Katy Perry Bikinis with Friends at Rooftop Pool in Miami Beach (PHOTOS)

eat your heart out, russell

Katy Perry may be a "California Gurl," but the pop sensation certainly knows how to rock Miami Beach.

The "Wide Awake" songstress recently sent temperatures at the Florida hotspot soaring when she stepped out in nothing but strapless bikini. Accessorizing with dark shades and a silver necklace, the 27-year-old was spotted relaxing poolside with family and friends.

However, this wasn't the first time the former Mrs. Russell Brand was spotted in a two-piece this week.

On Thursday, Perry spent her afternoon soaking up sun with her sister, Angela, by a hotel pool.

Flaunting her sexy bod in a black string bikini, the raven-haired beauty looked happy and relaxed, kicking back with a cold drink and Robert Pattinson‘s latest Blackbook Magazine.

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  • Luke Madigan
    Luke Madigan

    If I'm not mistaken, her eyes look wide through her sunglasses!

  • Luke Madigan
    Luke Madigan

    Fantastic body!

  • Luke Madigan
    Luke Madigan


  • Luke Madigan
    Luke Madigan

    Great body!

  • Donnalyn

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  • sarahterese

    Gorgeous!!! Rock it girl

  • troll

    hahaha i thought the same thing

  • MiimZ

    She looks so great !!

  • SchroederCandice

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  • frappeelove

    lol darling, the reason you can see where he is looking is because of the position of his head not his eyes lmao.

  • frappeelove

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  • the 212
    the 212

    her body is actually amazing!

  • The Critical Crassness
    The Critical Crassness

    Even with the sunglasses on, you can tell exactly where the guy is looking....no need to see his eyes!

  • jbd59

    yeah, just like that.. perfect position.

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  • Becca

    and I mean the logo, not actually like a sandwich (didn't want anyone to think i meant if as a bad thing/offensively)

  • Becca

    for some reason from far away her swimsuit reminds me of subway