Stewart publicly apologized to her boyfriend on Wednesday, releasing an official statement reading, "I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry."

Clark admits to Celebuzz she's definitely viewing Stewart in a different light now after the 22-year-old actress admitted to a tryst with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, 44.

"I just think that she's set really bad example. I feel sorry for everyone involved," Clark said. "She's made her bed and she's going to have to lie in it basically."

As for Pattinson, Clark is fully behind the 26-year-old British hunk.

"I just want to make him a cup of tea and give him a hug," she told us. "I just feel bad for him"

As Celebuzz previously reportedly, Pattinson has moved out of the home he shares with Stewart and has severe all contact from his costar. The couple have yet to announce if they've decided to split up.

What do you think of the Stewart cheating scandal? Do you agree with Clark's comments? Get in on the conversation, below.

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  • ycw2210

    Why is this the whole world's business. Rob P. and Liberty S. should tell everyone to shut up. It is no one's busines to give K-Stew and Rupert shit except the two of them. Like YOU ARE ALL F**ING PERFECT.

  • Eilish Gleeson
    Eilish Gleeson

    She really needs to get over herself and stop being such a drama queen she's just trying to draw attention to herself. she need to stop this madness and stop being an attention seeker...

  • Sam

    My god you must just be a little 12 year old girl or something. No actual adult would have the immaturity that you are showing. The fact is of course you are in your own deluded little world and you don't care about anyone else if their opinions are different than yours and that's just sad and pathetic. You may think you are right but you're not and you certainly are not worth my time anymore. You give your opinions on things and try to call them facts but you need a reality check. Celebrities can go back to their old lives whenever they want. They choose not to because of the money. IF you don't see that that's your problem. Calling an adult innocent is the last thing they are. They do drugs, they do illegal things. Yeah that is so innocent. She is not a good actress. End of story. None of those other movies won awards. If she was she would be able to play more roles than a jittery bad acting stuttering retard. If she is good why can't she land in good movies? Twilight doesn't count. Snow White isn't even the best of movies either and she ruined it. She was good in The Runaways. Oh she was good at playing a drug loving slut. It's hard for her to play her future self I bet. The statements weren't released from their rep? So? They can release statements on their own. It's called free will. You should get familiarized with that feeling. They don't have to go to someone they are close with and ask them to tell the world that the cheated on their partner. Your example does not prove anything and if that's all you got your argument is out the window. People lie too. You lie. So really you shouldn't believe what anyone says. You love them both so of course you are going to find any way to prove they are still the people you want them to be even if the facts aren't true. There is no proof he moved out? So? Maybe he doesn't want people to get hyped up about him. He's already in the spotlight because of that tramp why would he do things out in the open to make this story more true.

  • M2m

    Rob and kristen are no longer talking ,of course all the talking are done! Robsten is over! It's heartbreaking..i hate being fanatic of hollywood celebrity, that's what i'd learned from this bullshit, i felt i was cheated too, and it broke my heart.

  • trya

    oh hun dont you worry, the proof will come through proving that this is indeed all a big lie and then we'll see the tabloids and the rest of the world eat their own words. :)

  • frankie

    LOL i actually dont trash talk everyone like you do babe, i called you a dumbass, wow you must be scarred for life lmao, grow up a little. yes she was nominated as a child but that show she was and still indeed is a GREAT actress. even though she was extremly amazing in Twilight, she was also amazing in The Runaways, The Yellow Handkerchief, Welcome To The Rileys, The Cake Eaters, Adventureland, Zathura, On The Road and ofcourse Snow White. :) why would she try and act awkard on purpose? if she had her way i'm sure she wouldnt want to be awkward, i sure wouldnt want to be awkward if i had the chance. Lana & Kristen's awkwardness make them awesome, so shh up and leave them alone and also how in the hell does that make someone dumb? it just shows how dumb you truly are. maybe because Rob & Kristen are working on projects at the moment and have better things to do right now instead of defending every bit of trash that is spoken about them. IF and only IF she really did cheat, she will go on a talkshow soon you wont go on soley to speak about the scandal but when it is brought up she'll say yes if she did or no if she didnt, or if not, she'll release an ACTUAL statement through her rep. all statements made by stars are said through their reps as seeing as these statements were apparently made by 'K-Stew' who did she release this statement to ay? US or People? see, theyre making up sh*t to sell their mag, they photoshopped Rupert & his wife and put K-Stew head on her body, and all these reports are coming from a 'source', sources cant be trusted seeing as they could be just an onlooker making up crap to the mag so the mag can give them some money in return. tabloids make up crap all the time, the only time its ever real what they say is when the stars themselves have announced what has happened from their OWN mouths through their reps. and if you dont think they make up crap then why are they saying Rob moved out when there is no proof at all, even no proof that theyre over? lol see, so bub indeed my example is valid as heck ;) if you were a celeb my love im sure you'd be sick and tired of rumours and people like yourself trashing talking them 24/7 and believing all the hype instead of looking at the bigger picture. sure they have tons of cash but in the end, they'll never have their old lives back, so indeed they're 'poor innocent celebrities'. if you come back here, dont reply unless your arguement is valid and worth the reply. p.s ALWAYS WINNING ;) bye x

  • Sam

    Actually no you will never be the winner because you can't debate without trashing who you are talking to. That makes you immature which makes you so much less believable. Okay cool. She was nominated when she was a kid. Is she a child anymore? No? What actual good movies has she been in? No twilight movie counts. There are plenty of articles from actual news companies that know she is awful. She barely caught a break in Snow White but oh wait! She was sleeping with the filmmaker, no wonder she landed the part. Here is your proof that they are lying: They are known to lie (They are also known to tell the truth so your example is invalid), no one has said it on a talk show (Lol really? If she had the galls to cheat in the first place why would she let the last shreds of her pride go by going on television and announcing that it is a fact.), The statements were released at the same time (Don't you think maybe they did that on purpose? You can say they made it up and that's why they were released as one but there is a much more logical reason. They waited until they got all the statements before releasing them so they had more to write about.) You don't have actual proof. If it didn't happen then why isn't anyone denying it? Why hasn't anyone gone on a talk show to say it isn't true? Because it is and they are just waiting for it to die down. And don't even start about the 'pooooooor celebrities.' Oh yeah the poor celebrities that make millions of dollars and can do whatever they want. They go into the business knowing that they can get slandered at any second and if they don't know that they are idiots. No, I never said someone's awkwardness made them dumb. I said her awkwardness made her dumb. She tries to act awkward she isn't that much so. And actually yes there are facts. She makes 1 facial expression. That is a common fact. Get over it.

  • frankie

    lololol omg, she gets roles because she CAN bloody act!whether your too dumb to see that or not, she really can. she has recieved praise for her acting roles when she was younger aswell as now, especially in Panic Room where she was nominated for an Oscar, which darling if you didnt know is voted by FLIM CRITICS, not fans :P so as you can see, she can indeed act. like i stated before, its all fake, there is evidence to prove that it is all indeed a pack of porkies. she doesnt need to sleep with directors to get roles, she is perfectly capable of blowing everyone away with her talent from simply a look. lol her awkwardness is what makes her, her. Lana Del Rey is the queen of awkward and everyone still adores her, she can still sing despite her awkwardness. i'm awkward, does that mean i'm dumb, can't act or sing? no babe, i'm sure you have some 'flaws' too, your not perfect so shut ya trap cause you know in the end babe.. I'M WINNING! ;)

  • frankie

    babes, i already stated how my proof that is a pack of porkies. magazines are KNOWN to make up crap, so your basically saying that you choose to believe a tabloid likeany other tabloid that make up stories to sell their mags. i'm ragging on these people because they created this story and are now basically ruining two people's lives. when Kristen or Rob, or even Rupert's wife PUBLICY announce on a talk show or radio show that the affair is indeed true THEN you can believe it. those so called statements that they apparently released after the story broke are a little fishy seeing as both parties 'statements' were released at the EXACT SAME TIME.. tell me that you don't think that there is something a little odd going on there. you dont have to believe me bub, but you shouldnt believe these sh*t stories that ruin poor celebrities lives.

  • Sam

    If there is any reality to her sleeping with her filmmaker it's quite obvious how she gets to things. Just because she won awards for a movie created from a book that young teenagers and gullible people that don't recognize a good plot, doesn't make her a good actress. In fact it is proven many times that she has no facial expressions besides her common dull look. Fact. She also has that dumb stutter in all or most of her characters. Fact. She's rather twitchy with her eyes. Fact. No real lover of acting approves of her acting. Get over it.

  • Sam

    Where is your proof? Just because YOU, some random anonymous person claims that it is all fake doesn't make it so. I would rather believe a national company rather than someone who just looks like they are ragging on the people that posted the story.

  • izzy

    people cheat all the time hollywood,some stay together but some can't salvage the lost trust but whatever he decides to do is his business and people will just have to respect his choice if he gives kristen a second chance or not

  • jenni

    she is a slut, she said she got the leading roles of her ass. She is false and treacherous they were lovers from the beginning of the movie they deceived everyone who is going to believe what she says, if she sleeps with anyone? I do not believe in his apology That statement made ​​her press office .... She does not mind that. She just wants attention is a selfish never interested in her fans is the best name for her bitchesten....bitchesten.....bitchesten....bitchesten or slutesten...slutesten....slutesten Rob does not waste time she does not love you she is a bitch ... do it once and do it again Rob needs a woman who really love him and respect him Rob runs away from that bitch

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    who cares Kristen is young rich & Impestuous her and Robs relationship was over hyped from the start. some hollywood relationships are actually strong from the get go and get more so over the decades Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward's is a perfect example they never had to be asked to hold hands on the red carpet they did it naturally because they loved being together. even at the Spring 2008 Hole In The Wall Gang Camps bennefit which was 3 moths before he lost his battle with cancer after 50 years of marriage he was still holding her hand like a man in love. though it's been nearly 4 years since his death she still loves him enough to refuse to take her wedding ring off

  • just.not.right

    and it may be possible, that you are so ignorant that in this case you don't believe it. but we will see. hope you finally get the proof you've been holding out for.

  • andrea1990

    everyone is making mistake, but you learn from them If Kristen really cheated on Rob (I doubt that) but if she really did, than thats their business and not ours - take care of your own life The media is pushing it because they are famous , but give them a break NOBODY is perfect

  • frankie

    maybe they have better things to do then to comment on every single bit of trash that is spoken about them. soon enough, she will come out in an interview and say how it is bullocks or if its real. babe, ive seen the orginal shots so i know for sure that theyre photoshopped. well then youre either blind or you just saw them and didnt pay attention to how fake it truly is. dude, some people just like yourself are so caught up that they believe everything they see and hear. dont be so gullible, and plus the wife never came out and confirmed that any of this was true she just tweeted some quotes that Celebuzz ofcourse jumped to conclusions with and tried to say that it was a sign her marriage was going down like the titanic. and now theyre saying Rob moved out.. no photos, no statement from their reps or proof.. so yeah this whole affair thing is a bunch of crap. mwaaaaaa xx

  • Dannie

    If it weren't true, don't you they should have come out by now to clear their names instead of letting the whole world judge them? If you still continue to believe that the photos were photoshopped, then the person behind it must be given an award for doing a good job because those photos looked real to me, and apparently to other people as well.

  • frankie

    LOL babe puh-LEEEEAASE!! how is she a bad actress? just cause you dont like her and have some fkd hatred for her, there aint no need to slamming her AMAZING acting. if shes a terrible actress, how come shes won TONS of awards? DUMBASS

  • frankie

    sorry to burst all y'all bubbles but.. SHE DIDN'T CHEAT! the photos are fake, theyre orginally photos of Rupert and his wife, her face was photoshopped onto his wife's body. these apparent statements from both parties were released the EXACT SAME TIME, a little fishy dont cha think? US Weekly made it up to generate sales, as they did by making up this 'affair' scandal. also we didnt see her say this, it just came as a random statement out of nowhere, not from her rep, but from her 'apparently', which is crap because when it comes down to rumours and stuff they ALWAYS comment through their rep, unless they post on twitter, which she cant do seeing as she doesnt have it. the media is hyping this up and trying to generate US Weekly mag sales, honestly you guys shouldnt believe everything you hear. not slamming y'all but i just want y'all to realise its all still jsut a rumour until K-Stew comes out on a talkshow and announces herself she cheated. peace :) xo

  • trya

    OMG im going to hit someone, SHE DID NOT CHEAT!! when i see the actual words come out of K-Stews mouth THEN and ONLY THEN will i believe it. people are so ignorant, you cant always believe what you hear in the media.

  • stormy08

    robert and kristen are best friends..she needs much support from him ..uncondionally...they are not engaged or married...we dont know all facts and shouldnt...nor do i believe any trash mags...remember what rob wrote in his last interview about gossip...they will make th best decision..in time

  • Flyboy

    Who really gives a $... what this person thinks?

  • Seattlesu

    Both Stewart and Pattinson are too young for such a committed relationship. I was upset with the director, who should know better, until I saw his wife, read her interview from weeks ago and saw her insulting Tweet. Maturity teaches you that love is more important than your own ego. No one died or was physically harmed. Love and move on. The shame goes to the disgusting rag that published the photos that damaged many lives. I'm sick of all the yellow journalism that is tolerated and supported in our society. You can't love if you're not willing to forgive.

  • dumas1000

    Leave Britney alone!!!!!!!!!!! You're lucky she even performing for you!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Seriously. What's wrong with her. Jeez, I sure hope it ain't contagious.

  • Krissy

    You really think they are in love? Would someone madly in love cheat on their significant other? No they would not. Not under any circumstance and certainly not to get on another movie. To even apply 'true love' to Kristen Stewart is a disgrace beyond comparison. I hope they don't work it out. As much as I don't like Robert Pattinson it is clear he is way too god for her.

  • Eric

    Kristen should apologize for her acting skills, or lack there of, not for the fact she can actually get laid. Thanks for ruining Snow White.

  • LeighAnn Swan
    LeighAnn Swan

    I kinda agree, but you do have to have rain to grow. I see this as a small storm, but I think they should work it out. I dont see them as Bella and Edward off the screen. I see two very unique individuals that are madly in love. So please you two work this out. True love only strikes once.

  • Jimmy Rustler
    Jimmy Rustler

    Such words coming from such an important member of the internet community have moved me more than I could possibly ever describe. Actually, no, that was a lie, neatly packaged in the form of sarcasm. I wasn't sure if you'd get it after I noticed that you're also soliciting her opinions in the form of an interview. And don't say I'm harsh either, her youtube video was disliked to the lowest circle of hell.