‘Walking Dead’ Creator on ‘Dark Knight’ Tragedy: Don’t Blame Movies and TV for Real-Life Violence (VIDEO)

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From the creator of one of TV’s most savage shows, The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman says violence in movies and TV should not be castigated for real-life acts of brutality.

“I think there are definitely other things that could be demonized,” Kirkman told Celebuzz this week at the 38th annual Saturn Awards in Burbank, which celebrates sci-fi and horror films. “Honestly, I don’t buy into that stuff.”

Why does Kirkman believe blaming violence on TV and movies is a disservice?

Kirkman continued, “Fiction has always been somewhat violent. You go back to early works that are pretty violent — and it doesn’t affect people the way people claim it does. I don’t really buy into that thinking. Fiction is fiction. Crazy people are crazy people. To try and kind of struggle to come up with reasons for things that are unreasonable, and you can’t find reasons for it, it’s kind of just doing a disservice to pop culture and entertainment, as a whole.”

Violence in movies has become a much-discussed topic in recent weeks — spurred by the gruesome shooting that left 12 dead, 58 injured in Aurora, Colo., at the opening night screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Movie production mogul Harvey Weinstein called last week for action from filmmakers to limit violence in movies.

Weinstein has released many violent films through different companies over the years, from Black Xmas for Dimension, to Gangs of New York for Miramax, to Grindhouse for The Weinstein Co.

“It’s a question that I wrestle with all the time,” said Weinstein last week. “I’ve been involved with violent movies, and then I’ve said at a certain point, ‘I can’t take it anymore. Please cut it.’ You know, you’ve got to respect the filmmaker, and it’s a really tough issue. My heart goes out to those kids and those families.”

Said Kirkman of The Dark Knight Rises, “I have seen it. It’s awesome.”

In the world of The Walking Dead that Kirkman creates — which began with a comic book before the TV show — death and violence are part of the language of the show.

“Every season of The Walking Dead, we start with a set cast and end with a different cast,” Kirkman says. “It’s not an easy world we’re living in. People gots to die. So there’s going to be some loss.”

The third season of Walking Dead premieres in October on AMC.

Shooting is bulldozing forward, with the show eight episodes into filming, Kirkman says: “We’re at the midpoint of the season shooting right now. I’m really excited for the debut in October.”

Walking Dead fans, rejoice: Kirkman shares a preview of the coming season with Celebuzz:

The coolest characters from the comic books are finally being introduced. We’re going to see the Governor. We’re going to see Michonne. Everyone says, “The Walking Dead has gotten this popular — and you haven’t introduced your Boba Fett yet?” So, we’re introducing our Boba Fett this season, which is a lot of fun to say. Just going to be new stories and new threats. I think we’re going to be dealing with Rick and everyone else in the group in interesting ways, and putting them through their paces. Making them realize that it’s the humans you have to watch out for, much more than the zombies.”

Do you agree with Robert Kirkman? How excited are you for ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere?

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