‘Falling Skies’ Star Seychelle Gabriel Talks Alien Theories: ‘I Would Definitely Be the First Person to Hide’ During an Actual Invasion

'Skies' Star on Aliens
'Falling Skies' star Maxim Knight talks plans for alien attack.
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She may play a medic on sci-fi series Falling Skies, but actress Seychelle Gabriel admits she’ll be the first to head for the hills in the event of an actual alien invasion.

“I definitely would not be a medic,” she tells Celebuzz.

As medical student Lourdes on the hit TNT show, Gabriel, 21, is in charge of the tending to the last survivors after extraterrestrial species invade Boston, Mass.

Though the number of survivors are dwindling, Gabriel’s character has managed to get involved in a lot of drama. Seeing how she recently, erm, ran into a bit of rough patch with mechanic Jamil Dexter (Brandon Jay McLaren), will Gabriel see more romantic action from her first crush Hal (Drew Roy)?

Read on to find out.

Tell us a little bit about Falling Skies and how your character fits into the show.

It’s set in Boston. It starts six months after these aliens have come to earth and kind of wipe out the human population and reach war. We’re like these last straggling survivors that kind of banded together and made a community called the 2nd Mass, like the second Massachusetts. Our main thing is to fight off the aliens and survive. We are like a military, but also like a community in a sense. My character was a college student before the aliens attacked, so she kind of joined the medical unit as the paramedic.

Did you do any research for the role?

Yeah, I did. I read a lot of different things on nursing and medical blogs and stories people had. I talked to my aunt, who’s a nurse, and my friend who’s a Pre-Med student. I just kind of jumped into it.

What can fans expect this season?

A lot of really cool exciting stuff in the sense of action and taking the sci-fi element to the max. We’re introducing new aliens and new concepts with the aliens — how they function, work and communicate with us. It’s really deep into that this season.

What are your theories of the new breed of aliens?

I don’t know exactly where they came from or like what their position is in like the alien’s theocracy or what their function or why they’re there in the first place, which is what we ask ourselves a lot with the skitters. I would say what’s their position because they are obviously story figures and they have these harnesses on. They have been transformed to this uniformed race and we don’t know why they’re working for these guys and why they changed them to be like that.

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You character kind of had a crush on Hal first season. Do you think there will ever be something between them?

I don’t know. Hal is busy. I think we’re all good.

If there was an alien invasion today, what position would you play?

I may just chill with those people with the guitars and drum and just kept everyone else entertained. Whether or not I could survive, I would definitely be the first person to hide instead of getting out there on the battle front. I would probably run up in the mountains with someone and just chill.

What’s your craziest fan encounter?

I haven’t really had crazy ones. I think it’s just like weird in general — like you’re sitting in the airport and someone will know my name and everything about me, and I have never seen them in my life. I don’t really have any crazy fan stories. Actually, our fans are just a bunch of nice people, so hopefully that won’t change.