'Real Housewives' Kathy Wakile on Friendship With Teresa's Enemies: 'She Makes That Very Difficult' (Q&A)

"It’s a little elementary if you ask me."
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As Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey embark on their road trip to Napa on Sunday’s episode, there are several unresolved issues between the castmembers.

Currently on the show, Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice are on the outs, Teresa and Melissa Gorga’s family will be sharing an RV and Kathy’s comments about Teresa’s dessert recipes being her mother’s is still unresolved. But, Wakile says the group was able to have a good time despite all the relationship troubles.

“It was a lot of fun,” Wakile tells Celebuzz of the trip that had them surfing, camping and visiting a vineyard. “There was some tension here and there, it’s going to happen, but for the most part we tried to leave our troubles in New Jersey and we had a lot of fun and you are going to see a lot of that.”

Celebuzz spoke to Wakile about her comments regarding Teresa’s recipes, the trip and how her cousin’s fallout with Jacqueline and Caroline affects her relationships with them on the show.

Celebuzz: Why do you think that Teresa took your comments about her desert recipes as an insult? Kathy Wakile: I saw a picture in her cookbook and it brought me back to my childhood, and what my mother used to make in the kitchen, what I grew up seeing. So of course, [I said,] “Oh, like momma makes. Oh, my mom’s cooking.” It wasn’t anything calculating, my mom and her mom are sister-in-laws. Her mother doesn’t have any other siblings. My mother doesn’t have any sister-in-laws on her side of the family here in this side of the country. They baked together. What’s the big deal? There’s no reason to be so defensive unless you’re maybe insecure about something.

CB: You’re starting your own dessert business. Does the fact that Teresa already uses some of those recipes in her cookbook affect you? KW: Not one bit. You know you can give ten women the same recipe and a lot of times they will come out different. You know what I mean? And you’ve got to enjoy and believe in what you do, and not be insecure about it, and just go forward. You know what? She’s doing really well with her cookbook and I think God bless her and support her. She’s doing wonderful. No one is asking for anything. I want to support her. I never insinuated that she stole anything.

CB: At this point in the show, Jacqueline and Teresa have just had a parting of ways. Is it possible to remain friends with Jacqueline and even Caroline Manzo and still maintain a good relationship with Teresa? KW: She makes that very difficult. I have to be quite honest. She makes that very difficult, because she wants to always state her point and prove her side is correct and get you on her side. But it’s not really about taking sides, and I don’t feel that it should be at this point in our lives. We’re grown women and you can perfectly establish and sustain a relationship outside of one basic relationship and be able to handle relationships with other people. As long as everyone is respectful to one another, why not? It’s a little elementary if you ask me, and you know like a little high school-ish. Haven’t we grown up a bit since then? I like to think that I have, and you know I’m able to sustain other relationships.

CB: Teresa and Joe’s therapist suggested that they shouldn’t share an RV on the trip. How does that situation shape up? KW: I think they proved him wrong and I’m happy that they did, because it was kind of like a do or die situation. Like, “Listen, we’re confined, you know, it’s a captive audience. This is our sleeping quarters.” Of course they weren’t sequestered, like they couldn’t leave, of course not. But they were thrown together and they learned how to make the best out of an otherwise uncomfortable living conditions. And I think they did all right and you’ll see that. They’re very interesting to see.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 10PM on Bravo.

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  • Susan

    Kathy: "You know you can give ten women the same recipe and a lot of times they will come out different. You know what I mean?" Translation: Kathy feels entitled to steal the dessert recipes from Teresa's best selling cookboks and use them as her own. She thinks the public will dumb enough to fall for it. Good luck with that. #FAIL

  • Reille Vander
    Reille Vander

    I agree. Remember, the producer's may have called them, but how long was Melissa stalking producers and how long was her sisters trying to get Melissa on the show. If you look at the http://famewhorgas.wordpress.com there is a comment there from Lysa Simpson dated 2010 that the person who owns the blog caught on another site that shows Lysa commenting saying, "I think Teresa's brother Joe's wife would make a great addition to the cast" no one ever heard of Lysa back then. After stalking the producers for years, they only got on if they promised to "trash" Teresa. Sad.

  • La. Gal
    La. Gal

    Co-sign. Kathy and Melissa manipulated their way onto Teresa's show by promising producers to make trouble for her. And that's just what those ungrateful nobodies did...try to steal the spotlight for their own benefit by being undercover attack dogs at first and then doing it openly. Melissa is the worst. That woman, whose early photos show kinky hair unlike anyone else in her family, copied everything from Teresa's photographers to contacts. The worst! Even with all her flaws, T is herself...and I'm Team Teresa all the way!

  • disgrazia

    You're right Deb, I just don't believe this one so much. She has been spinning her scenes since day one. Is Teresa better? No, but they are all cut from the same cloth. I just respect T more than her family members who came on the show to defame her. That is low. But not as low as the old bitter vecchia, Craboline. There is no good in what she said about another's marriage. Doesn't she worry how that evil will come back at her. Um um um....

  • Debbie

    you didn't say : oh my mom's cooking you kept saying; oh my mom's recipe. Go back and watch the scene