Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The 'Twilight' Couple's Romance Timeline (PHOTOS)

will they last?
Kristen: I'm Sorry
Kristen Stewart issues apology after her fling. Read More »
Rob Moves Out!
Robert Pattinson moves out
See the latest developments in the Kristen Stewart scandal! Read More »

After years of dodging rumors and surviving the tabloid scrutiny, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson recently hit a rough patch when news broke that the 22-year-old actress had cheated on her beau with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Though Stewart and Sanders, who is currently married to actress Liberty Ross, both issued public apologies to their partners, it's evident that the indiscretion did massive damage to the Twilight couple's relationship as Pattinson, 22, has reportedly moved out of the Los Feliz love-nest they shared.

Could this be the end for Stewart and Pattinson's romance? Launch the gallery for 4-1-1 on their relationship.

However, recent reports all say the sun may have set for Twihard's favorite duo as Pattinson has severed all contact from Stewart.

In the wake of the cheating scandal, Stewart and her beau of three years have stopped speaking to each other, according to PEOPLE magazine.

Though a chance of a reconciliation is still unclear, Stewart and Pattinson will nonetheless reunite as co-presenters at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, and again for their promotional tour for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 -- due out Nov. 16.

Do you think Stewart and Pattinson could last after this scandal? Get in on the conversation, below.

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  • Countryrockgirl

    What the hell is wrong with all you people? Are you on this site to look @ pics of celebrities you like, maybe appreciate? Are do you really have nothing better to do in your pathetic, nasty, sick, screwed up lives, to lie about being a newly-turned teen, swear all over the place because that's just as important as spelling & grammar mistakes! As well as attack each other for what? Step outside, & look at the sky-it's blue. Yes, you can take the web with you to continue to spat out this crazy crap. I know you're all going to think & tell me to screw off, but dudes, you're already there. Someone just had to open the curtains, pull the blinders off. These ACTORS appreciate their fans. If you're not a fan, move on. Or if you're a hater, let others critique you!

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  • Jelena


  • alexzender284

    They both look like a great couple

  • manhmax

    Kristen very beautifull I love her

  • antonia

    hey!!!, it i like, you have to refresh this. I mean they are together again! :D

  • naomi

    if i had powers to make things happen i will use it to make them to go back to each other. the do really look good together,

  • naomi

    too bad perfect comple dont last in hollywood world.

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  • Mila Kunisx
    Mila Kunisx

  • sweet

    people get a life

  • mandinwefq

    I love Kristen because she is very beautiful ,sexy and also looking very hottest.i most like her small boobs i waana sex with her.

  • adriana

    you can tell rob is more into her then shes into him.

  • adriana

    i dont understand how rob liked how she dressed. her hair was always messy and she was hella awkward but hey if rob liked that then thats on him..i wish they didnt have to breakup

  • Dr-Natalie Câmara
    Dr-Natalie Câmara

    They give love a meaning, and because of them i believe in love. Everything about them is promising.. if they really believe they were once united by true love then they should remember that they're tough to get through anything, with complete respect of course. i believe they should talk it out.. and get back together.. they both have such compatible chemistry..

  • nidhi shah
    nidhi shah

    you guys are awesome

  • Lisa S. Gains
    Lisa S. Gains

    hope all works out for them. they ook sweet together.

  • lv013

    Rob and Kristen really compliment each other when they are together and I am sure that when they reunite they will be a better and stronger couple. It may take a little time but true love always wins.

  • Kathleen Kaye Arenillo
  • Kathleen Kaye Arenillo
    Kathleen Kaye Arenillo

    so sad he cheated on him :(

  • chenglu

    Oh~I want to take photos with them,too!

  • kaz

    They both are going though it and have to evaluate their positions. Time with out the invasion of the dreaded reporters probably would help. x

  • Guest

    What a great picture to have once they break up. Oh wait, that already happened.

  • dilllan

    omy sexsy

  • Lorinda

    They are both extremely average looking people. Nothing exceptionally handsome/beautiful here. Worse when they are both pasty faced vampires.

  • M2m

    It is too hard to say, but in my opinion, Robsten's relationship is totally over. they cant fix it anymore, however by some miracle they can, thanks God! I'm a fan of rob and kristen, it felt disappointed what they've been through. At this moment , seeing those photos circling online, it's hopeless that they recover all this.

  • dragon1221

    People make mistakes. It a learning experience. Believe me i have made some mistakes myself but if you love someone then it is worth fighting for. Time will heal all wounds. Earning the trust is going to hard work but i think you guys can make it. I did been married for 15 years

  • zj

    robsten forever, but unfortunately... this will not be easy to achieve it will take time, patience, understanding, a lot of good will and the power of love from both.... to establish a new trust between them.

  • William Francis Reisen Black
    William Francis Reisen Black

    you I hope Rob can forgive her because they both need each other. I mean come on I'm 29 married with 3 kids. My wife made her mistakes and we dealt with them and now we been married for 9 years. @ Rob: Dude I understand your upset and stuff but forgive however don't forget it. You may need to start again with her earning your trust again but man you know you can't let her go. @ Kris: WTF were you thinking. I hope for your sake that he can forgive you but know that you will need to earn his trust again.

  • mileyismylife

    such a gorgeous photo of the pair!

  • jess

    Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders may have been a shock to the public, but it wasn't a shock to Kristen because Kristen actually had the pictures taken - as in tipped off a paparazzo - and had the audacity to send them to Liberty Ross."Kristen went into Snow White and the Huntsman acting all friendly towards Liberty while she was after Rupert the entire time. When she felt like she had Rupert all about her, she flipped on Liberty and told her she should give Rupert a divorce to save herself the embarrassment of having her husband stolen from her," says a source. "Liberty was living in denial until Kristen sent her the pictures, but it was Liberty who sent them to all the major outlets. Kristen didn't think she would do it because she's so full of herself, that she thought Liberty would be too embarrassed to have this get out." Well, looks like Kristen's assumption was wrong."Kristen is proud of what she did, though. She thinks she's better than everyone else and she's all about herself. She doesn't give a damn about anyone else."The source also adds that Ross will be filing for divorce in the very near future.

  • Jennifer

    Apparently, they didnt have sex but they did more than kissing. They uncovered other things that led to an actual affair. Which kissing is also a way of cheating. Society just tries to make it seem like it isnt that big of a deal, but it is.

  • Jody

    a kiss and a titty suckoff session..LOL U must not have seen the "kiss".

  • A

    It their job , its what they do . They're in character . She wasn't in character when this happened and he wasn't an actor in the movie shooting a scene . He was her director . Kissing is still cheating .

  • Misty Compton
    Misty Compton

    my gosh I don't see what all the fuss is about, I mean if it was just kissing that they did...why should it matter to them because all three of them kiss all kinds of people on the movie set daily....Never could understand how actors and actress could hold a relationship down because of what their jobs require them to do sometimes....

  • TylerandLogan Kirk
    TylerandLogan Kirk

    He looks like an older Link from Rhett & Link!

  • JennaJazzy

    Omg!!!! I hope they stay together.. They were soo happy... I mean cheats can happy to anyone it's hard but u get over it after a while. I hope they do get back together... They were my favorite actors! Well right now there is just hope! :c

  • my two cents......
    my two cents......

    Anything is possible with the power of love and forgiveness. But bottom line - its none of our business what they decide to do.

  • emnesa

    they Were so happy together i hope they dont do divorce :-(

  • poisonedmouth

    pubic apologies?? XD