Olympics 2012: Michelle Obama Hugs It Out with U.S. Men’s Basketball Team (PHOTOS)

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The U.S. basketball team is having a great day.

Not only did they defeat France during Saturday’s match at te 2012 London Olympics, but the hard-working athletes also received warm hugs from Michelle Obama after winning the game with a score of 98 to 71.

The First Lady of the United States sat in the front row for the event, cheering on Kobe Byrant, Tony Parker, LeBron James and company.

What else did Mrs. Barack Obama do during her time in London?

To kick off the London Games, the President and the First Lady both mingled with international delegates — including Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Kate Middleton — before the opening ceremony.

Watch the videos below for highlights from the London Games’ spectacular opener.

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