‘Anger Management’ Star Charlie Sheen Talks Dad Martin Sheen’s Upcoming Guest Turn

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Anger Management is shaping up to be quite a big deal for FX, especially when you’ve got two Sheens for the price of one.

Charlie Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen, will be guest starring in a series of episodes next month as the father to Charlie’s on screen persona, Charlie Goodson.

How does Charlie feel about his father’s work?

Martin is known to many as President Jed Bartlet from TV’s The West Wing, but he has had a long successful career in movies including most recently The Amazing Spider-Man as well as Francis Ford Coppola’s classic Vietnam War movie, Apocalypse Now, which he apparently recites from on Anger Management.

“It’s the greatest film ever made,” Sheen told reporters at the TCA Press Tour in Beverly Hills this past weekend about the troubled shoot on location in the Philippines.

“I was there for half of it when it was being shot,” he continues. “I made some relationships that I still have to this day. I learned a lot about the filmmaking. I learned a lot about life. I learned a lot about survival.”

Charlie remembers an otherwise normal childhood with his father who often took his family on location with him when shooting. “Outside of that, it was like any other family,” smiled the 46-year-old actor.

As to what part of that life bleeds into Anger Management, Charlie explained, “Anytime you play a character there’s a lot of yourself that you bring to it. So, we have incorporated certain things that are very specific to me.”

But this isn’t the first time the duo have shared the small screen. The 71-year-old actor has also performed alongside his son on hit shows Spin City and Two and a Half Men.

And, Martin wasn’t the only family member to turn up on set. Ex-wife Denise Richards guest-starred on a recent episode playing Charlie’s ex. “We had a ball working on the show,” said Charlie, who looks forward to her return for future episodes.

“Our daughters were there. It was fabulous. She was great on the show, fun to work with, nice woman,” he goes on to say.

Ratings on the show opened strong but have since tapered off. But if picked up, Anger Management is looking at a daunting 90-episode commitment.

“Exciting as hell,” said Sheen, when asked about the prospect. “I don’t think 90 is gonna to be enough. I said that out loud, didn’t I? I feel with how we started that we’ve just scratched the surface, barely.”

But after last year’s antics, Sheen has to be asking himself if he’s ready to take such a deep plunge. “It was a crazy time, and it was sort of like a dream I couldn’t wake up from or some runaway train I couldn’t get off of, but I was the conductor,” said Sheen about his drug-fuelled media rampage. “It was something that could never happen again, so that was pretty cool. My life’s different now that I’m not insane anymore.”

Martin Sheen will make his debut on Anger Management’s Thursday, August 16 episode.

– Jordan Riefe

Additional reporting by Rachel Levy.

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