Rihanna Goes Snorkeling in Teeny Leopard Print Bikini (PHOTOS)

Rihanna is getting wet and wild.

The "S&M" songstress was spotted snorkeling off the coast of Portofino, Italy in nothing but a skimpy leopard print bikini this weekend.

After taking a dip with her close gal pals, the 24-year-old showered off on a speedboat before returning to her yacht, Latitude, docked nearby.

But Rihanna's vacation certainly has not been all bikinis and boats...

Last Sunday, July 22, Rihanna accidentally broke her toe when she dropped a bottle on her foot. She tweeted:

Despite the injury, RiRi continued to make her way around Europe's famous ports. On Friday, the pop sensation was spotted sailing off the coast of France as she scoped out the scene with a set of binoculars.  
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  • Froilan

    UMM let me break this down for you guys. If you know anything I.e NUDIE jeans. Diesel jeans > Armani Jeans is the denim spatoswerr line that is still under the Armani umbrella this is not the same as A/X which also makes jeans. Stop talking the JEAN part so literal. Itas a lifestyle like Guess jeans. In this ad she is selling the sweater as well as the leggings both are hot I might ad and yes she could have looked better but trust this will not be the only shot. Please if someone posts on CL make sure they are not ignorant on the material as to which their writing about. You know they think we are dumb already. When you put out dumb stuff and the others follow it keep breeding more stupidity. Please educate

  • JerDog

    Nice turd cutter!

  • JerDog

    Thats HOT

  • jbd59

    damn she's so fine.

  • Youngkaz

    Oh, my Rihanna, when will i ever stop having crazy fantasies about you? NEVER!

  • Really

    She's average I reckon. And very muscular.

  • mileyismylife

    oh my gosh, her figure is mindblowing!

  • Rustem Komissarov
    Rustem Komissarov

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  • Rustem Komissarov
    Rustem Komissarov

    как она облизывается на шланг !:)))

  • Rustem Komissarov
    Rustem Komissarov

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