‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Looks Ahead: ‘I’d Rather Leave a Year Too Early’

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Emmy winner Bryan Cranston has only eight more episodes left to shoot of his critically-acclaimed AMC drama, Breaking Bad, leaving him looking back on a series that revived his career and looking forward to a life on the big screen in movies like Total Recall opening Friday, and Argo coming this fall.

“You have ambivalence toward that because you create such tight bonds with people,” Cranston told Celebuzz about the end of Breaking Bad.

He shed no light on the fate of his iconoclastic character, Walter White, brilliant chemist turned meth kingpin telling us, “What takes priority is the storytelling. By the end of next season, 62 episodes will be complete and we’ll have told our story and it’s time to move on. I would always rather leave a year too early than a year too late.”

What’s Cranston’s take on the series’ big ratings this season?

The star noted the show garnered three million viewers in its fifth season. “It was still half as many as Swamp People gets,” he pointed out.

After watching the History Channel docu-series, Cranston, 56, said, “No wonder six million people watch Swamp People, because these are grown men in the south who catch fish with their hands. I thought … that’s pretty badass.”

Speaking of badass, in Total Recall Cranston had the pleasure of beating on Colin Ferrell in a pool of shallow water. He also had the pleasure of getting pinkeye in both eyes — those two things may or may not be connected.

When the doctor told him the illness is contracted from children not washing their hands after going to the bathroom, Cranston naturally thought, “Fecal matter? That’s why Colin Farrell was squatting in the corner of that pool,” he laughed. “But it was everybody’s boot bottoms going in and out of the pool. Then the warm water became a petri dish. You saw bacteria leaping like flying fish.”

In addition to Total Recall, Cranston plays Ben Affleck’s badass CIA boss in Argo, being positioned for awards season later this year.

Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 10PM on AMC.

– Jordan Riefe

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