Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: 'Twilight' Actress Moves Out of Home Once Shared with Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: A Romantic Timeline
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
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Following in Robert Pattinson's footsteps, Kristen Stewart has moved out of the home she once shared with her beau of three years following the news that she had cheated with Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Stewart, 22, has packed up her things from the couple's Los Feliz, Calif. love-nest and is currently living away from Pattinson, PEOPLE reports.

After photos of Stewart and Sanders canoodling surfaced in an issue of Us Weekly, Pattinson has severed all contact with his Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 costar. The British actor is reportedly "heartbroken and humiliated" by Stewart's tryst with Sanders, a married man who's 19 years her senior.

Though the word's still out if the couple will reconcile, Stewart and Pattinson won't be able to avoid each other much longer.

Both actors are scheduled to appear as co-presenters MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, and will continue to promotion the final Twilight film -- due out Nov. 16 -- this fall.

On Wednesday, Stewart publicly issued an apology to her boyfriend.

"I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected," the statement read. "This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry."

Likewise, Sanders -- who's currently married with two children -- apologized for the affair.

"I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family," Sanders told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. "My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together."

As Celebuzz previously reported, Stewart also plans to write a private letter to Sanders' wife, actress Liberty Ross, to apologize for her actions.

Do you think Stewart and Pattinson should get back together after this scandal has settled? Sound off in the comments, below.

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  • Countryrockgirl

    What the hell is wrong with all you people? Are you on this site to look @ pics of celebrities you like, maybe appreciate? Are do you really have nothing better to do in your pathetic, nasty, sick, screwed up lives, to lie about being a newly-turned teen, swear all over the place because that's just as important as spelling & grammar mistakes! As well as attack each other for what? Step outside, & look at the sky-it's blue. Yes, you can take the web with you to continue to spat out this crazy crap. I know you're all going to think & tell me to screw off, but dudes, you're already there. Someone just had to open the curtains, pull the blinders off. These ACTORS appreciate their fans. If you're not a fan, move on. Or if you're a hater, let others critique you!

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  • Jelena


  • alexzender284

    They both look like a great couple

  • manhmax

    Kristen very beautifull I love her

  • antonia

    hey!!!, it i like, you have to refresh this. I mean they are together again! :D

  • naomi

    if i had powers to make things happen i will use it to make them to go back to each other. the do really look good together,

  • naomi

    too bad perfect comple dont last in hollywood world.

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  • Mila Kunisx
    Mila Kunisx

  • sweet

    people get a life

  • mandinwefq

    I love Kristen because she is very beautiful ,sexy and also looking very hottest.i most like her small boobs i waana sex with her.

  • adriana

    you can tell rob is more into her then shes into him.

  • adriana

    i dont understand how rob liked how she dressed. her hair was always messy and she was hella awkward but hey if rob liked that then thats on him..i wish they didnt have to breakup

  • Dr-Natalie Câmara
    Dr-Natalie Câmara

    They give love a meaning, and because of them i believe in love. Everything about them is promising.. if they really believe they were once united by true love then they should remember that they're tough to get through anything, with complete respect of course. i believe they should talk it out.. and get back together.. they both have such compatible chemistry..

  • nidhi shah
    nidhi shah

    you guys are awesome

  • u lost a fan
    u lost a fan

    no offence i use to think u were cool kristen but now u just a bitch dont like u any more u just lost a fan and trust me u have lost mant more dat is jus t to disguting to think about u cheating with a married guy ewwww:(

  • Lisa S. Gains
    Lisa S. Gains

    hope all works out for them. they ook sweet together.

  • lv013

    Rob and Kristen really compliment each other when they are together and I am sure that when they reunite they will be a better and stronger couple. It may take a little time but true love always wins.

  • Get A Grip
    Get A Grip

    I just don't understand everyone!!! She cheated, he is hurt and embarrassed, (and I'm sure all this type of attention doesn't help). They are actors people!! that is there job!!! They are no better or no worse then anyone else. Why do people think that they have a right to keep putting their two bits in on their personal lives..It is non of anyone's business All because you pay to watch them in the movies doesn't give you the right to shove your noses into their personal life.

  • katy

    The photos of the cheating is photoshopped!!!! ;)

  • Gina

    Growing up and being cheated on are two completely different things. Have someone cheat on you and lets see if you feel like "talking things over" and "working things out". They had been together 3 years and she slept with someone who was 20 years older than her, if that doesn't make you question who you're with I don't know what will. Why should he talk to her? Both Kristen and Rupert have admitted they had an affair so whats there to talk about. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. End of.

  • Gurpreet Marwaha
    Gurpreet Marwaha

    ok she cheated on rob thats bad but we all love them together rite it makes me upset that why she cheated on rob what was the reason for her?????i wish to see them again together wid lots of love for each other.........

  • Kathleen Kaye Arenillo
  • Kathleen Kaye Arenillo
    Kathleen Kaye Arenillo

    so sad he cheated on him :(

  • chenglu

    Oh~I want to take photos with them,too!

  • onemanshow

    Well its obvious she is a skank, they might just get back together til the tour is over, and they represent the MTV awards, but I'm sure that after, Rob will finally get out of that awkward relationship and find himself a better woman who will know how to treat a man right. Once a cheater, always a cheater, look what she did to her last boyfriend! Rob should have seen it coming!

  • kaz

    They both are going though it and have to evaluate their positions. Time with out the invasion of the dreaded reporters probably would help. x

  • Guest

    What a great picture to have once they break up. Oh wait, that already happened.

  • Erika

    If she did it once,she will do it again....

  • twilighter

    The indulgence in the twilight kristne/rob bubble for almost 4 years is making me devastated. As if I'm the one who cheated. It's none of my concern, but i can't help being sad and shocked. Surely they will not work it out. it's over people so quit hoping for them to reunite. I'm her fan and i'm going to keep on supporting my actress. We have no buisness in her personal life. I only wish she'll get thru and not turn into another Lindsay Lohan.

  • Madeline Griffin
    Madeline Griffin

    Robert need to grown some. there will all way be trouble in a relationship you talk to the another person and you work on it and if it don't work out then you move on. i think he act the a littler boy .He had a 3 year relationship with Kristen so talk to her and see if it can be fix

  • Madeline Griffin
    Madeline Griffin

    robert should grown up .after 3 year he just walk away without talking to her .he can work on his relationship with kristen or just walk away like a litter boy .because any relation will have trouble if he walk away without trying to fix it then he will allways run on there trouble

  • Moana

    Those of you who are saying rude things about either of the two involved in the scandal are pathetic. There is a always the possibility of you putting yourself in the same position as Kristen, how will you react then? Send yourself rude irrelevant comments? It's possible to make mistakes, every human being does. That is what makes us human. Here is a lesson for all of you, "Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from." - Al Franken, "Oh, the Things I Know", 2002 “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” ― Mahatma Gandhi Many other inspiring people have said similar things, but now I leave you to make your own opinions. If you think you can judge people and call them idiots, and what ever other insults you come up with then fine. Enjoy living life the safe way, but making mistakes is what gives life its edge. In the end your biggest regret will be not making many. Because in the end “We learn from failure, not from success!” ― Bram Stoker, Dracula: Norton Critical Edition

  • Unknown Source
    Unknown Source

    I've never been a Kristen Stewart fan so don't start making accusations that I'm defending her because I'm not. She was wrong. However, since when did being wrong, or making a couple mistakes decide that the world can turn on your back. Yes, that is a exaggeration, because Kristen and Rupert have those defending them but that shouldn't even be the case. It should be something that the ones involved are the ones to deal with it. Not the public. Except each individual here that is making the point "if I was cheated on I wouldn't take him/her back." That's beautiful input, wonderfully written and such inspiring words. What do you think, saying that is going to do? Obviously Rob is going to read that and use your words to guide him? Are you even in a position to hope for that? Personally, I don't know who would want the public bombarding a personal choice. If they want to talk, and patch things up let them. Who are you to judge? Somebody who is too bored with their life they decide to get involved in another's? Also if Rob decides to not take Kristen back who are you to say "I told you so," or "I knew it was going to happen." For all you know (which is nothing) Robert made his own choice, and a choice is personal.

  • tlmck

    How can you cheat on a fake relationship created by a movie studio to sell movies?

  • dilllan

    omy sexsy

  • Baby

    I think they should stay together, after all she apologized. You haters should kindly leave her alone

  • Jen

    That's......not what defamation of character means.

  • I'm just saying.
    I'm just saying.

    I can't wait until a story comes out that this was all a big joke. Then all of you incredibly rude people who have called Kristen everything bad under the sun can eat your words. Of course, if this is the case, you will find some way to blame her for pulling the wool over our eyes and then she is manipulating Rob and never loved him blah blah blah................ Those of you that are being kind on here may be wrong about her but at least you don't think you have some right to say incredibly rude things about someone that you only know about because of what is fed to you by the media. I really hope this turns out to be a big joke because then the joke would be on all you idiots who need to get a life and should look inward at your own "moral compass". Then again - it could be all true --- but you still have absolutely no right to say the things you have said. Just a little hint in case you didn't get the don't know any of these people personally, you don't know what goes on behind closed doors and (here is the important one) its none of your f*cking business. Get a f*cking life!!!!

  • my two cents......
    my two cents......

    ......that was in reply to Jojo - not the original post :).

  • Anne

    Your mom is a bitch, I agree.

  • the 212
    the 212

    OMG it was never said statements werent released, they are fake statements, not through her rep so its not a real statement, either US Weekly or People magazine created it up and sent it out pretending to that her and Rupert gave them the statements.

  • the 212
    the 212

    LOL darling, read my comment again, i never said statements werent released, i just stated the fact that those statements are fake and K-Stew and Rupert did not send them out, if they were to put out a statement it would hvae been through their rep, who would have confirmed it. you make me lol.

  • Kim

    They are both young everyone has made mistakes,If they really love each other time will heal their relationships n hopefully gain that trust back.

  • trish22

    At the top of Just Jared, there is a picture of Rob and it says something about him moving out. If you click on it, it brings you to TMZ and they say that U-Haul is at Rob's house. Just telling you what I read.

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    I am sure that they have both moved out due to the fact that the house would be staked out by photogs. 24/7 MTV needs to let them out of the Presenting duties. They may be greedy for the potential ratings--but it would be downright cruel.

  • wtf

    Something just still seems off. Many of the photos look very odd (some look fine) as if they pasted heads on bodies in front of a backdrop. Also - someone mentioned the paps were a half mile away. No way could they have been and had that quality of picture. Also it was said they were following them - then why are the pictures coming from that angle. Look where the car is - they are in front of them (if I'm reading it correctly -pictures are down so I can't see any more). Next thing - Kristen isn't known to be a big chatter with any tabloid and certainly not with People. All of a sudden this long apology comes out at the same time that the director apparently gives one to the magazine too. And its so gushy - just seems weird. Finally - why are we not hearing from their family and/or PR team to just leave them alone etc. I don't know and ultimately its none of my business, but certainly things just read as weird.

  • my two cents......
    my two cents......

    No picture.

  • my two cents......
    my two cents......

    All of you people who are calling her a bitch and saying "well its obvious blah blah blah......" - you are sick and pathetic. God help anyone who is in a relationship with you or is a friend. You have two issues - no grasp of the concept of forgiveness and no grasp of the concept that EVERYONE deserves a second chance. What they decide to do and what really happened are none of your business, yet you come on here and post like you know everything. You know NOTHING beyond what the tabloids feed us. If she made a mistake at least she can change to not do it again and she and her bf will decide what is the best to do for them - not for you crazy fans. Your problem is that its obvious you are rude and that can't be changed.

  • my two cents......
    my two cents......

    You are pathetic.

  • trish22

    TMZ has a picture of a U-Haul at Rob's house. Someone's moving out

  • maria

    kristen lost to rob, he was her soulmate and she knows it I think kristen loves rob,now it's late, rob never going to forgive

  • db

    These are people not just "Hollywood", Rob seemed so in love and devoted to Kristen and followed her wishes to keep it quiet for as long as they did. Whatever she did it/ He left. Tell your man or woman go to out having make out sessions and more with another, then tell them that's fine! Not realistic.

  • db

    She made a statement saying she did it, it was stupid and she wanted to apologize to Rob etc

  • dl

    SHE DID She made a statement that she was sorry that she did it and she loves Rob.

  • dl

    SHE DID She made a statement that she was sorry that she did it and she loves Rob.

  • Keka

    Kristen doesn't worth his love...I like her, bt it always seemed to me that she isn't attentive at the relationship with rob..rob is genuine...if she looses him she will be a complete looser...

  • trish p
    trish p

    i totally agree,alot has 2 do with the public eye&they prob fed off it,mite have gotten hard 2 share the glory as well!!!Can tell egos dont go 2gether&not a doubt in my mind he took advantage of her,old enuf 2 b her father&i think hes disgustn!!!If there guna b 2gthr thy need 2 do it 4 them or not @ all!!!

  • owliegrowlie
  • Alvi

    I hope theyre get back together . kristen and rob love is rare . kristen fight for your man show him how much you love and how sorry are .rob an kristen your are in my prayers your will always be my edward and bella .you help believe in love and help me when i was in a dark place .so i as your fan will never stop being your fan.i hate how kristen getting the blame for everything what rupert . he one to blame he should of know what he doing and will cost him. hate how his wife forgavehim easily and say mean comment about kristen. we are no one to judge

  • texastoast

    she can get sued for defamation of character b/c alot of ppl might not watch the last movie, she ruined the whole flow of romance between Bella and Edward.But if she just kissed the guy then I think she should get another chance with Rob

  • texastoast

    guess kristen should be careful now she can get sued by whoever made the movie b/c now not a lot of ppl will be interested in the movie should of gotten caught next yr, stupid

  • Elly12345

    can't believe how much people take this so easy. she cheated on him, with a married guy. enough said, and yes, she is a bitch.

  • M

    There is a saying, "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!" They could be able to reconcile and have a much stronger relationship because of this incident!!! She has learned (I hope) that the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side of the fence)!!! I also think that now Kristen has been made to take off her rose colored glasses and become a more responsible adult!!! So I hope they can reconcile and be an even better stronger couple

  • Lorinda

    They are both extremely average looking people. Nothing exceptionally handsome/beautiful here. Worse when they are both pasty faced vampires.

  • sp4rksflyy

    babe, it's called photoshop. i've seen the orginals and theyre of Rupert & his wife, not him and k-stew. cute name btw love.

  • xtine

    how can you say she didn't cheat when there are clearly pictures of her making out with another man? is there something wrong with you?

  • buffyjackson

    you lot are so sad leave them alone

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    Pattinson deserve someone better.Let stewart go to hell with her crocodile tears

  • M2m

    It's over for rob and kristen that is the reality. They cant saved their 3 years relationship, that it! I felt so sick to look at the photos just to see how stupid kristen is. She ruined the most important thing in her life. Big time!

  • miligomez

    Why every report is from People!?

  • mileyismylife

    such a gorgeous photo of the pair!

  • sp4rksflyy

    these kids above, Sam & Duh, PLEASE SHUTUP! she never cheated, the tabloids made this all up to sell their magazines, these statements they apparently released came out literally at the same time, how would both parties release statements at the EXACT SAME TIME. fishy, yes? thought you'd think so. her reps never said anything, neither did his, nor did Rob's or Liberty's the ONLY time you can believe this is real when Kristen herself goes on the radio or on a talkshow and announces from her OWN MOUTH that she cheated. also, one minute Rob apaprently moved out and now apparently Kristen left instead.. see how you can tell thats all fake? MWAAAAA!!

  • SchroederCandice

    That totally matters! CashLazy.*com (remove the *)

  • frappeelove

    lol, i'm laughing because your listening to some 'source' who is probably some random onlooker who just made up crap. you really need to stop believing every single thing you read or see, tabloids do lie you know darling. xxx

  • Vicky

    sounds like something a cheater would say...

  • Duh

    You don't treat someone you love that way! I feel bad for Rob and Liberty. Momentary indiscretion or not, she made a bad choice, and now she has to live with it. Those pictures were a little to intimate tone a one time thing. Oh and 'just kissing' shouldnt matter when you are in a committed relationship or married? You people are crazy! That totally matters!

  • Sam

    absolutely not! This has all the makings of a huge disaster. Good thing this happened for Rob's sake.

  • Wha

    Oookayy...Sounds like something from a prime time drama.

  • anagonzalezp

    Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders may have been a shock to the public, but it wasn't a shock to Kristen because Kristen actually had the pictures taken - as in tipped off a paparazzo - and had the audacity to send them to Liberty Ross. "Kristen went into Snow White and the Huntsman acting all friendly towards Liberty while she was after Rupert the entire time. When she felt like she had Rupert all about her, she flipped on Liberty and told her she should give Rupert a divorce to save herself the embarrassment of having her husband stolen from her," says a source. "Liberty was living in denial until Kristen sent her the pictures, but it was Liberty who sent them to all the major outlets. Kristen didn't think she would do it because she's so full of herself, that she thought Liberty would be too embarrassed to have this get out." Well, looks like Kristen's assumption was wrong. "Kristen is proud of what she did, though. She thinks she's better than everyone else and she's all about herself. She doesn't give a damn about anyone else." The source also adds that Ross will be filing for divorce in the very near future.

  • frappeelove

    Tobias, youre an idiot. Kissing a man, doesnt make you a hoe, a hoe sleeps around, she never slept with Rupert nor slept around. so shut your mouth you stupid, gulliable loser. tainted? cute insult ay,atleast as cute as labelling her a hoe when you clearly dont know the meaning. K-Stew is hot, her & Rob are fine, go away :) BYE

  • danceforlife8

    actually, this GOD person is the only person on this page other than myself with any kind of brain. we can actually see beyond the tabloids making up stories to sell their magazine and get people talking. US Weekly created this whole affair scandal up. i'll only believe that this crap is true when Kristen goes on a talk show and admits that she did infact cheat. then and only then will it be real. bbbbyyyeee x

  • Tobias

    She's a hoe! Pattison should sleep with Stewart's best friend to make things even. Oh and he shouldn't take her back she is tainted


    Apparently, you ladies must be totally besties with them to actually know this right???? Lets all succumb and suckle the righteous delicious teet of hollywood tabloids It's hilarious... all this dribble blathering going on, The media is drooling over all this reaction, and you all are playing right into their hands....$$$$$$ Human being's are the cruelest creatures on the planet..

  • redcake

    "why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends?" come on guys, be nice to eaaach other? :)

  • the 212
    the 212

    shut up everyone, seriously man they JUST KISSED! there may be so called 'reports' that more things happened, but where are the photos ay? its all a big fat fairy story, this story is fake until Kristen actually goes on a talkshow and announces it herself, some random statements dont count.

  • GOD

    WAHAAAHHAA Watch out for that bolt of lightning!!!!

  • haha

    NICE :)

  • GOD


  • Helen

    Yep, she was with Michael Angarano for 3 or 4 years I believe. She jumped straight from one long term relationship with Mike into another with Rob.

  • Helen

    Agreed, they look far too intimate for it to be just a one thing. Who just drops everything to meet someone in an abandoned parking lot? My guess is they got really sloppy because they had never got caught until now. I really hope Kristen ends up alone in the end. She needs to grow up and get her shit together.

  • Jennifer

    Apparently, they didnt have sex but they did more than kissing. They uncovered other things that led to an actual affair. Which kissing is also a way of cheating. Society just tries to make it seem like it isnt that big of a deal, but it is.

  • Jennifer

    So apparently as rumor has it, Kristen did the same thing to her last boyfriend. Apparently she had problems talking to her boyfriends about breaking it off or something because then she goes off and does something like what happened with Rupert. This is the 2nd time its occurred with a 2nd beau. I think that he can do so much better.

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego

    Says the biggest idiot of all!

  • Shirl Sitler
    Shirl Sitler

    Kristen consciously made plans to meet Rupert while still living under the same roof as Rob. Agreed to get it on with Rupert behind Rob's back while he trusted her completely. Why?! She had ROB! Why would any sane girl in her right mind want to do whatever it is she did with anyone else when she had ROB PATTINSON?! She is immature and selfish and needs to grow up. There are plenty of other girls out there who would do anything to be with Rob. He should just forget her and move on as she's not to be trusted.

  • Someone

    I want to say that I agree that it was both their faults but putting what happened aside, This is blowing out of proportion. I have heard a lot about cheating celebrities, some worse than this. So I get it, I wouldn't forgive some who cheated on me, less of all if it was made public but come on, this has happened before on Hollywood.

  • Jody

    a kiss and a titty suckoff session..LOL U must not have seen the "kiss".

  • A

    Real FUNNY ! You must be a comedian .

  • A

    It their job , its what they do . They're in character . She wasn't in character when this happened and he wasn't an actor in the movie shooting a scene . He was her director . Kissing is still cheating .

  • Misty Compton
    Misty Compton

    my gosh I don't see what all the fuss is about, I mean if it was just kissing that they did...why should it matter to them because all three of them kiss all kinds of people on the movie set daily....Never could understand how actors and actress could hold a relationship down because of what their jobs require them to do sometimes....

  • GOD

    A stands for????? A Big Idiot

  • GOD

    You are all idiots.....

  • A

    She is a BITCH . You are CORRECT !

  • GOD

    You're an idiot..enough said...

  • A

    I understand that both Sanders and Stewart are to blame but for some reason I feel like Kristen is more responsible for what happened . She knows he is married , she knows he has kid . I don't understand how she could have done this knowing all of it . Yes he was involved and he might have been the one to start it but she could have said " No , this is wrong . Your wife is a friend and costar " she could have gone and talked to Liberty about it , and Liberty would have dealt with Rubert. She didn't though she let it happen and if she let it happen it's because she wanted it as much as he did. If she is suffering because of it know I don't care . She deserves it . Some people are saying it was just a kiss , how do you know ? I might have been more and even if it was just a kiss , it still counts a cheating . Would you like your partner to be kiss another women/man ? Could you trust them again know that they kissed someone else ? I know I couldn't and wouldn't . If you're with me , you're with me , if you're with them . you're with them . Period , end of story , the end . I will give Kristen some credit for owning up to it , she could have denied it they both could have but they didn't and that deserves points .

  • Ursula

    What is it with people thinking that he should just automatically forgive her? "Oh poor Kristen, she made one mistake and it wasn't sex. He should forgive her." Why don't you people put yourself in his shoes? How would you like it if your significant other cheated on you and then embarassed you publicly? The argument that kissing and making out doesn't constitute cheating is ignorant, cheating is willingly being intimate with someone else even though you are in a relationship. Just because it was only kissing and making out doesn't make it any less hurtful. Let Rob make the decision himself, but he shouldn't have to forgive her just because anyone thinks they're cute together or because of the movie.

  • trish22

    I wish you crazy fans of hers would stop saying she "made a mistake". It was not a mistake, it was a very conscious decision on her part and there is no excuse. I'm sure Rob did not move out because she kissed someone else. Of course she slept with him and it wasn't a one time thing. Who cares if she's hurting? She brought it all on herself.

  • Chasity

    Im still holding out for Brad and Jen.

  • Kirsty Matthews
    Kirsty Matthews

    come on they both are human and adults leave them 2 it as long as the film is a hit so what bout there love life, if they weren't famous no one would care the film will be good no matter what happens and both off them are brilliant at what they do carry on both off you sod everyone else no one is perfect twilight all the way greatest films ever made

  • sallyjenn

    can't believe she did it, she had everything any gal could want, including a handsome man, to throw it all away for kiiey facing with a married and older guy, dumb, very dumb move! i feel for rob, nothing worse then having the love of your life cheat on you, even if it was just kissing and touching, that's still cheating, and then he is humilated by it all, she played him for a fool!

  • trish22

    How could he possilbly ever trust her again? What kind of relationship can you have when you're going to wonder every time she leaves the house if she's really going where she says she is? He's probably questioning all her moves since the movie was filmed. And I say there is no way either of them will show up at the MTV awards. She can't show her face to that crowd. They will eat her alive, as they should. I don't think he needs to deal with the stress of that, either. I don't think the studio needs to push them to go. It's not like they need the publicity for the movie.

  • Michelle Tressler Diaz
    Michelle Tressler Diaz

    Doubtful it was one careless mistake. They seem pretty intimate in many pictures previous to the ones that "outed" them. That's inexcusable for both involved, but especially him because he was married with 2 kids. Hopefully the director and his wife can work things out if there is any chance, but Rob and Kristen will be better off to cut ties now. At least they have no kids involved.

  • E

    God, will all you people above shut up. She made a mistake and stated she did not have sex with the guy. She made out with him. Rob is hurting so is Kristen.let them heal! They will hopefully get back together.

  • jojo

    well if love someoe you wouldn't cheat on them.

  • M2m

    It is totally over for both of them, they cant recover anymore that is is so sad thinking that for 3 years they have been steady, it will wash away because of one careless mistake. That can be a huge lesson for kristen.

  • Jay

    If you really love someone, you should give it to him a chance.

  • Cozmo

    Shouldn't get back together!


    She is a bitch. Enough said.